Fengshui sayings about water

Wise sayings about Water

Water is often seen as synonymous with money for the Chinese. And indeed, there are many well-known instances where water, properly used in Feng Shui practice, has elevated the merely rich to the status of truly rich. Some of the most common examples you might hear about include a waterfall, yang water feature, or water motifs on the walls and decor of the space.

However, it must be borne in mind that water is also an element that can pose the greatest danger. The water trigram Kan actually means danger first. Translated as Abyssal in many texts, it generally symoolizes misfortune (middle yang line) trapped in matter (two yin lines). The trigram Kan is also a symbol for the soul. The soul must flow like the river from the source in the mountain to the sea, where it dies, turns into clouds and reincarnates as rain in the mountains. The motivation is danger and the abyss.

So how do you properly activate the immense power of water to create wealth while avoiding the taboos?

Never have water above you

As documented in the I Ching, the water above us poses a great danger. Therefore, never sleep with water above you. Don’t hang a water painting on thSe wall above your sleeping space. I know of a case where a so-called Feng Shui consultant recommended hanging a painting of a waterfall on the wall above the headboard of the bed. Its logic was that it would symbolise water, which brings copious wealth to the bed’s occupants during sleep. This only contributed to the fact that his clients couldn’t sleep well, and his clients were actually lucky not to have had an accident. The insomnia disappeared as soon as the water painting was removed.

Likewise, it is very dangerous to have a swimming pool on the roof. This used to be a common practice for tall buildings, especially city hotels and resorts, where it somehow made sense to place the pool on the roof so you could enjoy the sky and sun while swimming. Here’s another Feng Shui taboo that has caused many businesses to collapse.

Never have a water feature on the right hand side of your front door 

This is the most commonly reported reason for a partner to go astray. In nine out of ten cases where a partner has affairs with other human, a water feature is present on the right side of the front door (inside out). The worst kind of water features to tempt some partner wandering eye are in-ground ponds and pools. These are also the most difficult to change. If a stubborn pond lover or fish lover often refuses to “close” his beloved pond, despite the unfavourable implications of Feng Shui, he ends up with not only an unfaithful husband, but no husband at all! Divorce is not out of the question with such a water taboo.

If you absolutely cannot move or close your pond, another solution is to move the front door. But whatever steps you take, if you value a happy life, you need to make sure that you never live with that kind of water taboo for too long. Marriage.


Feng Shui and to see the visuality

If you’re on your way up, you have to see it visually

Aim high, go high

Always add framed diplomas and certificates high up on a wall to mark your achievement. This will help you see yourself and what you have achieved in a way that requires you to look up physically when contemplating your accomplishments, which symbolises that you are looking at yourself with appreciation.

Build a success shelf.

Even if you haven’t won any trophies, you may own items that are special to you and that make you special. For example, travel memories that show you’ve traveled well lend your energy for success a quality of worldliness that’s always impressive.

Collecting and displaying replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Khalifa Castle, Chrysler Building, or Big Ben shows you’ve been to places, and that’s often a good indicator that you’re going places. Add these travel memories to your success shelf.

Add a splash of red.

The color red is an energizing color associated with fire, and fire is the element of fame, recognition, and success. Add some red elements to your Wall of Fame to energize your memorabilia, awards, certificates, awards and plaques.

Feng Shui tips get for your success framed

If you have pictures or clippings from newspapers – even if they are your letters to the editor – frame them

Frames are a decorative way of saying, “Look, this is important,” meaning you matter.

When you frame something you have done, it adds importance to it and calls attention to your name. Be sure to add thank you notes to a frame, pictures with noteworthy people, your first dollar or banknote, and special places where you’ve lived or been.


Feng Shui tips to be successful

SEE SUCCESSFUL, BE SUCCESSFUL – Fengshui Tips to gain Success and Recognition

One of the most critical concepts when it comes to watching your star rise?

You have to see it to believe it. Fame and recognition belong to the eyes and the heart in Feng Shui. This is why movie stars and celebrities fascinate us; All eyes and cameras are on her.

Even if you’re not on the big screen and paparazzi aren’t following you, you can surround yourself with your own success and that affects the energy around you and that spreads out into the world.

This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur and work from home.

Often the person you need to impress the most in your life is yourself. It is all the more important that you surround yourself with symbols that show how much you have achieved in your personal and professional life.

Success can be elusive, but by practicing Feng Shui you can vastly improve your chances of generating the kind of energy that gets you noticed – and recognition is one of the most important building blocks of success and all the benefits that come with it.

Check out these tips below to learn how to improve your recognition and success chi and see your wealth soar!

Tip No. 1: See successful, be successful.

One of the most successful people I know has an office surrounded by all his plaques, trophies, certificates, awards and diplomas. Each new achievement that has a picture or memorabilia goes on their wall or bookshelf.

When clients come to his office, they know how successful he is and that gives them confidence in the services he provides, much like all the diplomas on a doctor’s wall make you feel like you are being treated by a doctor.

These elements are all ways of actively showing how others see you, and this is a foundation for building your recognition chi.

Over time, adding to your treasures will help you build a successful career and life that others can’t help but recognise.


Flying Stars March 2023

Loss Star Takes Centre Stage

In March, Loss Star #7 lands in the middle, indicating a rise in robberies and theft. There is also the risk of duplication.

As people compete for the same things, competition will intensify. Therefore, the probability of betrayal and the breakdown of relationships will be high.Strong remedies are needed in the east and north. If your main door faces one of these directions, or if your bedroom is in this sector, you must carry protective amulets with you at all times. If possible, use an alternative entrance to your home this month.

The most promising sectors are West and Southwest. Plan your activities around these parts of the house. Create the flow of good chi with light and soft music.

The South also has fabulous finishing luck, but since it’s home to Disease Star #2, you’ll need to raise the health vibrations in this sector when activating for luck. Pregnant, elderly or sick people should temporarily avoid the bedrooms in the south sector.

3 6 SOUTHEAST – Activate Heaven Luck for a Smoother Month

The arrival of the #6 Heaven Star brings improvements in the luck of those residing in this sector. There are new opportunities to tap and possibilities of a windfall. While the dominant #7 Star warns of losses and betrayals, you have strong celestial backing at your disposal to help you make the right moves.

8 2  SOUTH – Completion Luck But Watch For Illness Chi
In the South, the Illness Star #2 joins the annual Prosperity Star #8 to form the super auspicious Sum-of-Ten combination. This provides occupants of this sector with enhanced completion and wealth luck. A favourable time to start new projects and accumulate new assets.

1 4  SOUTHWEST – Scholastic Luck And Romance Vibes
This sector’s combination of stars brings excellent creativity and scholastic luck to its residents. If your bedroom or study is located here, good ideas and learning new things will come easily. A productive time for students preparing for upcoming exams.

2 5 EAST – Remedy Misfortune Energies
The Five Yellow pairing up with the annual Illness Star #2 makes this an extremely afflicted sector this month. This combination is indicative of violence and misfortune, which may be aggravated by stress and ill health. Because the #5 brings obstacles with far-reaching consequences, its presence must never be taken lightly.

4 7  CENTER – Money Loss And Betrayals
The #7 Star flies into the centre sector, threatening everyone in every home and office space with robberies, money loss and betrayals. Honesty can be hard to come by, so don’t let your guard down.

6 9  WEST – Fame, Recognition And Long Term Prosperity
Occupants of this sector enjoy exceptionally good fortune with the Star of Future Prosperity #9 taking its turn. Spend more time in this part of the home. Fill it with music or decorate it with twinkling LED lights.

7 1  NORTHEAST – Victory Luck Elevates Chances Of Success
Victory luck is enhanced for residents of NE-facing homes and NE rooms this month. While the annual #7 continues to bring stiff competition, you have every chance of gaining a good lead. Don’t be intimidated by the underhanded tactics of others. As long as you put in the hard work, good results will follow. Give everything your best shot!

9 3  NORTH – Afflicted With Magnified Conflict Chi
The Quarrelsome Star #3 brings inauspicious energies that cause misunderstandings, and arguments that can get out of control. Magnified by the resident #9, lawsuits and violence can quickly ensue. Best to keep this area of the home and office quiet for now. Remove all plants, chimes and bells.

5 8. NORTHWEST – Prosperity Star Balances Out Misfortune Chi
The Prosperity Star #8 moves to the NW, bringing good fortune and money luck to those who reside in this sector. Cash flow improves, and you find it easy to generate joy in your life. If you are the patriarch of the home, this good fortune extends to all those under your care as well.

The meaning of Numbers in Feng Shui


Why are numbers important in Feng Shui?

In Chinese Feng Shui, each number has a specific and symbolic meaning. Therefore, the Chinese believe that numbers have a specific meaning that can affect people and events.

Why are certain numbers in feng shui lucky?

Traditionally, much of the luck and meaning behind numbers in Feng Shui is based on how they sound when the numbers are pronounced.

Other numbers, like the number 8, are admired for their shape.

Considering that the numbers 1-9 are associated with specific themes, directions, objects, and colours, some numbers hold more significance than others when looking for things like luck or wealth.

Understanding Feng Shui Numbers!

The number 1 is associated with the north direction and represents our career and life path on the Bagua map.

The feng shui number 1 is also representative of dark colors like black and navy blue and the element of water.

When creating feng shui in your home, place objects representative of the water element, such as a single turtle, frog, or fish tank, in the north region of your home. This single object placement is meant to provide a fresh new start in our professional or personal life path.

The number 2 represents love and partnerships in our lives and is associated with the southwest direction on the Bagua map.

If you are looking for new love or want to strengthen your current relationship, place two earthly elements, such as: B. beautiful rose quartz crystals, in the southwestern region of your home.

The main themes associated with the number 3 are family, diet and health. These themes convey a sense of rootedness and grounding, which may explain why the number 3 is also associated with the wood element and the color green.

Place 3 plants or portraits of your family in the east region of your home to promote health and strengthen family relationships.

Regarding feng shui numbers, the number 4 has a bad connotation for some, for others it brings luck and wealth.For those who speak Cantonese and other Chinese dialects, the pronunciation of the number four sounds very similar to the word “death”. For this reason, the number four is avoided when naming the floors of a building or buying new houses that can bear the number 4.

For others, the number 4 represents good luck considering that it surrounds us and grounds us in all walks of life. There are four seasons in a year, four corners of this earth, four directions, and when building a solid foundation there must be four points of contact with the ground to remain rooted.

Ironically, looking at the Bagua card in Feng Shui, the number four represents wealth, abundance and prosperity.

The number 5 is associated with the five elements of earth, water, metal, wood and fire. On a Bagua card, the number 5 represents the heart and center of the home and the balance of these elements.

For some, this number has a negative connotation as it represents radical changes, but for others it can represent a more positive perspective of adventure.

The number 6 represents the north-west direction of the house and carries luck as it is a multiple of the number 2.

In Feng Shui, the number 6 represents helpful people, mentors and international travel.

It also symbolizes the metal element. If you want to create feng shui in your home, place six metal objects such as singing bowls or metal artwork in the northwest region of your home to attract positive energy from mentors and teachers.

The number 7 signifies creativity, safety and the colors white, silver and gold. This number is assigned to the western region of the house.

Depicting the metal element, place an item like a wind chime on the west side of your home to enhance creativity or personal growth in your life.

The number 8 is one of the most auspicious feng shui numbers to use as it sounds similar to the word “prosperity” in Cantonese and its shape represents the infinity symbol.

The number 8 is associated with the earth element. When creating feng shui in your sacred space, place 8 tumbled stones in a bowl with healing properties that enhance abundance in aspects of life such as love, career or wealth.

Number 9, which is the opposite of number 1 in feng shui numbers, represents the south. This number is associated with fame, opportunity, dreams, awards and luck.

With such powerful themes representing the number 9, it is no surprise that this number symbolizes the fire element.

To increase possibility and happiness in your life, place items that represent fire in the southern region of your home, such as: B. ascetically pleasant lights or candles.

Final Thoughts

Feng Shui is a powerful and practical practice used to restore balance to our homes and personal lives. The art of feng shui involves balancing earthly elements, colors, objects, and even numbers to achieve or maintain specific issues in your life, such as prosperity or love.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of lucky and unlucky numbers, but may be inexperienced when it comes to the traditional Chinese feng shui behind the numbers 1-9. Hopefully this article has given you some informative knowledge to take into account.