Flying Stars 2022

Flying Stars for the year 2022




Flying Stars October 2022

  • Conflict Star flies to the center of chart
  • Arguments flare up, fights worsen
  • Lawsuits & legal troubles
  • NE-N-NW luckiest axis
  • Center-SE-South-SW-West need remedies

As we move into October, the #3 Conflict Star flies into the center sector, exacerbating the ill effects of the annual Five Yellow. This colours the whole month with quarrels and conflict energy, both on a micro and macro level. Strong remedies are needed in the center of the home. Place peace apples in the center part of the home this month and try not to make too much noise here. Move your socialising to the NE, North or NW sectors if you can.

The lucky sectors are highlighted in yellow, and the afflicted sectors in red. Superimpose the above monthly flying star chart over your floorplan and move your daily activities to the “lucky” sectors if you can – this month, these are East, NE, North and NW.

The SE and SW bring illness; family members who are elderly should avoid sleeping or spending too much time in these sectors. The SW also afflicts the Matriarch of the home, who should be more careful with health concerns. Don’t treat symptoms too lightly; best to get checked out if you feel that something is not right.


 The SE gets afflicted by the monthly illness star #2. If your main door is located here, you could
 suffer from illnesses that affect the liver region.


The violent star is strong this month as it joins the annual enhancing star in this South. An unlucky time for those with South-facing houses, with risk of burglary and loss.


The Enhancing Star strengthens the annual illness star here, making this sector dangerous for those already experiencing health difficulties. When the energy is afflicted in this sector, it affects the stomach and mouth. The star combination here also impacts marriages negatively.


The Victory Star here brings auspicious indications for those pursuing academic endeavours and those in high-profile careers.


A noisy month with the Argument Star adding fuel to the annual 5 Yellow. There are money troubles and disputes indicated, that can be bad for business and ruinous for relationships.

7  5      WEST – ROBBERY & LOSS

The West area gets seriously afflicted as the monthly 5 Yellow moves into this sector, joining the already dangerous #7. It brings health problems, money loss and obstacles to the occupants of this sector


The NE is blessed by the Heavenly Star 6. Combining with the annual Prosperity Star, this sector becomes very lucky indeed this month! Occupants of the NE may enjoy unexpected financial windfalls. Obstacles that seems insurmountable before can simply evaporate.


Great prosperity and money luck materializes for occupants of the North, and those living in North facing houses. The stars here enhance business and growth luck and bring good prospects for career advancement.


Fortunes change for the better in the NW with the #4 bringing scholastic, creative and relationships luck. When the #4 pairs up with the heaven star, it brings unexpected windfalls, particularly for men. It also brings powerful completion luck.



The Feng Shui Trinity of Happiness

The Feng Shui Trinity of Happiness – 13 ways to improve happiness in your life


There are many people who consider themselves lucky and just as many who don’t, but no matter which side of the good-bad-luck fence you fall on, Feng Shui  can help you change two-thirds of your luck. Luck seems to only happen to certain people or people born under a lucky star.

But others seem to have the luck in their favour.

In the West, happiness is often viewed as something you either have or don’t have, and the thought is that if you’re not lucky, you can’t change that.

But that is not the Eastern view of happiness.

In Asia, and especially in China, happiness is seen as a trinity.

It consists of three parts that together make up a person’s overall happiness. The three parts consist of Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

Together, heaven, earth and human happiness are the sum of your personal happiness.

The first part, Heaven Luck, is a kind of luck based on who gave you birth and when, like your physical condition, like your eye color or DNA.

This happiness is not affected by religion, spells, or personal will. This can easily be summed up as your destiny or karma. You cannot change who you were born, or your DNA, and that makes Heaven Luck part of the trinity of happiness, which is static and unchanging.

The second part is your earthly happiness, and it’s the kind of happiness that literally surrounds you – and you can change that happiness.

Happiness on earth is represented by your home or whatever is right outside your door. For example, let’s say you live in an area with nice homes, but then realise they were built over a toxic landfill. Or maybe you have a view of a graveyard or a large moat.

The house you live in and the environment in which it is located have a huge impact on your happiness.

Although you cannot change a mountain in the distance, which is considered a very promising environmental energy, you can change your home if it is too crowded or if it is unattractive and unattractive. Both play a role in your earthly happiness.

Earth happiness is also another way of saying Feng Shui .

Human happiness is shifting and a type of happiness that you can greatly influence by choosing where you live, how you live, how you care for and decorate your home, and by observing various time-dimensional changes in energy, such as shui. This can be changed by applying Feng Shui  symbols, personal Feng Shui , and harmoniously and pleasingly designing, landscaping, and decorating your home.

The last kind of happiness is your man happiness.

This is the happiness you have about your actions. Some lack Man Luck because they don’t believe in the idea that their actions trigger energies that work in their favour.

Some say that the appropriate and correct application of Feng Shui  is part of your man’s happiness, and others believe that man’s happiness is a direct result of the way you engage in your life.

Some choose to work hard, others study harder than other students to help themselves advance academically. Whether you are saving, studying, applying for a job or acting on your behalf, such as B. Investing money, these are all parts of your manly happiness.

Man Luck is the kind of luck that has great depth and potential – because it’s based on you and your actions.

Those who protect their health, their outlook, and their actions reflect their desire to be the best for themselves. Not surprisingly, these are the lucky ones.

But there are others who allow themselves to be taken advantage of, surround themselves with negative people, or engage in negative self-talk. There are people who please people and others who don’t grow because they’re stubbornly clinging to every wrong that’s ever been done to them, or because they only feel good when they’re victims or helpless.

The lucky ones are flawed people, imperfect and full of problems, just like the unlucky ones.

The difference is that those with Man Luck choose to look at what they have and what they can do to help themselves.

They are committed to improving their lives, taking personal responsibility for their actions and creating new paths, growing and striving to be better. They realise that everything begins and ends with them and their actions.

For those who don’t have male happiness, the blame usually lies with others, circumstances, their parents, or their upbringing…almost everyone but themselves.

However, Man Luck is the easiest luck to change. It boils down to your choices.

Here are 13 ways you can change and improve your happiness as a man and your happiness on earth.


• Keep your home in good condition and work to make it attractive to you. A clean, beautiful home invites positive energy into your life.

• Follow Feng Shui  and address the changing energies that ebb and flow over time, such as: B. the annual and monthly Feng Shui .

• Look for a living space with good environmental Feng Shui , e.g. B. in a nice neighbourhood, with favourable landscape features such as views, lakes, sea, rivers and mountains or hills. These views also bring beneficial energy.

• Try to live in a house that maintains good Feng Shui  positioning in the landscape, known as the armchair position, with an elevation at the back of the house and slight elevations on the sides.

• Decorate your home, bedroom and office with symbols expressing your desires for health, beauty, love, success, happiness or wealth.

• Decorate your bedroom with good Feng Shui , have a headboard on your bed and keep your front door   clean and inviting.

•  Protect and enhance your front door to bring opportunity into your life.


• Check out what you can do. A don’t go attitude will turn every street you turn into a dead end. It is easy to see what is not possible, but seeing what is possible will help you move forward in life. This is especially helpful when you’re feeling stuck.

• Take responsibility for your actions and reactions. If you take responsibility for the circumstances and make changes accordingly, your luck will change. Admit when you’re wrong, stand by the truth, and commit to taking action in your life. For the same reason, when you make a change and take an action, give yourself praise and acknowledge your accomplishment.

• Take steps to address longstanding issues in your life. If you’re prone to negative self-talk, change that. Talk to yourself as nicely as you would to a dear friend. If that’s too hard, follow the mantra that saying nothing at all is better than saying something mean to yourself.

• Resist victimhood, helplessness, and pity. These are all traps you can fall into, and they become a drug that robs you of your self-respect, your ability to see your life clearly, and to own your life. These drugs ensure that you remain trapped in a self-made trap and are at the mercy of life.

• Accept enthusiasm. Cool disinterest, blah-blah attitude and non-response are socially acceptable and accepted. This creates a life of cool disinterest, blah-blah experiences, and numb living. Be excited, be amazed again and be enthusiastic. You will be amazed at how people react to you and what life sends you.

• Look for inspiration. Where can you get inspiration? Is it with a new social group, a personal coach, a vacation, a goal and the steps you’ll take to reach it? Maybe it’s a podcast with a self-help guru or going to a concert regularly. Find a way to get inspired and stay inspired and spend less time with people who are negative and not supportive of you and spend more time with people and circumstances that uplift you!

Feng Shui lucky colours and objects

Lucky objects and colours bring prosperity, abundance and protection

Creating good Feng Shui  that promotes prosperity, happiness, and opportunity can go well beyond your front door or the way you decorate your bedroom. Feng Shui  can be incorporated into the accessories in your home in the car and clothing colours you choose.

As I began to make Feng Shui  my lifestyle, I noticed that these decisions tended to have a positive impact.

Today I live Feng Shui .

This means I choose colours that are complementary in Feng Shui  and work to incorporate all the elements of fire, water, metal, wood and earth in what I wear and what I surround myself with. Because as you build and build vital, harmonious energy or chi, you will be infused with this beneficial energy.

As you think more thoughtfully and consciously about your habits, decor, and personal Feng Shui , you begin to attract and focus energy – which builds up just like money – and it attracts money too!

Use these symbols to build your Feng Shui  energy at work, at home, and within yourself for more opportunity, financial gain, and happiness.

The royal phoenixThe mythical phoenix is ​​a bird of unlimited possibilities. The presentation of this majestic bird brings opportunities for business, socialising and love. It’s the perfect symbol when times are tough because it’s resurrected from Ash mythology.

You can simulate the bird by placing a stone in front of the house that represents a small footstool. The stone should look appropriate in the landscape and be about two feet wide. Display pictures of peacocks or other birds with bright plumage indoors to inspire your life for greater success and recognition.

Pair of Black and Green Colours Green is the color of growth and the Southeast wealth sector.

Black is the color of water and in Feng Shui  the color of wealth.

If you want to inspire business or personal growth, wear black and green colours, e.g. B. A black suit with a green shirt. It’s an elegant look that is harmonious to advance your business and financial opportunities.

Use symbols for personal protection.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in the world who are jealous and do not want others to succeed. Your negative thoughts can be very powerful and difficult to combat. Many countries use the protective eye to symbolise staring back at negative energies.

This symbol is used to protect yourself from anyone directing their negative thoughts at you. Carry an Evil Eye keychain or hang an Evil Eye banner to ward off this type of negative energy.

Older Asian women sometimes wear the double fish to protect themselves from their man’s affections migrating to a younger woman.

Choose a protective amulet or symbol that is meaningful to you.

Wear protective amulets like a Pi Yao when facing political activity or having to have your back turned to the Three Killings, or when your front door, bedroom, or office faces the Three Killings year-round.

Wear Feng Shui  jewellery. Auspicious jewellery with precious stones, gold and silver are all ways to increase your personal energy of prosperity. Real gold, silver and platinum are also protective. Precious and semi-precious stones are always cheap to wear.

Pearls are associated with the moon, intelligence and luck. Wearing them is considered good luck and promotes female beauty.

The Mighty Horse Brings RecognitionHorses are symbols of fire, recognition, glory – and the spoils of victory. Horses activate the energy of the southern sector and bring wonderful recognition energy. It draws your attention to the people who can help you advance your career.

If the horse is particularly beautiful and royally adorned, it is called a tribute horse. This is associated with horses presented to the victors by the conquered, laden with precious gems and other beautiful objects.

The horse is particularly valued because it promotes advancement and personal development. Place a statue of winning horses on your desk for career glory.

The Wealth Buddha

The large smiling Buddha seen in Chinese restaurants is commonly regarded as the Buddha of Wealth and is believed to bring good business and financial success to the establishment.

Business people should place a Buddha on their desk or in their office to help them bring abundance into the workplace. Look for fat lucky Buddhas carrying a big bag or sitting on gold bars, coins and other objects of wealth to represent a big bag of money!

Protect peacock feathers.  Worried about violence, burglary or robbery? If the annual 7 stars are on the doorstep, caution is advised. Setting out a vase of peacock feathers will help protect your home.

If you’re parking in a dodgy area of ​​the city, installing peacock feathers in your car will not only protect you from burglaries, but also from car accidents.

6 ways to grow your Business with Feng Shui

Support from the Cosmic Tortoise – 6 Ways to Grow your Income

Few things in life are as enriching as feeling supported.

In Feng Shui, support can come in the form of friends to help you, the right support becomes available in times of need, and business, career, and employment opportunities arise when you need them.

If that describes your life, you have what is known in Feng Shui as good tortoise support.

The turtle is considered one of four heavenly creatures. The turtle represents the north direction, the element water and the number one. His corner of the bagua represents earned income, e.g. B. from a job or business, and for assistance in career and business endeavours.

Turtles are often confused with turtles and are land creatures. Turtles are at home in the water. In Feng Shui, the black turtle is represented by hills or mountains behind the house. However, the tortoise can also be a land elevation or a taller building behind your home.

When this element is present you have support when you need it and the relaxation that comes from living fully supported, protected and happy.

Like turtles, turtles are considered very auspicious in Feng Shui, and the names turtle and tortoise are often used interchangeably. When present, they attract the good fortune of wealth and generate income and business opportunities.

Perhaps more importantly, they offer protection from malevolent forces and misfortune, and unlike the phoenix and dragon, are a truly living celestial beast. The presence of the turtle in your home and life bodes well for making money and having many opportunities to advance.

The tortoise also represents longevity – and we all know the benefits of staying power.

The tortoise, with its slow, plodding ways, wins the race in Aesop’s fable. Turtles show that those who keep working and persevering will win the race – and the turtle empowers you to keep going.

The turtle is also important for Feng Shui because it carries the Feng Shui map, the Lo Shu square, on its back. If you look at the shell of a turtle, you can see the individual squares of the bagua or lo shu square.

Chinese legends tell how the turtle came out of the Lo River and carried the secrets and mysteries of the bagua, the source of Feng Shui.

Of course, some homes don’t have land at the back of their home, and if they don’t, supporting the tortoise can be mimicked with landscaping or even a picture of a tortoise or tortoise on the back of the home.

Use these 6 tips to increase income, support and happiness in your life with the beautiful Sky Turtle support.

Collect more wealth!

Placing a turtle figurine or picture in the southeast is another way to increase your cash. Even better? A real tortoise in the Southeast Wealth Sector will not only help your investments grow, but also protect them. The small forest of the southeastern prosperity sector loves the turtle’s water energy. A fountain with a turtle figure is also a great wealth activator!

Sleep Well!

Put a small turtle figurine under your bed to help you sleep better at night. The added support gives you more refreshing calm and protection while you sleep – and attracts more income and opportunity to you while you sleep.

Gain income opportunities!

Adding a turtle figurine or picture to your office will increase your support and recognition at work – not to mention opportunities to climb the corporate ladder – and make more money! Put a Chinese coin in the mouth to represent the impending arrival of money.

Increase your earning power!

Place a turtle picture or figurine in the north sector of your living room to increase your income and create opportunities for more income and job promotion.

Improve your health!

If you desire happier family relationships and better, more vibrant health, add a turtle to the east sector of your home or living room to improve both areas of your life. The turtle, a symbol of water, reinforces the wooden corner to the east to make it grow. This growth also represents a growing wallet.

The dragon and the turtle improve your career!

If you are looking for some serious income growth and opportunity, consider adding a dragon turtle to your office. These creatures are the embodiment of both the dragon (power) and the turtle (protection, influence), and together they symbolise the development of luck in work and business. Add him to your desk, on the side since he’s too powerful to confront, or on a table behind your desk. Put a Chinese coin in his mouth to represent increasing income.

The Meaning of Topaz in Feng Shui

Topaz is a beautiful stone that is often used for restoration, relaxation and manifestation, and the stone has many spiritual meanings as well.

There are different types of topaz, each with unique properties. Precious topaz, which is orange or red, is one of the birthstones associated with November. Blue topaz is one of the December birthstones. People born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are said to wear topaz.

Topaz is also a good and auspicious stone to use in Feng Shui. Discover the healing energy of topaz to enhance your home’s Feng Shui.

Activate Kun, the relationship corner

There is an area on the Feng Shui bagua card called kun that is associated with relationships, partnerships and love. Kun is also related to Yin Earth, which is very receptive. Think of a soft, nourishing soil for plants to grow and thrive on. Many of us can become overly focused on doing more and more things, and we sometimes forget to sit back and receive. If you wish to cultivate this more receptive energy, try placing topaz in the relationship corner of your home with this intention. The Kun position is in the far right corner of your home or bedroom when you stand at the entrance and look inside. The Kun position is associated with the color pink, so pink topaz would be particularly supportive in this area.

Activate Tai Qi, the area of ​​health

The Tai Qi is the center of the Feng Shui Bagua. It represents your overall well-being. Because it is in the center, Tai Qi is connected to all the surrounding Bagua areas, each representing a different area of ​​life. That makes sense when you think about it: a strong wellness foundation makes it that much easier to make positive changes in all other areas of life as well. With greater well-being, you can show yourself more fully in your career, relationships, family, and so on. To activate Tai Qi, place a yellow, orange, or brown topaz crystal in the center of your home or bedroom. These colours are all expressions of the earth, which is the element associated with Tai Qi.



How to use a Moonstone in Feng Shui

What is the meaning of a Moonstone in Feng Shui and how to use it?

There are ways to use moonstone to enhance your home’s Feng Shui.

A spherical moonstone is considered the most advantageous of all shapes as it emits its glow in all directions. You can also carry the stone around in your pocket as a tumbled stone. You can try using moonstone in your home in the following ways:

Place a piece of moonstone near the bed or under the heart

(e.g. under the mattress) to balance or enhance female emotions. Moonstone is also known as the “dream stone” in some cultures because it is believed that the stone can evoke beautiful visions and dreams while you sleep.

ind the bagua position for relationships (kun) in the bedroom. Find a piece of moonstone here for balance, insight, restoration and self-care.

Use a piece of black moonstone (it is not rare and can be found easily) to promote fertility and pregnancy.

Using the bagua, place a moonstone in the health area (center, tai qi) or in the kun area of ​​your entire home to improve balance, well-being and relieve tension.

Find a piece of Iridescent Rainbow Moonstone and use it to visualise ideas and insights. Hold it while you meditate or place it on your bedside table to promote clarity in your dreams. 

You can even place a piece of moonstone near your vision board to activate your goals and dreams.

Moonstone in the office or workplace activates creativity in your career.

Feng Shui and the house colours for Success and Wealth

Feng Shui and the House Colours for Success and Wealth

There is a saying about chi (qi) that all chi starts from the outside and goes in. This is especially true when considering the colour of your home.

Could the colour of your home be working against you?

It is possible.

When your home is mismatched in colour and orientation, it can create conflict. And in some cases, this can lead to a range of bad luck.

For example, take a yellow house that faces north.

Because the earth dams water, a north facing home could have income problems, generate money, have little growth or opportunity, and find that your career or business advancement is hindered.

This is due to an earth colour being painted on a water-side house.

The same goes for a blue-coloured house that faces northwest.

This colour and direction create conflicts that can create problems for the householder or the breadwinner to move forward in life.

It’s because the water colour is on a metal direction house. The water colour drains and weakens the great metal energy of the Northwest.

If you’ve been thinking about painting your home, be sure to read this article on how to match your home’s colours with its direction.

The house colour of your home might be the only thing that changes everything.

If your relationships are tired and money is flying through your hands, maybe your house is just the wrong colour. Maybe life is a constant struggle and you can’t put your finger on the one little thing that’s blocking your success. The answer could be as simple as the colour of your home. Feng Shui dictates that the colour of your home can affect your wealth and abundance.

For example, if your house is painted the wrong colour for the direction it’s facing, you could be losing money. A good example of this is an east or south-east facing house that is painted white. This is a great example of homes losing money or residents suffering from poor health or poor family relationships.

White is the colour of metal, and east and southeast are wood directions. Because metal cuts wood (think an ax or a chainsaw), the house’s success will be compromised.

Colour can be confusing – but it doesn’t have to be

When it comes to choosing house colours, it can be very confusing and difficult to make a decision. Most are unsure what will look good or what is the best choice for their home.

Feng Shui offers multiple starting points for colour selection, as each colour has a different meaning and direction associated with it.

However, if you can paint your house in a colour that harmonises with the direction in which it is facing, you will help create a beneficial environment in the house and harmonise it with the surroundings, making life smoother and more comfortable becomes easier.

Use a good design sense when choosing good Feng Shui colours

For example, in Feng Shui, colour means different things. Black is the colour of money, but a black house doesn’t necessarily make you rich. However, a home that faces north and is painted white with black trim on the shutters and front door and brass detailing is a perfect example of a home that blends in with its surroundings. That’s because white is a metal colour and metal generates water – making white a “productive colour” for a home.

As a result, the colour and orientation also match. Feng Shui is often referred to as a method of creating harmony. Harmony – in Feng Shui – means that colours, elements, shapes and numbers support and favour each other.

Use Feng Shui to balance the colour of the house with the direction it is facing.

White (Creativity/Kids): Good for homes that face West, Northwest, and North as it reflects light well and stimulates those directions.

Green/Purple (Growth/Good Health/Prosperity): Good for east and south facing homes.

Blue/Purple (Career/Wealth/Opportunities): Good for north, east, and southeast facing homes.

Yellow/Beige/Gold (Ochre) (Relationships/Stability): Good for houses facing Northeast, West, Southwest, and Northwest. Yellow is a colour of wisdom and study.

Red/Pink (Social Status, Recognition, Relationships): Homes facing south, southwest, and northeast benefit from these colours.

Browns (health, happy family relationships): Good for growth and longevity and excellent for east facing houses and good for the south (fire) direction.

Taupe (Relationships, Stability, Grounding): This colour is great for the Northeast and Southwest as these are “Earth” directions and Taupe are earthy or rocky colours. It also helps stabilise relationships and promote family harmony—especially for the woman in the household.

What about trim colours?

White is always a good option, as is a lighter shade of the dominant colour. Choose a dark door colour from the list of corresponding colours. Or choose a darker shade for the trim and a lighter shade for the door and trim.

Why not paint a “stone site” a “wood” colour?

You always want to paint your house a colour that is harmonious with the direction it is facing. If your house faces SW (Earth Direction) and you paint it a wood colour like green or brown, it will create difficulties with the relationships in the house.

Flying Stars September 2022

Flying Stars in September 2022:  An  Inspired Month -with new Ideas

  • Creative Star in the center brings new ideas and new opportunities
  • The #4 in center is also the Peach Blossom Star – romance!
  • Relationships in general get a boost
  • Luckiest sectors are Center, North, South, West and SW
  • Beware SE, E, NE and NW – need remedies
  • NORTH sector brings Completion Luck

The #4 star makes its way to the center of the Flying Star chart, bringing new ideas and new inspiration. As we enter the last quarter of the year, new opportunities open up, with a chance to embark on fresh adventures… a wonderful time for wanderers, dreamers, poets, students and young people. The #4 is also the Peach Blossom Star, which brings loving romance vibes, and better relationships in general. A time when new alliances form, new friendships get born, and working with others reaps benefits.

The luckiest sectors are those highlighted in yellow – the center, the North, South, West and SW. Matriarchs are luckier than patriarchs; mothers hold more influence, while fathers have the misfortune Five Yellow to contend with. The Wood sectors of SE and East meanwhile are both quarrelsome sectors this month; try to keep this part of the home quiet. 

A month to enjoy friends and family, and to work at building on relationships, both personal and professional.

Feng Shui gems and the wishes

Feng Shui  wish fulfilling gems make your wishes come true

Ever since the earliest fairy tales of ghosts and good fairies, we’ve all had wishes that we’d like to magically fulfil. Luckily, there is a wonderful technique in Feng Shui to activate the energies associated with all the usual aspirations that everyone wants: love, wealth, health, happiness, happiness.

It involves the use of gems and crystals and when used correctly can almost magically do anything you desire.

Gems and crystals are powerful symbols of our earthly desires and they are powerful activators. Gems are considered to be the most beautiful and precious energy on earth represented in clear beautiful sparkling stones.

These stones are widely considered to be depositories of this beautiful earth energy – and powerful objects to ground your deepest desires and help them bear fruit.

Don’t believe me?  Think about off one of the most common gemstone activators. It is the engagement ring, a serious activator and symbol of love and devotion.

The size, quality and beauty of the stone is often used to convey a man’s intention and desire to communicate his intentions to a woman, which in this case is marriage.

But stones and crystals can be used to manifest more than just marriage.

Gemstones used in your life bring precious earth energy to your goals and heart desires!

It is better if you find a beautiful stone and with great concentration and intention make a single wish, such as: a large faux diamond, geode, or rose quartz heart.

Focus on that intention until you see it come to fruition. Also, make sure you give your gem a lot of attention and don’t neglect your crystals.

For best results, place your wish-granting jewel where you see it and activate it regularly, e.g. B. on your bedside table, your desk (my favourite) or your living room. Placing them here allows you to place your gems under a light to activate them.

You can place your gem in a window where the sunlight will hit your gem and activate it. It is especially helpful to elevate the gem to allow the light to penetrate and activate the entire crystal.

As wonderful as these magical activators are, you need to be sure you’re doing your part. If you’re interested in creating opportunities for love, get out there and circulate. If you want to lose weight, make sure to change your diet and get more exercise. But back it up with a jewel.

Now that you’ve learned this wonderful – and powerful – Feng Shui tip, it’s your turn to find a gem and activate all your desires!

Choose a special POWER gem

If you have a big wish, e.g. For example, to get married or to attract love, choose a large artificial diamond and place it next to your bed or on your desk – anywhere you can see it and activate it with light. Treat it special and keep it clean. Focus on your desire to attract your perfect partner. You can do this with any special request or desire you have. If it’s a work-related desire, keep your jewellery at work where you see it often.

Surround your Chinese zodiac sign with precious stones.

Do you want to improve yourself or your family members? Create a gem bowl with a variety of gems. Place small figurines of each family member’s astrology zodiac sign in the bowl to use as a booster. You or your family will find that this gives you more opportunities and exciting new things to do.

Watch your ship arrive with gems.

Sailing ships have long been activators of incoming wealth. Take it a step further by loading your ship figure with crystals or faux diamonds. Crystals placed on the body of a ship figure are a great way to represent your wealth sailing into your life. Make sure ships appear to be sailing into the house, office or room

Choose gemstone colours according to your desire.

Green crystals bring health and family happiness, red crystals bring fame and recognition for your wish (perfect for an ambitious person!), blue crystals can be used for business opportunities and career advancement (and the money that comes with it), white crystals bring good luck with children , creativity and helpful people and mentors, yellow, pink and amber bring opportunities for education, love and romance. Pink is especially powerful for bringing love into your life.

Choose your gems carefully.

Always choose clear, sparkling and beautiful gemstones that appeal to you. Glass, crystal and natural gemstones are all perfectly acceptable activators of your desires. Make sure the gems aren’t cloudy or unattractive to you in any way. Keep them clean and dust free.

Put your gems in.

Do you have a specific business you want to attract? Place that company’s name, a picture of the person associated with the company, or a business card on your diamond.

If you want a commitment from a reluctant suitor, place a picture of your lover on the diamond. Is a certain clothing size right for you? Use a green gem and place a picture of your slimmer self on the gem.