Improve your Success with the principle of Feng Shui

Improve your Success with the principle of Feng Shui

Improve your Success with the principle of Feng Shui.

Do you feel bad about your life?

Does boredom make you unmotivated and unexcited?

Do you have a midlife crisis?

7 easy ways will help you set new goals and get your career back on track that will excite and motivate you:

If you want to enjoy good feng shui at work, try to choose your workplace carefully.

Always try to have your office and desk in the far corner diagonally to the front door into the entire office. The deeper you are in the office, the better the Feng Shui.

Never put your office or desk at the end of a straight corridor or sidewalk.

Do not sit in an office or at a desk that is directly across from a toilet door or stairs. Your chances of advancement are severely restricted.

Do not sit in an office or at a desk that places you directly under an exposed ceiling joist. You will suffer from endless pressure and headaches.

Don’t have your back to the door, be it the door to your private office or the door to the main office itself.

Never sit at a desk that exposes you to the edge of a protruding corner. Move out of the line of fire or use a foliage plant to block it.


During business meetings, always make sure that you are not sitting in front of you with a sharp edge of the table. If you do, you will have a poison dart pointed at your stomach and you will be put at a disadvantage compared to your peers. Always sit in your best direction while working.


Energy donor of the western group

Liven up the west with a model airplane loaded with coins tied with red thread. Bells and wind chimes are also effective.

Liven up the northwest in the same way. Do not put bright lights in the west or northwest as these will all add to your problems.

Liven up the southwest with lots of natural crystals. If your main office door is also on the southwest, it will be most effective to place a large crystal here. A large amethyst crystal rock with a deep “pocket” to capture all the luck that comes into office is ideal for attracting good business luck.

Liven up the northeast in the same way as the southwest, but it is not necessary to display crystals that are too large here.

Energy donor of the Eastern group

Liven up the east corner with plants, flowers, and paintings with lush vegetation and water. Avoid anything metallic in this corner. Wind chimes, scissors and blades do a lot of damage here.

Do the same for the southeast corner, except you can also display a miniature fountain or simple water bowl here.

To the north, put a wide bowl of water with a turtle inside. This can be real or fake. The real one is preferable.

Put something red in the south – a painting, red carpet, red pillows – and a bright light to add happiness to a great reputation. When properly energized, the south brings excellent reputation.


Never sit with your back to the door in the office. This invites deception and betrayal. You should always sit with your back supported.

Sit behind you with a mountain painting, but make sure it’s big enough to be meaningful. Don’t have mountain ranges that are too sharp as these fire element mountains are less useful. The best type of mountain for protection is a mountain that resembles the back of a turtle.


If you want to use Feng Shui for telephoning and faxing in your office, you must first observe the direction from which the energy that brings the messages over the telephone line comes. This is considered to be the phone’s power source.

Next, you need to position the phone so that the source of messages, calls, etc. comes from your most promising direction – your sheng chi direction.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that this is the wall plug we are talking about. It depends on where the connection cable itself is plugged into the phone.


The south is the Crimson Phoenix, which symbolizes fame and recognition. The phoenix also brings luck of opportunity. If you supply this king of all feathered creatures with energy, you will also activate the beneficial energies of the south. The luck of this special sector suggests great brightness, because the south is also the location of the element fire. Hence, a crimson feathered creature symbolizing the phoenix is ​​extremely auspicious. It will activate your social life and you will become popular and popular with your co-workers and work colleagues.


Flower – Put a vase of fresh flowers on the east side of your desk. Flowers generate yang energy. But don’t let flowers overwhelm you or block your view. And change the flower

Give your personal motivation a boost to help you overcome this sluggishness.


When we move into a new home

When we move into a new home

One of the questions we think about is choosing which bedroom to give to each family member. The choice may sound simple, but it can also be one of the more important decisions as it directly affects the happiness of every family member…..

So how do we start the selection process? First we need to study the general floor plan to identify which bedrooms belong to the east group and which to the west group. After we have separated the rooms in east and west, we assign the Kua number of each family member to their room groups. People in the east group should sleep in rooms that are in the sectors of the east group (east, southeast, south, or north), and people in the west group should sleep in rooms that are in the sectors of the west group (south-west, north-west, north-east, and west ) are located.

While it is ideal to choose a room that is in the same east or west group as your kua, we usually find ourselves in the situation where we have to settle for a room that is not in the same group category as our KUA number . If so, there are a few factors that we need to consider in order to decide which room is the most suitable.

For example, if you are a western group and need to select rooms in the eastern sectors, first find the room that is NOT in your total loss sector and then try to find a room that is the least unfavourable to you on your unfortunate instructions .

Next, study the shape and orientation of the room to see if the room is right for you to tap your auspicious directions. In most bedrooms we only have 1 or 2 walls to choose from due to the arrangement of the wardrobes, windows and doors. In most cases, the position of the bed is dictated by the location of the sockets and the position of the bed in relation to windows and doors. So we need to make sure the bed direction is right for you. 

Tip 1: Always try to choose a room that allows a bed position where you can tap one of your auspicious directions.

The next step is to be aware of your surroundings and to see if there are any elements that are jeopardizing your sleeping position, such as the edges of the wall, direct line of sight to the doors, and whether your bed is positioned so that it forces you to sleep with one Toilet behind. In some cases we need to find a good balance between good and bad and be content with a bed position that takes all negative aspects into account in order to find a positive solution.

1: Use screens to block off any direct line of sight of the doors; 2: Use backdrop to create a partition with the wall and help centralize the bed in relation to the room.

In the example here, we are faced with a situation whereby the room is located in the South corner of the home, thereby ideal for all East group persons. However, the only wall that is ideal for the residents is the West wall which coincidently is the person’s total loss direction. In such a case, we have to look for alternative directions to locate the bed.

When we consider the constraints of the bedroom space, the North and South walls do not seem ideal, as the North wall results in the bed being cramped into a corner, causing a major shift in the overall room orientation. This can result in a claustrophobic effect. By having the bed along the South wall, it causes the bed to not only be cramped to a corner, but also positioned such that it sits in between wall and window, which would create more problems than it would solve.

Therefore, through elimination of directions, the most ideal ’direction in this case would be the East wall, which would allow the bed to center itself to the main orientation of the room. The downside is that the door to the room would directly face the bed, so a partition screen would be needed to divert the direct line of sight, which then allows the bed to sit within the room properly and also to create a small entry foyer to divert the flow of movement.

The other aspect is that the bed headboard would be sharing the same wall as the toilet. To avoid this, a physical partition backdrop is introduced to create a physical barrier with the toilet wall, but also to create a backdrop that reinforces the bed position to the overall room shape and orientation.

Use screens to disperse any sharp corners; 2: Create partitions to regularize odd-shaped rooms into 2 regular shapes, to centralize the arrangement of furniture within the room.

In a second situation, we are faced with an odd-shaped room situated in the west corner of the house. With the resident being a West group person, it also means there is only one direction for us to position the bed. So to find the solution, we must first identify the issues of the room. In the main section of the room, the doors are placed such that they would be in direct line of sight of the bed and cramped in a corner. Also due to the odd shape of the room, it creates a sharp edge that directly faces the entrance door, thus creating an invisible poison arrow to anyone that enters the room.

To resolve this situation, a partition screen is needed, to serve a dual purpose. First, it allows the corner edge to disappear, and second, it allows the room to be divided into two regular shaped rooms. This allows the main area to act as the bedroom living, where all the entertainment and reading would be done, and the smaller area can then serve as the main sleeping quarters. This creates a more intimate scenario where we allow the bed to be positioned to face the West direction, but also create a niche sector to separate the room in two parts, differentiating between the yin and yang activities of the bedroom.

Tip # 2: Create screens to disperse any sharp corners.

Tip # 3: Use your walls and floors to introduce colors to enhance the room.

Finally, the other aspect to take into consideration is the Flying Star combination in the room. Based on the facing direction of the house, we are able to extract the Flying Star combinations of the sector, and from there, we can identify what elements would be ideal to control or to enhance the room. Through the different elements of your design palette, we can introduce any element into the room through the use of flooring materials, wall colors and ID decorative features, thereby creating an aesthetic feel that not only suits our design intent but also becoming a feng shui cure in itself.

Tip # 4: Identify the location of the room and its shape, and see how best we can make the room suitable for our living conditions.

Tip # 5: Identify what elements you need in the room and create an appealing environment that takes care of the feng shui as well as the design intent.

Meaning of a laughing BUDAI (Buddha)

Meaning of a laughing BUDAI (Buddha)

The meanings of a Laughing BUDAI (Buddha)

The laughing Buddha is in stark contrast to the stereotypical monk. This eccentric monk with a pure heart is said to be a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha himself and is said to welcome good energy into your space. His statues and figures come in different materials and poses, mostly in gold.

Since each pose has a different meaning of the Laughing Buddha, it is important to understand which pose to place at home and which direction to take. Here’s a look at each meanings of Laughing Buddha and Feng Shui tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

This pose of the Buddha has two meanings. The first interpretation is that he will put all your problems and worries in the bag and take them away from your home or office. The second is that it will bring you and your family an abundance of success and fortune.
Feng Shui tip: May 8th is Buddha’s birthday and it is said that lighting a candle in front of the statue on that day will increase your blessings and happiness.

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): Both hands raised above his head

With both hands raised above his head, this laughing Buddha carries either a bowl or coins in his palms and represents a complete indictment of material possessions. It also means victory in financial matters or personal obstacles. According to legend, this pose brings blessings from heaven and added happiness in your endeavors.
Feng Shui tip: placing this statue in the southeast corner of your room will increase the financial gain.

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): With a sack

This pose of the Buddha has two meanings. The first interpretation is that he will put all your problems and worries in the bag and take them away from your home or office. The second is that it will bring you and your family an abundance of success and fortune.
Feng Shui tip: May 8th is Buddha’s birthday, and they say that lighting a candle in front of the statue on this day will compound your blessings and good fortune

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): Playing with Children

In its most innocent form, this laughing Buddha statue is usually surrounded by five children. It improves fertility and also strengthens your child’s immunity and overall health. It also fills your space with childlike positivity and enthusiasm.
Feng Shui tip: Ensure you don’t place the Laughing Buddha near any electrical outlets, or over the TV

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): With a Fan

Gives you strength & positivity

They believe that this statue will give you strength and positivity to face and overcome any lingering problems that you have faced for a while. Sometimes the Laughing Buddha also welcomes carefree and joy in your home in the form of guests.
Feng Shui tip: Place the statue at eye level, preferably on your desk, for best results

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): Deep in Meditation

 A laughing Buddha in a deep, meditative pose usually symbolizes a balanced mind. This statue brings peace and tranquillity to a room that is full of misunderstanding, turbulence, or negativity. It also reinforces the belief that one needs a calm mind to overcome obstacles.
Feng Shui tip: In order for it to work, you should put it in a place that can be viewed by every family member or office colleague