Art in Feng Shui

Art is all about inspiration and creative energy, which makes it a very powerful tool to transform and improve the energy in your home. The theme, colours, size, shape and placement of the works of art can influence the Feng Shui of your home.

To help you improve the overall energy in your home, just follow these simple Feng Shui tips on choosing and placing yours

Less is more

Less is more in art. You don’t have to cover every wall in your home with paintings. The home has to breathe and the Qi (life energy) has to be able to flow. Some walls that showcase your collection and other rooms in the house that are less decorated let the energy rest.

Love your artwork

Be picky about art! Make sure the art resonates with you and that you love to look at it. How does that make you feel? You will see it every day and how a work of art makes you feel can either support or make you fall.

Take your time when you start collecting art. There is no need to rush. Choose your art slowly and wisely, and allow yourself to sit down and experience a new piece before moving on to buying another.

Mix the shapes and sizes

Mixing the sizes and shapes of works of art gets things moving and brings in more dynamic Feng Shui energy. Curating an art collection that mixes artistic style, media, frame colors, and sizes of the pieces gives a room a creative and unexpected feel; This is great in a workspace where you want to be inspired to be more creative and see things from a different perspective.

Colors and image sèrache

Pictures, motifs and the colors you choose for your work of art are personal and can influence the Feng Shui of the house. As mentioned above, make sure you love your artwork!

Are there certain subjects or images that should be avoided? The selection of works of art and feng shui are both personal practices, and each individual’s energy and taste are unique to them. A work of art might be perfect for supporting one person, but when you take the same piece and put it in another person’s house it can do just the opposite and drain their energy. In general, the following subjects and placements are best avoided: single and lonely looking people (especially in the bedroom), violent pictures, and family photos in the bedroom.

Color can have a huge impact on the qi in your home. You can use color as an expression of the five elements to evoke and invite certain energies. For example, if you have a dull and stagnant area in your home, adding a painting with red and orange tones will bring in the fire element which can boost the qi and get things moving. Red is a very intense color. Give it a try when you feel like you can handle the high levels of vibration and increased energy!

Hanging tips

How high you hang your work of art can also affect the Feng Shui in your home. One of the most common mistakes when hanging artwork is hanging the artwork too low. If you hang the art too low, your qi will be lowered.

When you feel down and defeated, check out the way your artwork is hung. Is your chin tilting slightly to see the center of the painting or photo? Raise your gaze to increase the energy! If you are prone to depression or dejection, placing your art a little higher than normal can also help raise your qi.