The Rabbit Year & Feng Shui – Part 2


The Year of the Rabbit 2023 Part2 – Good Fortune Energies

The Year of the Rabbit is coming and with a gentleness that only a rabbit can bring. It will offer us a sweet exhale like you do when you settle into your favourite chair after a long day.

The hare is associated with the moon as you can often see the outline of a hare on a full moon.

The Tiger, preceding the Rabbit, is the sign of the month of February and the Rabbit is the sign associated with the month of March and the zodiac sign Pisces.

Rabbits are particularly calm and pleasant and have a laid-back nature.

However, a rabbit is always quick-witted, using its own strength to get out of difficult situations or to plan cleverly without revealing its secrets (which it keeps so well).

With this year’s 4 star and peach blossom animal combining in a beautiful and loving energy, why not turn your attention to your home?

This is the perfect time to get rid of everything you don’t necessarily love in your home and fill it with absolutely everything you do.

Do you have a green thumb?

Even if you don’t, adding to your landscaping and removing these old, overgrown shrubs will bring new life and energy into your home. All energy starts from the outside and goes in, making landscaping one of the best ways to improve the energy of your home, improve your health, and create more growth in your life.

In the year of the rabbit, the signs of the zodiac sheep and wild boar, the rabbit’s zodiac friends benefit from the connection to the rabbit.

However, the Rooster is the sign opposed to the Grand Duke Jupiter, so if you’re a Rooster, it’s a good idea not to rock the boat with authority figures. You’ll also want to wear a Pi Yao, or dragon, to appease Grand Duke Jupiter.


Read each of the energies to determine how they might affect you and your family. Pay close attention to the energies that are at your front door, bedroom or home office.



Everyone always strives to activate this star because it is the star of wealth. The 8 Wealth Star brings opportunities for financial gain and good fortune, making this corner of your home the happiest.

This star is ruled by the planet Saturn and its benevolent qualities, and it is also ruled by the sun.

The planet Saturn is called the supervisor or teacher planet, but it is also a planet of reward. Whenever you’ve worked hard at something, Saturn rewards you.

The sun bestows power and position, prestige and recognition. These qualities of both the Sun and Saturn represent the rewards that the 8 Star brings.

The 8 stars will benefit the Horse zodiac sign the most in the year of the Rabbit with new opportunities and income.

Wherever the 8 stars fly is the best location for a front door, so those with a south facing home or bedroom will experience some wonderful energies and increased prosperity in 2023.


Representing future prosperity, the 9 Purple Star flies north this year where it will bring success on the job through connections, a solid reputation and your ability to nurture yourself.

The 9-Star is ruled by Mercury and the Moon.

In the Year of the Rabbit, the world of the Rat zodiac sign will expand in some ways. There will be growth and expansion in their lives as the 9 Star is magnified and multiplied.

The 9 is the evolving energy of a new time period that will arrive next year in 2024, so its energy is getting stronger, happier and happier as we move towards this year.

Coming from the social sector of the South, this year those with a north-facing home or bedroom will have an active social calendar and will be presented with opportunities that put them ahead of others that will bring them prestige and praise.

If your doorstep is here, you might find that the opportunities you take advantage of this year will lead to greater financial gains in the future.

The opportunity to socialise and chat will be more pronounced this year as well.


If you are lucky enough to have one of these stars in your front door, bedroom, study or living room, you will benefit most from their energy. Be sure to spend time in the areas where the energies are most beneficial.

All the details on activating the lucky stars and alleviating the ailments are outlined in my annual Feng Shui prognosis. Give your family a head start in the new year by letting the energies in your home work for you!

The Rabbit Year & Feng Shui – Part1

The Year of the Rabbit 2023 – Part1 – Afflictions

Extract from the rabbit Feng Shui prognosis for the year 2023

After recent years of upheaval and uncertainty, the energy entering 2023 will be replaced with a new light, hopeful, and sweeter energy.

The Year of the Tiger was the first year to bring spring energy as it is the first of the 3 spring zodiac animals Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon. The rabbit represents the fullness of spring when nature blooms and green growth appears.

The rabbit energy will offer us a respite from the cold, harsh energies of the past few years that have been aligned with the metal element and the winter animals of the pig, rat, and ox.

Also, the reigning Star of the Year accompanying Rabbit is the 4 Star of Love. And what animal goes so well with this kind of blossom-soft energy as a fluffy bunny?

The 4 is the star for education and writing luck as well as for travel and romance.

The coming year will have its bumps as usual, but it will also have more ease and bring us joy as the 4-star slides in after we’ve turned the calendar page to 2023 and the tiger has retired to the forest.

I know that you will love the beautiful and calming energy that the rabbit brings and because of the 4 stars that will be his companion in the coming year.

Look for ways to bring joy, beauty and pleasant moments into your year. It is the best way to use this sweet and tender energy that the rabbit and the 4 stars offer us.

Year of the Rabbit Official Date

The Lunar New Year will be Sunday, January 22, 2023. Be sure to make your home ready for the coming New Year to welcome a brand-new set of energies to your home and life.

2023: The last year in the period from 8

Period 8 is a 20-year cycle that began in February 2004 and ends on February 3, 2024. This was a “young man” period when internet giants like Mark Zuckerburg appeared like flowers in a spring rain.

During 2023 we will complete a 20 year cycle that will change next year in period 9.

In period 9 the new energy will be female. The 9 stars rule fire and the middle daughter so we will see how women advance in position and power. This will happen next February 4th, 2024. It’s going to be an exciting time!

Now let’s talk about the energies of the year….

Read each of the energies to determine how they might affect you and your family. Pay close attention to the energies that are at your front door, bedroom or home office.

It is also advisable to look at who is occupying the sectors where ailments appear. If you have old, sick, very young, or pregnant family members in these corners, it might be wise to move them to another bedroom if possible.

As always, it is best to be prepared for difficulties. When that is done, you can look forward to a year of opportunity and adventure, love and contentment, pleasure and joy.

The 5 yellow “Bone Breaker” star flies to the Northwest Breadwinner sector

This star is the unluckiest of all stars. The 5 yellow star brings bad luck, misunderstandings, bad luck, accidents and financial problems. This is especially true if you sleep in this sector, work or your front door is in the affected sector. Be especially careful if any of these apply to you.

This is the sector of the breadwinner or family man and he will be hit the hardest. It also affects the zodiac signs Dog and Pig. It will be prudent to be cautious with health, spending and investing this year. Older men should pay special attention to their health, especially with blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. It would be advisable to remedy this.

2 Black Illness Star flies to East Health, Oldest Son and Family Sector

In 2023, the 2 star flies east, into the family, growth and eldest son area. However, all ailments can affect anyone in the family, including your pets. This year, the 2nd Black Illness star is in a fighting position to the east.

This is the meeting of two giants: the big earth of the 2-star and the big forest of the 3-star. You could say it’s a battle of the titans. When the 2 and 3 meet, they form what is called the “bullfighting” energy. This can mean families face legal complications or fights.

It can also cause stomach problems in the home and pose health challenges for the eldest son. It can also mean that as soon as someone in a family gets sick, everyone in the family gets sick. Pay close attention to prevent the spread of diseases.

This sector affects the feet and lower legs. Exercise caution when engaging in activities as this may result in a twisted ankle, broken foot or foot injuries. Earth-related diseases will become more common and could show up as stomach problems, gallbladder problems, ulcers and colitis.

If you have underlying health concerns, these could be blooming under the influence of the 2 Star this year. Like the 1-Star, the 2-Star is ruled by Jupiter, only it amplifies the difficulties of the 2-Star rather than creating advantages like the 1-Star does.


3 Jade Star Flies to the southeast sector of wealth and the eldest daughter

The 3 argument star moves to the eldest daughter and investments and assets area. This star is also known to stir up legal troubles, gossip, arguments and bickering. It’s especially tough on couples, and creates that weary emotional exhaustion that can sometimes end relationships — or bring in a third party.

The bigger concern?

Emotional and nervous disorders that are so distressing that they can result in divorce, severe depression, or a nervous breakdown. Watch out for legal issues, arguments over money, trouble from the eldest daughter, or emotional problems if this is your front door, bedroom, or home office.

The 7 Red Violence Star

In 2023, the red 7-star moves from the west to the northeast corner. Since this is the sector that rules wisdom, there can be difficulties in thinking clearly, injuries to the hand and bullying at school.

The 7 Star affects the Ox and Tiger zodiac signs the most this year, so these zodiac signs need to be extra careful this year with what they say, their relationships, proneness to infection, accidents and theft.

This star is ruled by the planet Venus. Since the 7 star is an affected star, it represents the negative traits of Venus. Since Venus rules attractiveness and relationships, the negatives expressed would be problematic relationships, arguments and narcissism.

Wherever the 7 stars fall, the tendency for clipping and loss follows. This can be breaking off relationships, quitting jobs, or losing family members.

More than relationship problems and difficulties, this star can cause a lot of problems from robbery, accidents, quarrels, slander, gossip, injuries and lung diseases.

The biggest concern is the possible harm to children in educational settings. Pay close attention to your child’s school environment and how to protect it. Another concern is having a pregnant woman in this corner, as the 7-star rating could bring worries with bleeding or pregnancy loss.

The 3 Killings direction

This suffering moves in a new direction every year, and this year it flies west. The 3 kills can affect the ability to focus, communicate, and create harsh words between people. Lawsuits, Slander, and Slander are also a potential under the influence of 3 Killings and cause three types of losses, such as: B. loss of reputation, loss of a loved one or loss of money.

The 3 Killings occupy 90 degrees on the compass. If you sit within that 90 degrees with your back toward the 3 kills, you are exposing yourself to their detrimental influence. Make sure you avoid sitting with your back to the 3 Killings. This year that means you should be FACING WEST.

Flying Stars for the Year of the Rabbit 2023




In a short time, we will be welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, whose docile and diplomatic traits foretell a calmer year ahead. Compared to the tiger, the hare is more agreeable and often prefers tact and negotiation to open hostility, but although the hare is less fierce, it is also as cunning as a fox.

In 2023, the center of the Lo Shu grid will be occupied by star #4. This makes him the dominant star of the year, exerting his influence on every person in every sector, in every space, in every part of the world. Since the number 4 star is the relationship star, it suggests that people will get along better and successful new alliances and partnerships can form around the world. After a year of grappling with power struggles and conflicts that have brought all sorts of problems, collaboration may be just what the world needs to move forward.

So this year we are introducing the Cardinal Connectivity Activator using the four cardinal signs of the zodiac to increase network happiness and promote harmony. When displayed together, they bring great wealth and new opportunities. The best way to ensure consistently productive relationships is to maintain a good balance of yin and yang, so the trigrams CHIEN and KUN are included to prevent relationships from becoming too one-sided. We recommend all homes to have this powerful enhancer in the center sector; and also offices. You can also wear the charm version of this activator to attract good allies wherever you go.

The year has good prospects for growth as evidenced by the presence of the Lap Chun, but with 3 of the 4 pillars being Yin, there is risk that many will fear making the wrong move and this can lead to inaction or stagnation. Displaying the Cosmic Raven in one’s living space will help one make the right decisions; this sky bird also attracts the luck of good timing, so that you do not miss good opportunities that come your way.


East facing houses need repairs as the front of the house is host to the annual Illness Star #2 in the East, Loss Star #7 in the NE and Quarrelsome Star in the Southeast.

Houses with a north-south orientation have the lucky stars 8 and 9 promoting prosperity and prosperity luck. And for all other houses, try to use the north and south parts of the house more often to bring their happy energies to life.

Homes facing SW don’t lose either, as they enjoy the most auspicious energies of the three white stars – 1, 6 and 8.enhancer in the center sector; and offices as well. You can also carry the charm version of this activator to attract good allies everywhere you go.







Flying Star December 2022

December Heralds in Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

  • Victory Star #1 in the Center
  • Fresh Starts; New Beginnings
  • Lucky sectors are SE, East, NE, North, Center.
  • SW brings Wealth, but also Loss & Betrayal
  • West sector brings Completion Luck

December’s chart looks like a big improvement from last month’s, with the Victory Star #1 making its way to the center.

This star taking dominance indicates a turning of corners, new ideas blossoming into reality, and new eras being born. It is a good chart for another reason; it has many auspicious sectors, four generating Ho Tu combinations and one featuring the Sum-Of-Ten, bringing good fortune luck to many different home orientations, and many different parts of the home.

The luckiest sectors this month are the SE, East, NE, North and center, while the West brings completion luck, and the SW brings windfall luck. The South however needs strong remedying with the Misfortune Star #5 being enhanced by the annual Magnification Star #9 .

The general mood of the month promises to be one of renewal and of entering the new year with new energy.

A great time for celebrations and for thinking positive thoughts; to leave behind one’s worries and to forge ahead with confidence. This is a good time to kickstart your goals, to lay foundations, to do the groundwork, and to adopt a real can-do attitude.

This is also the best time to start thinking about the activators and cures you need to put into place to maximize your good fortune luck for 2023.

The Southeast enjoys the Ho Tu which brings luck in business and commercial pursuits

The monthly Five Yellow joins the annual star bringing danger and misfortune to the South sector. There is a threat of illness, money loss and relationship problems if not remedied. Those residing in this part of the home or living in South-facing houses are advised to take extra care of your health and well-being. Beware high-stress levels, which can cause blood pressure to soar. Keep mental and emotional stress under control with the help of the Sky Roebuck.

While the visiting star is the loss-bringing #7, it combines with the resident #2 to form the Big Wealth Ho Tu. This indicates windfall luck, and wealth that comes in unexpectedly or in an unexpected way.

The East welcomes in the #8 star, which combines with the #3 to form the leadership Ho Tu.

The #1 star flying into the central sector benefits all members of the household. As the #1 is a water element star, its positive effects get weakened flying into an Earth sector, thus, to fully benefit from its potential, we suggest placing victory enhancers here. The arrival of this star here makes this a good time to get moving on new ideas, to set plans into motion, and to be courageous in one’s mindset. Results come to those who are motivated and actionoriented, so be proactive with going after your goals. The combination of Water and Earth however brings risk of injuries caused by accidents.

The West plays host to the quarrelsome star #3, which brings conflict and misunderstandings if not subdued. But flying into a metal sector, the #3 is not overly powerful and thus easy to deal with.

The Northeast welcomes in the Relationship Star #4, which joins the Prosperity Star #8 to bring plenty of opportunities that arrive via one’s friends or network. Residents of the NE benefit from being socially active and visible this month. Attend cocktails, parties and other events, and spend more effort cultivating your alliances. Follow up on leads that catch your attention, as they can lead to great outcomes.

The Heavenly Star #6 improves the luck for those residing in the North part of their homes. This star also brings mentor and networking luck. The #6 also combines with the #1 to form the Intellectual Ho Tu, imbuing beneficiaries with plenty of creativity and new ideas. An auspicious part of the home to activate and to spend more time in this month.

The #2 star brings illness in the form of lung problems, which will tend to affect the males of the household more acutely.
he #6 also combines with the #1 to form the Intellectual Ho Tu, imbuing beneficiaries with plenty of creativity and new ideas. An auspicious part of the home to activate and to spend more time in this month.




Christmas and Holiday Feng Shui

Christmas and Holiday Feng Shui

Holidays are special times to bring family and friends together to enjoy celebrations, gifts and special foods. This is especially true at Christmas and Hanukkah, when we seek to share the year’s bounty by giving gifts and celebrating with those closest to us.

It’s a fun and beautiful time of year when homes and businesses are adorned with glittering lights and lush greenery.

Decorating for the holidays is also great Feng Shui because it draws attention – and intent – to your home.

We strive to create warm and beautifully decorated homes that appeal to the tastes of adults and children alike. Children will enjoy the festive ornaments and decorations of stars, gifts, Santa Claus, reindeer, the North Pole, Hanukkah gifts and the nativity scene.

Both adults and children will enjoy a beautiful Christmas tree and sparkling Christmas decorations.

This year, create a Feng Shui holiday for fun and for the greater purpose and meaning it can bring to your vacation. It’s a wonderful way to inject more mindfulness into your vacation preparations.


That’s not the fun part, but it’s important. Good Feng Shui needs space for chi to circulate—and in order to grow, we need space.

So, before all the new gifts and things come into the house, take half an hour to go from room to room clearing out old, broken or unused items.

Then donate what can be used to charity and throw away the rest. You’ll feel a lot better with all the extra stuff coming into the house if you clear some of the old clutter first.

OK, that’s out of the way now…


Wrap all gifts according to Feng Shui guidelines by color and recipient. Not only will the gifts be appropriate to the person, they will also be easily identifiable and easy to find.

Father/husband: gold paper

Mother/Woman: Red or purple paper

Children: Silver or purple paper

Boys/Sons: Brown, Craft, Blue, or Green paper

Girls/Daughters: Red, pink, or purple paper

Grandparents: gold or purple paper

Someone who was ill: Brown, craft, or green paper (with or without nature designs such as trees, pine branches, deer)

Neighbours/Friends/Colleagues: Red


Whether they’re for business associates or family members, Christmas or Hanukkah oranges are considered to be “natural gold” and represent both wealth and opportunities. The word “orange” is a homophone with the word “gold” in Mandarin. Gold is always appropriate for gifts, such as Hanukkah gelt, gold-wrapped candies, and other goodies.

If you are short of gift ideas, go online and send a box of beautiful oranges. Include a note explaining how the Chinese revere oranges as representations of golden opportunity and wealth. This is how a simple crate of citrus fruits becomes a load of gold. And while you’re ordering, think about sending your own family a gift of oranges!

Other option? A beautiful box of oranges is also a great business or New Year’s gift. A beautiful flowering plant like narcissus symbolises gold and your desire for prosperity.


A lighted Christmas tree is a large and powerful object that can be used to focus energy on something you desire.

What is your heart’s desire? More money?

Place your tree or holiday decorations in the southeast corner of your living room or home and decorate accordingly. Do you want a husband or a new man in your life? Place decorations in the NW corner of your home or living room. Just more family harmony? Then decorate in a mixture of red and gold. These two colours bring harmony and happiness wherever placed.

Whatever you want, just follow the Feng Shui decorating guidelines in #5 below.


Place nativity scenes and religious figures in the center of the living room or apartment. In the north-west, figures of the Three Kings or Santa Claus can be placed, as well as a crèche. The Three Wise Men represent helpful people who travel to visit baby Jesus. In Feng Shui, the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus represent benefactors who can also give you gifts.

The North West is also synonymous with international business and travel (and is a good place to keep travel information and suitcases). However, avoid placing your menorah here as the candles burning here are not good Feng Shui.



When decorating your tree for the holiday, consider using Feng Shui colours according to the direction you are placing the tree.

IN THE NW CORNER/SECTOR (helpful people, father, men, heaven, international business/travel)

Decorate with silver or gold objects, crystals, mirrors, shiny and round objects

IN THE SOUTH CORNER/SECTOR (fame, recognition, social standing)

Decorate with colours like red and green or purple and use bright lights, birds like red cardinals, phoenix or peacocks, bird nests, natural objects like twigs or pine cones, triangular objects.

IN THE EAST CORNER/SECTOR (health, family relationships, growth)

Decorate natural objects such as pine cones, tree branches with blue or green colours

IN THE NORTH CORNER/SECTOR (Career, Opportunities)

Decorate with gold, silver and/or blue colours and nautical items, shells, ships or metallic decorations and round shapes.


Decorate with bright green, green, blue or purple colours. Natural objects, water objects such as shells or trees with fish motifs, fruits and natural objects are perfect decorations

IN THE NORTH EAST (Education, Wisdom), SOUTHWEST (Relationships, Marriage, Women) OR CENTER CORNER/SECTOR (Health, Wealth, Relationships)

Decorate with red and gold colours together, crystals, mirrors, red or white lights.


Lights are perfect Feng Shui – whether they are placed in the south or in the east. Decorate your plants with tiny white lights or place them in vases. Decorate the front door with a lighted garland to bring extra energy into your home.

Whatever you do, make sure the foyer is well decorated and lit. This welcomes everyone who comes to your home and beckons opportunities because the foyer of the home is where opportunities come.


Give your home or family a gift that everyone can enjoy. This can be a beautiful painting or a simple vase (for those fresh flowers you’ll be buying yourself next year!). Or buy a game you can all play together or a popcorn maker when you’re watching movies. Anything that enhances your family time together is great Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and the 8 Prosperity Stars


When your home’s chi is affected, your finances suffer. Feng Shui creates the chi of prosperity. Learn how to create an abundant and prosperous life by creating an environment that helps you improve and increase your financial prospects and income by making adjustments to your home’s Feng Shui

There are numbers in Feng Shui  that are considered the most favourable for luck and wealth. For when the numbers 1, 4, 6 or 8 (and sometimes 9) – represented by the qualities of success, promotion, achievement, love, travel and prosperity – appear in your home, either as natal, annual or monthly energy, happiness comes to you.

Let’s start with the most popular number of all, the number 8.

Associated with the north-east corner of education, wisdom and good choices, the 8-star is an earth star. Until February 2024, the number eight also relates to water and earth and therefore it can bring a lot of prosperity and success in two areas: relationships and wealth.

The 8-star value brings opportunities to create more wealth and prosperity.

Job and career success are a bonus of the 8 stars and when the yearly moves put the 8 stars on the doorstep or in the bedroom it can rain financial benefits.

It is also a godsend if your living room, bedroom or office is where the 8 stars fly.

This star brings wonderful success when this sector is brightly lit and activated with yang energy such as candles, red colours, crystals and filled with activity.

What are the 8 stars?

In 2022 the eight-pointed star will be in its native Northeast. This brings benefits through education, learning, writing, certifications, and taking exams.

In 2023, the 8-star hotel will move to the southern corner, bringing financial benefits and opportunities through networking, social connections, and friends.

Every year I write a Feng Shui  forecast and note the position of the 8 stars for each month and this information will help you make the most of the energy when it is in favourable places like your front door, your bedroom, your home office , living room or dining room.

If a lucky star falls in a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, the beneficial effects cannot be fully utilised.

How do I activate the 8 stars?

If your front door is in the direction where the 8 star for the year or month is, you should activate it with earth related and yellow items.

Adding vases in the place of the 8 star will help you “gather and store” the excellent energy here for business and personal prosperity and success.

A great way to add and collect this great wealth and energy of opportunity is with an arrangement of vases. Vases shaped like a gourd or in the shape of a figure eight are the most promising.


Other activators include crystals, lighting, seashells, and items coloured red. A mystical knot or eight is another way to amplify the energies of the eight.

Pictures of stones, mountains, deserts and maps or educational institutions also help to promote the beneficial properties of the 8 star.

To give the 8 Star the most energy, try an arrangement of nine objects, as the number 9 relates to the fire element, the element that creates the earth, the element of the 8 Star.

Since this is a lucky star, make sure you spend plenty of time here and keep it brightly lit and activated.

If you have a bathroom, garage or other unfortunate space here, make sure you add something red and bright, e.g. B. A lamp with a red shade in the corner of your living room, corresponding to the position of the eighth star. In 2022, that position would be the northeast corner.

You can also activate the eight star by hanging some red artwork or pictures of birds or horses here. Red candles, red lamps or red pillows used here are nice additions that make the 8 star fire and reveal its best energies.

The other side of the golden coin

Although the eighth star is considered very auspicious, every star has a dark side, just as every afflicted energy has a positive side. For the 8 stars, the energy can be difficult for children. Most often, the difficulties involved are the potential for injury or illness in children.

Take good care of your children when they are engaged in sports activities or when their bedroom is in the area where the eight stars are guests to protect themselves from accidents or illnesses.