Interior Design with Feng Shui

Interior Design with Feng Shui 

There are only a few houses with perfect Feng Shui. Luckily, instead of hanging a wind chime or attaching flutes to a beam, you can make simple decorative changes that look and feel more natural. These decorative items can help resolve issues such as: B. Poison darts coming from a front and back door alignment or weird windows and sloping walls.

Here are nine essential Feng Shui decorating solutions to use in your home that will look good and support your home’s Feng Shui.

Parterre curtains

Once a staple of the Victorian era, “party curtains” are curtains that can be drawn to close a room or to create or separate one area of ​​the home from another.

They have recently returned to decorating circles and are helpful for creating privacy in a home that feels too open.

In Feng Shui, these are particularly helpful when the front door and back door are in one line. Or maybe you have a window that you can see out of when you open your front door. By hanging a parterre curtain, you can block the view and stop the rush of energy going out of your home, which can keep money going out and leave you feeling drained and tired.

This is a better way to prevent energy from seeping through the house than hanging a crystal ball from the ceiling which can look odd while the party curtain looks stylish.

Decorative screens

This is another way to prevent energy from leaking away from the front door that is aligned with a back door or window. Screens can be added to create a corner in an open concept home. They can also be used to block a view, e.g. B. the view from the front door to the dining room. This can lead to excess bills and poor wealth accumulation.
Screens are a wonderful solution to a number of situations.
Decorative screens can also be placed behind a bed that is near a window. This helps create a false wall and gives the bedroom dwellers some footing.


A beautiful mirror is always an asset to a home. But mirrors can solve two common Feng Shui problems.
The first is a wayward column.
If you have a pillar in an open area of ​​your home or office, it can become an obstruction or a sore thumb. Adding mirrors on all four sides can make the column visually disappear.
Mirrors are also helpful for a missing corner.
If you have an L-shaped home, you can put a mirror on a wall where that corner would have been, creating the illusion of space extending from the mirror.
Mirrors also double beautiful views and are an excellent Feng Shui device to amplify the best energy or SHENG CHI that comes from beautiful views or scenes in your home.


While vines on houses are not considered good Feng Shui, if you have a round pole awkwardly placed in your home or business, wrapping a vine around the pole will make it disappear into nature. Vines can be used both indoors and outdoors, like on those weird poles that pop up in basements.



Four poster beds

Canopies, whether attached to the bed or to the wall or ceiling, offer wonderful Feng Shui. They protect the couple in bed and are excellent focal points for the bedroom.

However, they are also ideal for fastening beams to the ceiling, sloping ceilings or coffered or tub ceilings. These blankets can create poison darts aimed at your body while you sleep.

Sloping ceilings increase the pressure on those sleeping under them, so creating a flat ceiling with a canopy can help alleviate that pressure. The idea is to create a flat overhead surface to create a protective cover or to stop poison darts from ceiling elements.

Artwork with a view

Some houses have a wall that you see as soon as you enter. This can starve the house of energy by pushing energy back to the door.

Over time, this can create a home that is starved of energy (i.e., health, money, opportunity).

By adding art that offers a glimpse into the distance and appears to be looking inward, you can help draw chi into the home by adding a view that extends further than the wall. This helps bring energy into the home as energy goes where the eye looks.


Lighting is one of the best forms of Feng Shui. It helps to tone and brighten, and that’s always good for Feng Shui because that’s yang energy. Lighting can help brighten dark corners, lift energy, and draw your gaze upward, just like a chandelier makes you look up.

A beautiful crystal chandelier is a great remedy for a staircase that’s too close to the front door, preventing energy (and money) from rushing out the door too quickly.

Crystal lighting is also great for calming energy in a kitchen when the stove and sink face each other, which can cause strife and household disharmony.


Curtains are a wonderful way to fix many Feng Shui mistakes. A common Feng Shui problem is when the command position in a bedroom is obscured by a window where the bed should be.

Because beds should be placed in the command position but never by the window, this can mean placing the bed in a less than optimal position to feel in control and supported during sleep, an important Feng Shui tenet.

Adding a curtain wall behind the bed can hide the window and provide a solid looking backdrop for the bed.

In some homes, the bedroom may have two windows in a corner on one side of the bed only. This visually feels off balance and can make a couple or anyone sleeping in the bedroom feel comfortable in bed, getting a proper rest and just not feeling in tune with life.

Adding another curtain on the side of the windowless wall can create a “fake” window that will help balance the visual appearance of the bedroom.

Round Shapes

One of the rarer shapes in a home is round. Many homes are full of furnishings that are square or rectangular.

Over time, this can create a stuck or stagnant feeling in your home. You may feel that the space feels too heavy. By adding round shapes like a round end table or barrel shaped chair, you can create more movement and add a lighter feel that breaks the sense of heaviness and helps drive change in your home and life.

Improve your life with Feng Shui

Improve your life with Feng Shui

With a personal transformation for joy, success, Recognition and Fame ……..

It may not seem like fame and recognition matter, but they do. 

This part of Feng Shui and your life is directly related to how others see you and how you present yourself to the world.

When you have a lot of fame and fortune, you often find opportunities and others encourage you and open doors for you.

When the energy for fame and recognition is low, you seem lost in a crowd with little or no recognition and no opportunity for introductions, recognition, or that will increase your reputation and social status.

Life is uninspired.


Lack of recognition and poor luck of fame

When you suffer from a lack of recognition, you can miss out on many important parts of life. At work, you may be passed over for a promotion, never seem to get a raise, or be paid much less than your peers.

You may also feel that friendships are hard to find and that relationships with others are strained or difficult. Perhaps your own family takes you for granted or gives you little support or encouragement, and friends only offer judgment rather than encouragement.

This is the corner related to yang energy and fire.

Yang energy is alive and when you are in a good mood and happy and optimistic, people are naturally attracted to you.

This attraction is helpful in gaining recognition and a positive reputation, whether as a friend, neighbour, co-worker, or business owner.

If you feel like people aren’t responding to you, or that you’re getting little or no attention, the south corner should be thoroughly investigated.

In terms of health, low fame luck can manifest itself in low vitality and energy, palpitations, eye problems or tics, and stress and anxiety that can make you feel shy and withdrawn. They may have thyroid problems or problems with depression and weight gain.

Another area where Southern related blocks surface is in a general lack of joy and a hobbling existence. If you feel blocked in this area of ​​your life, you may feel defeated, have old feelings of shame and guilt, or feel piercingly numb.

Happiness and a sense of accomplishment, joy, and spontaneity can be missed when reputation, fame, and happiness of recognition are low.

I can see clearly now

Since this is the realm of the eyes, there may be something in your life that you don’t want to see clearly or that you turn a blind eye to or look away from.

It’s important to identify areas that you may have avoided or looked at and looked at directly, and how those areas are keeping you from feeling fulfilled, successful, or happy and happy.

You may have a situation that was vague or confusing, or that you can’t see clearly, and you want to see a new way of acting or being.

You want to shed light on a situation to help you find a solution. It’s all part of the South and the fame and recognition energy.

Fire blockages

The elements of water and earth are the two elements that sap your energy and luck of fame, rein in joy, and foster a dull and listless feeling. This also applies if the south corner is missing or you have a bathroom in this corner.

Fame blocks will make you feel smothered like earth smothers fire.

Are there people in your life who suffocate you and make you feel drained?

Maybe there is someone at your place of work or at home who doesn’t want you to be successful, or who is constantly raining down on your parade.

Or there are circumstances that stand in the way of you at work or in your personal life.

The element of water or blue colors can be too eye-catching in the south corner of your home. Or you may have an excess of earth element affecting your fame and luck of success.


Sometimes the best activation is removing items that are blocking your joy and sapping your energy. This may mean that it’s a good idea to spend less time with people who are rude to you or undermine you and instead seek out a circle of friends or others who are positive, upbeat, and encouraging.

Add glory-related colours like red, pink, fuchsia, and bright orange

These are the colours of glory. You can also use brown and green colours to harmonise and nourish the fire energy of the south corner.

If this is your bedroom, instead of painting your bedroom red, which might be too stimulating, add a picture of a bird in the south corner.

Also, be sure to activate the south corner of your living room.

Use famous southern symbols such as bird motifs

These can be images of birds, especially birds like a phoenix, peacock or rooster. When people want to talk about their accomplishments, they often want to “crow” about it – and we all know that not a day goes by when the rooster doesn’t crow. This is what makes the rooster such a positive symbol for the south corner.

You can also add a bright light, lava lamp, candles and red items to add more life and yang energy to the south sector. This will help give you a boost of energy and brighten your mood.

What do you want in your life?

Add words related to fame and recognition, like “achievement” or “achievement,” and show pictures of people you admire and people who have made names for themselves. Be sure to add diplomas, awards, plaques and all achievements to a Wall of Fame.

Track your goals 

If you feel like there is no joy in your life, make a goal list of things you want to do that will bring you happiness. Make the list from both small ones that are easy for you to accomplish to more significant ones that may require more effort or planning, and then work on and cross each one out.

In this corner of your home and office, display pointed objects such as stars, cones, triangles, or pyramids, or represent rays of light, sun images, fire, and colourful artwork.

Do a mental houseclean

One of the ways you press on your heart is by carrying around shame, guilt, disappointment, and regret. One of the ways you help your heart is by putting things in our path that we aspire to, look forward to, and enjoy.

This can range from regular lunch dates with a friend to planning trips and entertainment to making vacation plans.

To be different, you have to see differently. That means getting out of your normal routines (ruts?) and doing something you enjoy that’s outside of your routine, and one of the best ways to do it?


Few people come back from vacation feeling worse than when they left. Travel has been shown to be expansive and when we have little fame we feel trapped and restricted. Like the famous cruise ship marketing slogan, “Get Out!”

One of the reasons travel is so important is that it lets you see something new, opens you up to new experiences, opens your eyes and heart to adventure, and it feeds your self-esteem, fuels the fire of joy and gives you something gives heart a thrill.

On a personal level, make an effort to be friendlier and more sociable.

Talk to people often and practice keeping a small smile on your face when you’re out.

Drop all tendencies to make negative comments and judgments. Instead, give compliments and imagine sending love to anyone who pours water on your fire.

Bring your boss a danish or bake some cookies to take to the company break room. Find ways to be cheerful and spread joy and positivity.

Those waves you send out will soon come back to you changing your luck of fame and recognition.

Flying Stars April 2022

  • CENTER SECTOR needs strong cures.
  • Four sectors enjoy HO TU luck – SOUTH, WEST, NE, NW.
  • NORTH & CENTER are danger sectors this month – keep these quiet
  • EAST brings SUM-OF-TEN completion luck.
  • SOUTHEAST brings wealth.

April’s chart predicts continued chaos and uncertainty, with the #9 Magnification Star joining the Misfortune Star 5, strengthening it. #9 is Fire, and #5 is Earth, so the visiting star breathes new life into the Five Yellow misfortune star that dominates the current year’s chart.


There is however a silver lining – there are many auspicious combinations in place in the other individual sectors. The danger sectors this month are the center and the North.Every other corner has some good news in store.