2022 The year of the Tiger

2022 The year of the Tiger

What does Black Water Tiger mean?

The Chinese zodiac Tiger sign entitles people born in the Years of the Tiger to be natural leaders. They are adventurous, ambitious and have a strong sense of justice, but maybe also a little arrogant and impetuous.

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Yin
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Mu (Wood)
Yin Yang: Yang

With the unusual courage and self-confidence, people born in the year of the tiger are by nature leaders and can always courageously turn brilliant ideas into action. They are also generous, passionate, and have a strong sense of justice. When they meet the weak or see something unfair, the tigers stand up and offer help.

Tigers are people who dare to love and hate. If a friend is doing something wrong, they may point it out right away. Daring also makes them rebellious, stubborn and arbitrary in life, and so it is not easy for them to take the advice of others.

壬寅 Ren-Yin is the Chinese zodiac name of the trunk-branch calendar for 2022. Each zodiac is labeled with the name Yin-Yang Five Elements. Ren is yang water. Yin is tiger. Hence the name of 2022 will be called Yang-Water Tiger. According to the Chinese five-element theory, the color of water is black. 2022 is the year of the Yang Black Water Tiger.

The first stem-branch name is mentioned in the document around 1739 BC. Found. The original stems and branches are only used to count the days. The use of stem-branch for counting months, hours, and years began around 206 B.C. during the Chin and Han dynasties. Using the information about the change of seasons, Chinese yin-yang five-element scholars have converted all the signs of the zodiac into five elements. The theory of the five elements becomes the basis of Chinese fortune telling.

Yang water is flowing water, river, waterfall, or ocean. Yang water is masculine and can turn into floods, storm rains, or surging oceans. In the Chinese five-element theory, water is associated with wisdom. The properties of Yang water are talented, wise, astute, agile, restless and progressive. In the Chinese I-Ching, water is associated with danger. The other properties of Yang water are severe, unforgiving, ruthless, and provocative. Yang water is the 9th element of 10 heavenly stems. The color of Yang water is black or dark blue. Yang-Water is located in the north.

Tiger is the third zodiac sign of 12 earthly branches. According to the Chinese five-element theory, tiger belongs to the wood group. Tiger is yang wood, which is the big tree in spring. Tiger month is February, the beginning month of the spring season. The weather is still a bit cold. The forest of the tiger is waiting for the warm weather to grow. Tiger is a carnivore. It is often alone, not sociable and difficult to get along with. Tiger has a domineering temperament and an authoritarian charisma. The characteristics of Tiger are brave, determined, adamant, dictatorial, arbitrary, ambitious and full of self-confidence.

Yang-Wood of Tiger refers to tall trees, large wooden structures, or landmarks. Tiger also contains some yang fire associated with the sun, a powerful power, or a public figure. So Tiger has good leadership. It can start a business from scratch. It will usually suffer from growing pains. Tiger likes the heat of yin fire and horse fire to increase his energy. Tiger doesn’t like it when Pig and Monkey weakens his passion and vitality.

Yang water tiger ranks 33rd out of 60 trunk branches. Yang water is the heavenly trunk and tiger is the earthly branch in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The color of Yang water is blue or black. Hence, the Yang Water Tiger is the Black Tiger.

Yang water is associated with running water, river or waterfall. The sign of the yang water tiger is a tiger walking in the river. Tiger mainly contains Yang Wood and also contains some Yang Fire and Yang Earth. Yang wood is a tall tree. A tall tree standing on the river is a sign of limitation, determined, adamant, or sedentary. Yang-Wood is also associated with the large wooden boat. A boat on the river is a symbol of travel, relaxation and recreation. It is a time when energy is being charged.

Tiger month is February. Tiger Hour is from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Tiger is still a little cool. Tiger does not have enough warmth for Yang water. Yang Water Tiger needs more fire to live a successful life. Without fire, it is difficult for Yang-Water Tiger to save money. Investing in real estate is a good strategy for managing money.

What lucky colours should you wear in 2022?

What lucky colours should you wear in 2022?

According to Chinese metaphysical science, colours are made up of certain frequencies and have different strengths and affinities from year to year. Different houses have different colour affinities, and different zodiac signs are luckier when certain colours are enhanced. Using colour to improve happiness is a fascinating study in itself, but creating happiness requires a basic understanding of colour compatibilities, as well as their response to the elements of the year.

There are five main colours representing the five elements earth, metal, water, wood and fire and the eight cardinal points – north, northeast, northwest, south, southeast, southwest, east and west. Depending on the direction in which your house is looking, different colours bring different effects to the happiness of your home. Likewise, depending on the zodiac, different colours have different effects on you in different years.

We need to look at the Paht Chee Chart of the Year to determine what each element represents and what lucky colours the year is. According to the graph 2022 will be an unbalanced year in terms of the 5 elements. That’s because wood is in abundance, while both metal and fire are MISSING from the charts.

The dominant element of happiness for 2022 is METAL, represented by white, purple, gold or silver, and the secondary element of happiness is FIRE, represented by oranges, red and maroon.

BLUES & BLACKS improve the potential for BIG WEALTH

Blue and black symbolize flowing water, which always has good potential for prosperity. In addition, the element WASSER will also stand for WEALTH in 2022 according to Paht Chee’s analysis. Wearing black and blue tones in 2022 thus strengthens happiness and improves profits.

It should be noted that most of prosperity happiness in 2022 manifests itself in “direct form”, that is, money from doing business or wages from work done. “Indirect wealth”, such as that which arises from investments, speculation and lotteries, will occur significantly less in the course of the year.

However, since there is a lot of water in the chart, it is best not to use these colours too often as it can actually lead to financial loss. This is especially true of those born in the years of the boar, rat, ox, and tiger. If you’re wearing an all-black outfit, always compensate for this by carrying a brightly coloured bag of a different colour or wearing an auspicious scarf in red or another bright colour.

Wear the Four Friends Friendship amulet to protect yourself from friends becoming enemies. If you work in a competitive environment, you should also be careful with too much yellow. Don’t wear a completely yellow outfit to work!


White, gold and silver are the colours associated with the element metal, which in 2022 will be the element that will represent talent and fresh ideas. Since metal is completely absent from the table of 2022, it suggests that wearing more of the colours white, gold, or silver will help improve skills and creativity. You can also wear gold or silver jewellery; even better if the jewellery comes in the form of auspicious symbols or sacred syllables.

Anyone working in an environment that requires creative thinking will benefit greatly from wearing white, gold, and silver. This colour in 2022 also brings with it an original way of thinking that allows one to think outside the box and find inspired solutions to tough problems that otherwise seem difficult to solve.

A good colour to wear when you don’t have new ideas or when you need to keep your feet on your feet like when you are walking. B. at job interviews or at important meetings and presentations.


In 2022, the colour green will represent recognition and power. Hence, wood is the element that influences career advancement.

Since there is an excess of wood element in the table 2022, as well as the fact that the year before Lap Chun (first day of spring – February 4th) begins, it is advisable to pay attention to how much wood element chi you have in your home. This is especially important for houses that face east or with the main entrance on the east. Creating an excess of wood chi in the east in 2022 will bring disharmony and worsen interpersonal relationships both at work and at home.

Since there is already so much wood around, it is advisable not to use too much of this paint. The wooden element in the annual chart also represents the tiger, which, although auspicious, can also be dangerous.

Green is best used as an accent this year by wearing jade, emerald, or other green stones; or by adding a green scarf if you want to use the colour to activate the luck of recognition.


For 2022, the colour red is extremely happy as it is absent from the Paht-Chee card of the year and only shows up as hidden elements. Note that red is the colour associated with the planet MARS and in 2022 it is the colour that will bring you support and resources.

While red is widely recognized as an auspicious colour, it is important not to overuse this colour. While wearing red brings a lot of luck, painting the whole house red is a whole different thing! If the fire energy gets too much it can become destructive, especially if it is used in excess in the centre and southwest of your home in 2022. This is because fire chi can strengthen unfortunate annual stars here who visit the house in these two sectors.

Red is always preferred to usher in Chinese New Year, weddings and other celebrations of happy events such as the full moon of a new-born baby and birthdays of patriarchs and matriarchs. During such events, the Yang-Chi of the colour red is activated and attracts luck!


Yellow has always been a noble colour that is associated with the mandarins at court. The Chinese have always revered this colour and associated it with imperial authority as yellow is the colour of the Son of Heaven. Yellow is the emperor’s colour. It is also the colour of the Yellow River that brings much-needed life-giving water to the rice and grain fields in China.

In 2022, the colour yellow will stand for friendships and social networks. This is the colour of the earth that symbolizes stability and makes one more grounded and realistic. In 2022, the earth represents allies and friends. So activating the colour yellow this year will bring people to your side. However, be careful not to accidentally overpower the Earth’s crowd, as the other side of yellow’s meaning in 2022 is hidden rivals and competition. While there is no earth in the main map, there are three units of hidden earth, suggesting the possibility that hidden rivalries will arise if allowed to germinate.

3 ways to improve the bedroom

3 ways to improve the bedroom

3 ways to improve your Feng Shui if you have nowhere else to put your bed than under or by a window.

The Chinese believe that beds should always be set up against a solid wall, as this means “the back of a mountain” that gives you strong support and protection. Positioning the bed under or by a window negates this and invites sneaky and betrayal. It leads to all sorts of problems at work, school, and relationships in life. The best solution in this case would be to change the room or move the bed to a more suitable place in the room.

But what if the circumstances make it impossible to move the bed anywhere else?

Maybe you have an irregularly shaped room, or the room is sized so that the only space for the bed is under or next to a window. The wonderful thing about Feng Shui is that once you know what the problems are, you can be creative about making the right changes necessary to minimize the negative effects.


But not just any headboard. A good headboard in Feng Shui has to mimic the mountain support that you lack. Choose one that is simple, strong, and solid. Any kind of “see-through” hole in the headboard, whether by design or otherwise, renders this healing ineffective. So avoid those with bars or slats, as well as those with overly ornate designs. Bookcases or headboards with storage compartments should also be avoided for the same reason.


Another way to get around this problem is to use heavy drapes, drapes, or blinds to hide the window. If you have more than one window, you can keep the window above the bed closed permanently. Otherwise, closing the curtains should help to create the visual appearance of a “wall” and enable you to sleep more safely. It also has the effects of facilitating the flow of chi and allowing you to sleep more peacefully.


Use a screen divider to separate the window area to divert the flow of chi from where you sleep. With bright light coming in through the window during the day, you can convert this room into a reading corner or workplace. It is best to choose neutral, muted tones for the screen divider to keep the room ambience calm and nourishing.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when it comes to achieving excellent feng shui in the bedroom, but if you’ve been trying to get a good night’s sleep and your bed happens to be under or by a window, these tips are one good place to start!