Over the years I have developed a working methodology to help you achieve the results you desire, which is typically as follows: 

I make a thorough assessment of the external environment of the property (which usually accounts for 60% of the total influence), an equally thorough analysis of the premises themselves and an in depth assessment of your interaction with both, using authentic Feng Shui methods,  which we have learned from Feng Shui Masters, plus some which I have learned from our considerable experience which are known only to me, particularly with regard to the interaction between shapes, compass formulas and people’s horoscopes.

This involves creating plans, taking accurate compass measurements (some calculations require measurements accurate to less than 1 degree) and doing calculations both for the building, its surroundings and room by room. Many calculations combine compass measurements, shapes, color and information from the Chinese calendar, particularly in relation to people’s horoscopes.

I also encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

All of this means that we are very good at helping people achieve their goals.

I am frequently asked “When is the best time to have a consultation?”

Feng Shui is a science which tells us what effect a building and its surroundings are creating (or will create if it’s not yet built) and why. From there we can work out how to bring about improvements. It therefore follows that the earlier we are involved the better, although many people who move premises prefer to call us in to advise them after they’ve already signed the purchase contract or even after moving in.

We provide a confidential service covering many areas, so if you would like to discuss your requirements without any obligation please feel free to contact me with brief details of your circumstances.

Do you need more information? Please send me an email to: info@fengshui-consilium.lu