Flying Stars November 2022

Dangerous Dominance of Earth Stars in Center

  • Illness Star joins Five Yellow in the Center
  • Risk of accidents, illness, violence increases
  • Essential to carry protective amulets
  • Lucky sectors are SE, SOUTH, SW and WEST.

November does not bring much respite from a difficult October. The previous month was characterised by conflict. The coming one sees the #2 join the Five Yellow for yet more challenges, in the form of illness, violence, accidents. This is a warning for everyone to remain careful. We suggest always wearing or carrying protective amulets through November, and to place appropriate remedies in the afflicted areas in our homes, particularly in the central sector where the malevolent Earth energies are so strong.

The centre sector needs the Wu Lou. If you live in a large house, place an appropriate number of Wu Lous, or get one in an appropriate size, the Mega Wu Lou. Make sure you also have your Five Element Pagoda there to keep the annual wu wang well under control. We suggest not to use the centre part of the home for too many activities this month, and avoid the other afflicted sectors if you can –East, NE, North and NW. Keep all afflicted sectors quiet, and not too brightly lit.

The auspicious sectors this month are the SE, SOUTH, SW and WEST sectors. Plan your activities around these parts of the home.

The chart indicates that the luck of the Matriarch is stronger than the luck of the Patriarch in November, with the mother of the family bringing everyone together and restoring balance and harmony in the home. Fathers need to keep their cool and their tempers in check, as the NW, the sector that represents the father, is afflicted with the Quarrelsome Star #3. The effects of this star number often cause as many problems as the Five Yellow or Illness Star 2, and with its arrival in the NW, which represents the leader, it is a good idea to ensure its bad effects are properly subdued. All homes should have the Magical Cosmic Apple in the NW this month.

The white 1 Star of Victory and Income

The White 1 Star of Victory and Income 

If you’ve ever wanted to make a change, move, or jump somewhere else in your life, this is the star that will help you make it happen. 

In Feng Shui, the white 1 star is a star that can bring you all of these things, plus these benefits: 


🌟Victory over the competition

🌟A new way of being or living

🌟Sudden happiness, like a star falling in your lap

🌟 Increased Income

When you look at benefits like these, it’s no wonder the one (1) star in Feng Shui is so popular. This star is part of a group of stars called the White Stars. These include 1, 4, 6, and 8 (and sometimes 9). The stars of this group are considered the most favourable.

The 1 star is ruled by the planet Jupiter and whenever this planet appears it is said to bring luck. Like western astrology bestowing luck with Jupiter for enhancing luck, so is the 1 star. When it appears, happiness spreads wherever it flies.

Take this number to heart because it represents the return of better times.

Whenever the 1 star shows up, it’s after the 2 black disease star has departed, so it’s like a fresh spring breeze through a window after coming up from a dark, damp basement.

If you are a student or want to undertake a writing project, the 1 star will help you as it builds the energy of water to support the student or writer who is ruled by the wood element of the 4 star.

The White 1 Star also bestows success in career and business, creating opportunities that come with more money and help you climb the ladder of success. Also, in a competitive situation, those who have activated the 1-star see their own star rise, so they outperform the competition.

The White 1 Star is a winning star.

If you need a “win” in life, be sure to activate the white 1 star with metal or water elements or figures, such as: B. a conch shell or a fish figure.

You can’t just be successful at work.

Perhaps the victory you need is personal, like overcoming obstacles, difficulties, or trying to make a transition or big life change, like a divorce or moving house. Supporting the White 1 Star position will help you generate energy that will support your change.


The heavenly 6 star

Meaning of the heavenly 6 favour and lucky star in Feng Shui 

The 6 Star is one of the most popular and respected off all the stars in Feng Shui.

This star has a rich energy star that bestows favour and brings achievement, power, influence, authority – and perhaps the best of all its qualities – fortunes, favours and opportunities at your feet.

The 6 Star is like a great cosmic meteor shower, raining like diamonds from the sky into your lap.

Better still, the 6-star star represents the energy of helpful people who will help you when you need them.

These heavenly people can range from someone who will fix a flat tire for you to doctors, lawyers, agents, brokers, mentors and anyone influential.

Imagine the 6-star jungle genie from the magic lamp to grant your wishes.

Its natural home is in the Northwest Sector, the corner of men and helpful people.

Like a large white sparkling diamond, the 6 star is ruled by the planet Venus.

This planet rules attraction and relationships, so the 6-pointed star in the north-west corner means that meaningful and beneficial relationships can be formed this year, especially with powerful men, people from afar, and to bring you international opportunities.

Have you ever wished for a guardian angel to help you?

Think of the 6 stars as that kind of support… the kind that comes from heaven. It is the star that brings good fortune and luck in speculation and helps the man of the house.

It is the star that represents the zodiac signs Dog and Pig and signifies deep winter when the stars twinkle brightest against the deep blue velvet sky at night.

The Northwest Sector also represents the breadwinner, so males, who are the main breadwinners, will benefit from its heavenly influence. But men and women benefit equally from this star.

The celestial influence has some interesting qualities not seen in other stars.

Above all, this includes the heavenly aspect of psychic visions, spirituality and inspiration, such as new business ideas or insights that you can benefit from.

It is also an indicator of a masculine presence, or someone who has the ability to lift you up, mend you, or open doors that were previously closed.

Think of someone with prestige, power, and authority, who brings happiness by noticing, helping, and introducing themselves, who brings opportunity.

The downside of this twinkling star is a tendency to overwork and headaches.

Be sure to spend plenty of time in the sector where the 6 Star Star is located for the year or month and keep it activated and alive with metal and earth energies. In 2022, the 6 stars will be in the northwest, it’s home corner. In 2023 the 6 star moves west, and in 2024 the 6 star flies to the northeast corner.

To enhance the beneficial effects of the celestial white six-pointed star, add plenty of crystal elements, gems, a wealth bowl, or crystal balls wherever it flies to keep its celestial luck, favour, and charms in the north-west corner or wherever the 6 is, to activate star flies to.

The Best 6 Star Activator? Movable metal. One of the best is a chiming clock with real metal bells to herald the blessings of heaven!

Six smooth crystal balls are wonderful amplifiers for the 6 stars. An arrangement of these crystal balls signifies the union of heaven and earth and will fill the northwest corner of your home or living room with auspicious energy that will help you leap forward in the world of business and material achievements such as possessions and wealth.

You can also upgrade the 6-star with a statue of Kwan Kung, large geodes, crystal bowls, images of powerful people, maps, images of planets, stars, and gold and metal objects.

4 Stars of Education, romance, travel


If ever there was a star that stands for wine and roses, it is the 4 (four) stars. In Feng Shui , the number four and the four star represent education and romance, but it also has other benefits that are like a motorcycle with a sidecar full of roses. 

For entrepreneurs and the career-minded, any kind of publicity, marketing, writing, podcasting, sales or speaking falls under the purview of the 4 star, making it a great star for students, teachers and writers.

This is the star whose home sector is the wealth sector and represents that tiny green shoot that signals vibrant new growth and life.

This makes the 4 star helpful for investments or with anything you’d like to see grow.

The 4 star location

Its home location is the southeast, where it is residing in 2022. In 2023, the 4 star will move to the center, and in 2024 it will fly to the northwest corner.

Interestingly, this star is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communications, travel, and learning, which is exactly the areas this star covers in feng shui.

The 4 star will bring romance and educational benefits to the whole family, but particularly to the oldest daughter, as well as dragon and snake zodiac signs.

The 4-star has a bad rap reputation in Feng Shui  circles.

It is a homophone for the Mandarin word death, and it is often said that the Chinese avoid houses and anything with a number four in them.

Because of its association with love and infidelity, the 4 Star can also sometimes be referred to as the 4 Sexy Star.

That’s because of his reputation for bringing outside influences into relationships—especially those whose front door faces where the 4-star hotel flies, or whose bedroom, living room, or office is in the 4-star realm.

Aside from that, the 4-star award is also an excellent influence for couples looking to reinvigorate their romantic lives. ❤️

Luckily, the energy and benefits of the 4-star company are beginning to outshine the ugly ring of its name and its negative reputation for promiscuity and infidelity.


Feng Shui and the 8 Prosperity Stars


When your home’s chi is affected, your finances suffer. Feng Shui creates the chi of prosperity. Learn how to create an abundant and prosperous life by creating an environment that helps you improve and increase your financial prospects and income by making adjustments to your home’s Feng Shui

There are numbers in Feng Shui  that are considered the most favourable for luck and wealth. For when the numbers 1, 4, 6 or 8 (and sometimes 9) – represented by the qualities of success, promotion, achievement, love, travel and prosperity – appear in your home, either as natal, annual or monthly energy, happiness comes to you.

Let’s start with the most popular number of all, the number 8.

Associated with the north-east corner of education, wisdom and good choices, the 8-star is an earth star. Until February 2024, the number eight also relates to water and earth and therefore it can bring a lot of prosperity and success in two areas: relationships and wealth.

The 8-star value brings opportunities to create more wealth and prosperity.

Job and career success are a bonus of the 8 stars and when the yearly moves put the 8 stars on the doorstep or in the bedroom it can rain financial benefits.

It is also a godsend if your living room, bedroom or office is where the 8 stars fly.

This star brings wonderful success when this sector is brightly lit and activated with yang energy such as candles, red colours, crystals and filled with activity.

What are the 8 stars?

In 2022 the eight-pointed star will be in its native Northeast. This brings benefits through education, learning, writing, certifications, and taking exams.

In 2023, the 8-star hotel will move to the southern corner, bringing financial benefits and opportunities through networking, social connections, and friends.

Every year I write a Feng Shui  forecast and note the position of the 8 stars for each month and this information will help you make the most of the energy when it is in favourable places like your front door, your bedroom, your home office , living room or dining room.

If a lucky star falls in a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, the beneficial effects cannot be fully utilised.

How do I activate the 8 stars?

If your front door is in the direction where the 8 star for the year or month is, you should activate it with earth related and yellow items.

Adding vases in the place of the 8 star will help you “gather and store” the excellent energy here for business and personal prosperity and success.

A great way to add and collect this great wealth and energy of opportunity is with an arrangement of vases. Vases shaped like a gourd or in the shape of a figure eight are the most promising.


Other activators include crystals, lighting, seashells, and items coloured red. A mystical knot or eight is another way to amplify the energies of the eight.

Pictures of stones, mountains, deserts and maps or educational institutions also help to promote the beneficial properties of the 8 star.

To give the 8 Star the most energy, try an arrangement of nine objects, as the number 9 relates to the fire element, the element that creates the earth, the element of the 8 Star.

Since this is a lucky star, make sure you spend plenty of time here and keep it brightly lit and activated.

If you have a bathroom, garage or other unfortunate space here, make sure you add something red and bright, e.g. B. A lamp with a red shade in the corner of your living room, corresponding to the position of the eighth star. In 2022, that position would be the northeast corner.

You can also activate the eight star by hanging some red artwork or pictures of birds or horses here. Red candles, red lamps or red pillows used here are nice additions that make the 8 star fire and reveal its best energies.

The other side of the golden coin

Although the eighth star is considered very auspicious, every star has a dark side, just as every afflicted energy has a positive side. For the 8 stars, the energy can be difficult for children. Most often, the difficulties involved are the potential for injury or illness in children.

Take good care of your children when they are engaged in sports activities or when their bedroom is in the area where the eight stars are guests to protect themselves from accidents or illnesses.

How to use the purple colour in Feng Shui

Feng Shui : Decoration with the Colour of Wealth and Abundance 

A combination of fiery red and expansive blue creates purple and violet associated with the crown chakra. In Feng Shui  , these colours inspire and invite abundance and royalty. Purple-violet is associated with wealth, prosperity, and self-esteem.

What is fabulous about purple is that it is considered the “beige” of Feng Shui , meaning it is the most versatile color that can be used to enhance almost any area of ​​the home. It is best used in the area of ​​wealth and prosperity and least used in the area of ​​travel and helpful people. Anywhere else, it can be an advantageous color to use if you feel you need a touch of fullness and flow.

Purple is definitely a power color.

It is best used by an entrepreneur, CEO, or someone in a position of influence who is looking for more recognition. You could boost your fame sector with a dose of pretty purple and boost your reputation.

Purple encourages creativity.

You can use purple in the office, children’s room, library or any room where you want to let your creativity flow. Especially if this creativity is used to make money, it will be a double blessing in that area. Try putting a purple orchid on your desk where you work. I’ve always used this trick to boost my own creativity and it has worked every time.

Purple is the color of divine wisdom.

The crown chakra is represented and healed by the color purple, which is the chakra of your connection with the divine and spirituality. Because of this, purple is a great color for a more meditative space or a calming corner. If you have a place where you curl up and read self-help books, try throwing in a purple pillow or throw.

Amethyst is the purple crystal.

And amethyst is the most popular crystal that people decorate with, along with clear quartz and selenite. Amethyst is a power crystal because it covers so many healing aspects. You can always use crystals as an effortless way to enhance the energy in your home for good Feng Shui .


Purple is the color of money flow. Wearing purple clothes or ties is great for anyone in the sales industry. This includes bankers, real estate agents, film producers, creative agencies or anyone who moves with money. When it comes to creating new business opportunities, it’s wise to use purple in a personal and wealth-enhancing way.