Meaning of the Lo Shu in Feng Shui

Meaning of the the Lo Shu in Feng Shui

Lo Shu is the Part of the legacy of ancient Chinese mathematics and divinity traditions, the Lo Shu is an important emblem in Feng Shui, the art of geomancy, concerned with the placement of objects in relation to the flow of qi or “natural energy”.

The Lo Shu Square (or Nine Hall Diagram), named after the Luo (River) Scroll, is the unique order three normal magic square (each order three normal magic square is formed by rotation or reflection from the Lo Shu receive). It has a strong affinity with the Yellow River map.

The basics of Feng Shui can be traced back to “He Shu”, the writing of the Yellow River. Fu Xi, the first ruler of China, is said to have been meditating by this river when he noticed a turtle.


Turtles are considered spiritual beings and symbols of the universe. Fu Xi recognised a pattern in the special pattern of the tortoise shell, in which each number represents certain properties.

In simplified terms, Fu Xi’s scheme can be represented as a magic square, the sum of the digits of which always results in the number 15.

This Chinese numerology is based on the 3×3 magic square, where the digits do not change position and always add up to 15. From this you can see which number is present and which is missing and how often a digit has been repeated. From this, the Lo Shui grid prediction can provide information about a person’s life, which energy is missing or too much

Flying Star December 2022

December Heralds in Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

  • Victory Star #1 in the Center
  • Fresh Starts; New Beginnings
  • Lucky sectors are SE, East, NE, North, Center.
  • SW brings Wealth, but also Loss & Betrayal
  • West sector brings Completion Luck

December’s chart looks like a big improvement from last month’s, with the Victory Star #1 making its way to the center.

This star taking dominance indicates a turning of corners, new ideas blossoming into reality, and new eras being born. It is a good chart for another reason; it has many auspicious sectors, four generating Ho Tu combinations and one featuring the Sum-Of-Ten, bringing good fortune luck to many different home orientations, and many different parts of the home.

The luckiest sectors this month are the SE, East, NE, North and center, while the West brings completion luck, and the SW brings windfall luck. The South however needs strong remedying with the Misfortune Star #5 being enhanced by the annual Magnification Star #9 .

The general mood of the month promises to be one of renewal and of entering the new year with new energy.

A great time for celebrations and for thinking positive thoughts; to leave behind one’s worries and to forge ahead with confidence. This is a good time to kickstart your goals, to lay foundations, to do the groundwork, and to adopt a real can-do attitude.

This is also the best time to start thinking about the activators and cures you need to put into place to maximize your good fortune luck for 2023.

The Southeast enjoys the Ho Tu which brings luck in business and commercial pursuits

The monthly Five Yellow joins the annual star bringing danger and misfortune to the South sector. There is a threat of illness, money loss and relationship problems if not remedied. Those residing in this part of the home or living in South-facing houses are advised to take extra care of your health and well-being. Beware high-stress levels, which can cause blood pressure to soar. Keep mental and emotional stress under control with the help of the Sky Roebuck.

While the visiting star is the loss-bringing #7, it combines with the resident #2 to form the Big Wealth Ho Tu. This indicates windfall luck, and wealth that comes in unexpectedly or in an unexpected way.

The East welcomes in the #8 star, which combines with the #3 to form the leadership Ho Tu.

The #1 star flying into the central sector benefits all members of the household. As the #1 is a water element star, its positive effects get weakened flying into an Earth sector, thus, to fully benefit from its potential, we suggest placing victory enhancers here. The arrival of this star here makes this a good time to get moving on new ideas, to set plans into motion, and to be courageous in one’s mindset. Results come to those who are motivated and actionoriented, so be proactive with going after your goals. The combination of Water and Earth however brings risk of injuries caused by accidents.

The West plays host to the quarrelsome star #3, which brings conflict and misunderstandings if not subdued. But flying into a metal sector, the #3 is not overly powerful and thus easy to deal with.

The Northeast welcomes in the Relationship Star #4, which joins the Prosperity Star #8 to bring plenty of opportunities that arrive via one’s friends or network. Residents of the NE benefit from being socially active and visible this month. Attend cocktails, parties and other events, and spend more effort cultivating your alliances. Follow up on leads that catch your attention, as they can lead to great outcomes.

The Heavenly Star #6 improves the luck for those residing in the North part of their homes. This star also brings mentor and networking luck. The #6 also combines with the #1 to form the Intellectual Ho Tu, imbuing beneficiaries with plenty of creativity and new ideas. An auspicious part of the home to activate and to spend more time in this month.

The #2 star brings illness in the form of lung problems, which will tend to affect the males of the household more acutely.
he #6 also combines with the #1 to form the Intellectual Ho Tu, imbuing beneficiaries with plenty of creativity and new ideas. An auspicious part of the home to activate and to spend more time in this month.




Feng Shui Outlook Water Rabbit 2023

Feng Shui outlook for 2023 the Year of the Water Rabbit 


2023 is a Year of the Water Rabbit beginning from January 22, 2023 (Chinese New Year) and ending on February 9, 2024 (Chinese New Year). The rabbit sign is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture.

2023 should be a year of hope.

The rabbit is the fourth in the twelve-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar.

People born in a year of the Rabbit are called “Rabbits” and are believed to be vigilant, witty, quick-minded, and ingenious.

The most compatible zodiac signs for Rabbits are Goats, Dogs, and Pig

According to Chinese astrology, Rabbits are predicted to be gentle, calm, elegant and alert, as well as quick, agile, kind, patient and very responsible, sometimes reluctant to reveal their thoughts to others and tending to escape from reality but always loyal to those around them .

Male rabbits excel at always treating people with courtesy, with a gentle smile that makes them feel believable and sincere. When faced with difficult situations, they never become discouraged but remain persistent in their quest to find solutions. This means that they eventually achieve enviable success.

The rabbit is the fourth animal sign in the Chinese zodiac.

The 12 zodiac animals are in this order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each year has an animal sign according to the 12 year cycle.

The Chinese zodiac year usually begins with the Chinese New Year, which dates from late January to mid-February. So if you were born in January or February in any of the years above, you could be a Rabbit or possibly a Tiger.

Also, if you were born in the January/February of the years immediately after the above (2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, etc.) then you may be a Rabbit or a Dragon.

In a short time, we will be welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, whose docile and diplomatic traits foretell a calmer year ahead. Compared to the tiger, the hare is more agreeable and often prefers tact and negotiation to open hostility, but although the hare is less fierce, it is also as cunning as a fox.

The Paht Chee chart of 2023 is unbalanced, indicating continued instability and disorder.

A lack of METAL and EARTH, representing resources and power respectively, pose ever-evolving challenges, although the year seems more subdued, which is why everyone needs the 5 Element Balancing Amulet.

Christmas and Holiday Feng Shui

Christmas and Holiday Feng Shui

Holidays are special times to bring family and friends together to enjoy celebrations, gifts and special foods. This is especially true at Christmas and Hanukkah, when we seek to share the year’s bounty by giving gifts and celebrating with those closest to us.

It’s a fun and beautiful time of year when homes and businesses are adorned with glittering lights and lush greenery.

Decorating for the holidays is also great Feng Shui because it draws attention – and intent – to your home.

We strive to create warm and beautifully decorated homes that appeal to the tastes of adults and children alike. Children will enjoy the festive ornaments and decorations of stars, gifts, Santa Claus, reindeer, the North Pole, Hanukkah gifts and the nativity scene.

Both adults and children will enjoy a beautiful Christmas tree and sparkling Christmas decorations.

This year, create a Feng Shui holiday for fun and for the greater purpose and meaning it can bring to your vacation. It’s a wonderful way to inject more mindfulness into your vacation preparations.


That’s not the fun part, but it’s important. Good Feng Shui needs space for chi to circulate—and in order to grow, we need space.

So, before all the new gifts and things come into the house, take half an hour to go from room to room clearing out old, broken or unused items.

Then donate what can be used to charity and throw away the rest. You’ll feel a lot better with all the extra stuff coming into the house if you clear some of the old clutter first.

OK, that’s out of the way now…


Wrap all gifts according to Feng Shui guidelines by color and recipient. Not only will the gifts be appropriate to the person, they will also be easily identifiable and easy to find.

Father/husband: gold paper

Mother/Woman: Red or purple paper

Children: Silver or purple paper

Boys/Sons: Brown, Craft, Blue, or Green paper

Girls/Daughters: Red, pink, or purple paper

Grandparents: gold or purple paper

Someone who was ill: Brown, craft, or green paper (with or without nature designs such as trees, pine branches, deer)

Neighbours/Friends/Colleagues: Red


Whether they’re for business associates or family members, Christmas or Hanukkah oranges are considered to be “natural gold” and represent both wealth and opportunities. The word “orange” is a homophone with the word “gold” in Mandarin. Gold is always appropriate for gifts, such as Hanukkah gelt, gold-wrapped candies, and other goodies.

If you are short of gift ideas, go online and send a box of beautiful oranges. Include a note explaining how the Chinese revere oranges as representations of golden opportunity and wealth. This is how a simple crate of citrus fruits becomes a load of gold. And while you’re ordering, think about sending your own family a gift of oranges!

Other option? A beautiful box of oranges is also a great business or New Year’s gift. A beautiful flowering plant like narcissus symbolises gold and your desire for prosperity.


A lighted Christmas tree is a large and powerful object that can be used to focus energy on something you desire.

What is your heart’s desire? More money?

Place your tree or holiday decorations in the southeast corner of your living room or home and decorate accordingly. Do you want a husband or a new man in your life? Place decorations in the NW corner of your home or living room. Just more family harmony? Then decorate in a mixture of red and gold. These two colours bring harmony and happiness wherever placed.

Whatever you want, just follow the Feng Shui decorating guidelines in #5 below.


Place nativity scenes and religious figures in the center of the living room or apartment. In the north-west, figures of the Three Kings or Santa Claus can be placed, as well as a crèche. The Three Wise Men represent helpful people who travel to visit baby Jesus. In Feng Shui, the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus represent benefactors who can also give you gifts.

The North West is also synonymous with international business and travel (and is a good place to keep travel information and suitcases). However, avoid placing your menorah here as the candles burning here are not good Feng Shui.



When decorating your tree for the holiday, consider using Feng Shui colours according to the direction you are placing the tree.

IN THE NW CORNER/SECTOR (helpful people, father, men, heaven, international business/travel)

Decorate with silver or gold objects, crystals, mirrors, shiny and round objects

IN THE SOUTH CORNER/SECTOR (fame, recognition, social standing)

Decorate with colours like red and green or purple and use bright lights, birds like red cardinals, phoenix or peacocks, bird nests, natural objects like twigs or pine cones, triangular objects.

IN THE EAST CORNER/SECTOR (health, family relationships, growth)

Decorate natural objects such as pine cones, tree branches with blue or green colours

IN THE NORTH CORNER/SECTOR (Career, Opportunities)

Decorate with gold, silver and/or blue colours and nautical items, shells, ships or metallic decorations and round shapes.


Decorate with bright green, green, blue or purple colours. Natural objects, water objects such as shells or trees with fish motifs, fruits and natural objects are perfect decorations

IN THE NORTH EAST (Education, Wisdom), SOUTHWEST (Relationships, Marriage, Women) OR CENTER CORNER/SECTOR (Health, Wealth, Relationships)

Decorate with red and gold colours together, crystals, mirrors, red or white lights.


Lights are perfect Feng Shui – whether they are placed in the south or in the east. Decorate your plants with tiny white lights or place them in vases. Decorate the front door with a lighted garland to bring extra energy into your home.

Whatever you do, make sure the foyer is well decorated and lit. This welcomes everyone who comes to your home and beckons opportunities because the foyer of the home is where opportunities come.


Give your home or family a gift that everyone can enjoy. This can be a beautiful painting or a simple vase (for those fresh flowers you’ll be buying yourself next year!). Or buy a game you can all play together or a popcorn maker when you’re watching movies. Anything that enhances your family time together is great Feng Shui.

Annual Feng Shui

Understanding Feng Shui annual afflictions

Understanding Feng Shui  means understanding that energy moves and changes within an environment, and that the environment affects an individual’s success, career, health, and relationships. Since the world is not stagnant and the entire universe expands and contracts much like a living being, the energy within the universe – or space – is dynamic. It lives, changes and evolves just like us.

The changing annual energies help explain why one year can be wonderful and the next year or even month can change dramatically.

This means that in most years there are typically five positive sectors and four negative sectors where the annual afflictions, such as the 5 yellow, 3 kill and black 2 ailment stars, fall. Knowing what ailments have the greatest chance of causing harm to you and your family, and knowing where they are and how to deal with them is most important so that you are ready for each year’s energetic shifts.

Complaints change annually

Every year at the beginning of the Chinese lunar calendar, the energies shift. It is time to make changes and prepare for these energy shifts. Although the annual Chinese New Year changes every year, the Feng Shui  date always falls on February 4th of each year. This is the day you want to make sure you’ve done your annual Feng Shui  preparations.

Although this is the “official” Feng Shui  date, I have sometimes noticed that the changing influences occur as early as late November and early December.


The five yellows are an affliction of the earth elements occupying 45 degrees of the compass. Therefore, its influence covers a wide area in your home or office and is the most worrying of all ailments.

The Five Yellow is at its worst when it’s in key areas, particularly the front door, an office (if you have a home office in an affected area), and your bedroom. It’s even worse if your front door, office, or bedroom is in a near-Earth location, such as a B. in the north-east, south-west or in the middle. Another tricky placement is when it falls into an area that has a flame, such as B. a fireplace or a gas stove. You must then take extra precautions.


The 5 Yellow: Serious problems

The Five Yellows can bring relationship difficulties, financial and health problems such as bankruptcy, broken bones, accidents or cancer. Serious problems arise if this affliction is not addressed.

Simply working in a sector where the Five Yellows is, opening and closing your front door, being active in a room where the Five Yellows is is enough to activate it. I had the 5 Yellow on my doorstep and nothing major happened to my family but we worked hard to keep that area quiet and clean and to use a different door as much as possible.

Fix the 5 Yellow

The remedy for the five yellows is based on the five element teachings. To deplete earth energy, add metal, making an all-metal six-wand wind chime a perfect way to deplete the five yellows.

Another remedy is to put some soil from the sector where the five yellow ones are in a metal jar or 5 element pagoda with a tight fitting lid. Metal accents and colours of any kind are also beneficial.

If the Five Yellow is on your front door and your current year front door would open in the middle sector of your home, it would be wise to add a metal six-wand wind chime on either side of the door or place six Chinese coins above the door . Another means is the pendulum or striking clock, the fan or the ceiling fan. Having a toilet here – or in any other affected area – will help quell the negative influences of the 5 yellows and is especially helpful in managing that energy.

A wonderful remedy against the 5 yellow? A vase of three lucky bamboos in rocks and water is a great way to add the green vitality of health that the bamboo bestows while helping to offset the detrimental health effects of the 5 yellows. Just avoid having this in your bedroom.

If there is a large closet, closet, or pantry, this also helps to “seal” the ailment. If your kitchen sink is in the middle sector, the 5 yellow will drain – this isn’t usually a good placement for the kitchen sink – but when the 5 yellow is visiting, it is.

Avoid turning on lights in this sector as lights represent fire and this activates the Five Yellows. It is also important to keep the area quiet and NOT to dig here as this will stimulate the five yellow ones. If possible, avoid the space in this sector. If not, have plenty of metal ready. If you have a closet here, keep it closed. If you have the opportunity to exit a room that is in the five yellow sector, do so. If not, make sure you use some kind of remedy.

If the five yellows are in the bedroom, a brass Wu Luo is a wonderful remedy, but I would take it a step further and use white and/or green leaves and remove any red colour. And definitely avoid lighting candles as this will fully activate the 5 yellows.

It’s also not a good idea to do renovation work wherever the 5 yellows fly, such as: B. digging, tearing down walls or major repairs. If this area is part of an overall garden or home renovation, you can work in the area, but try not to start or finish your renovations in an affected area.


Like the yellow five, the black two is an earth disease. You could almost think of it as a “Junior” Five Yellow. Many of the problems are the same, illness and financial difficulties, but to a much lesser extent. In general, Black Two is more about nagging issues like allergies or a student loan that you can’t seem to repay. But I wouldn’t take it lightly.

When it comes to fixing the Black Two, apply the same rules as the Five Yellow and you’ll be fine. One remedy I particularly like is adding a pretty green plant, especially one with white flowers, like a white orchid, or a bowl of green apples wherever the 2 star flies. These are symbols of health and vitality and add a nice boost to this corner. Basically, it’s important not to dig here, have red paint, flames, or candles, and try to keep the area quiet and undisturbed.

The 2 Black is the strongest and most dangerous when flying south, a sector of fire. It is also strong when flying to the Southwest or Northeast sectors of the Earth.


he 7 star is known for creating injuries, robberies, theft and other malicious tendencies.  Because it is located in the wealth palace, there could be a possibility for violence that harms the wealth of the family – such as a credit card theft, robbery, or other treachery. Another worry about the Red 7 is the possibility for injury for guns, knives or even car accidents. If the Red 7 is prominent in your home (bedroom or front door is located here), take extra care to remedy this sector to reduce the energy of this affliction by adding black and blue colors here.

The Red 7 is also related to the mouth because 7 is the number of the mouth. You should also be wary of smooth talkers and anyone who might try to “sell” you, manipulate you or in some way take advantage of you, or let your temper get the better of you. This can include someone trying to cheat you, get you to cheat or even pedophiles – a worry whenever the 7 star shows up where children are concerned. The 7 star can cause you to say things you regret so be cautious that your tongue doesn’t get the better of you.

Take extra care if your home faces this direction or if your bedroom is located here. Remedies for the Red 7 include adding figurines such as the popular feng shui cure, the blue rhino, an elephant, water elements, blue colors and bright lights. Even the evil eye is good for warding off those with negative intentions. Do avoid adding any kind of water or fountains in your bedroom, but use blue colors instead.


The number 3 is a number that can become quite confusing in feng shui. Normally, the 3 is associated with the potential for growth. That’s why you often see Chinese coins tied into sets of three. These three represent the yang energy of growth, and for that reason, the number three is looked upon as positive. However, you shouldn’t confuse the luck of the 3 with the Jade 3 Star or the 3 Killings. See what a tangle this amounts to?

What you need to know about for the purposes of annual feng shui are the qualities of the Jade 3 Star and the 3 Killings, so let’s start with the 3 Jade. What you need to know now about the 3 Jade Star is what it can do and how you can handle it, especially if it’s at your front door, center sector, in your bedroom or home office.

In short, the 3 Star is a star that likes to cause trouble.

Whether it’s arguments, anger, gossip, backbiting or legal problems, the 3 Jade Star is the star that likes things stirred up, so keep this area quiet.

Tempers flaring, arguments flying off the handle or teenagers always squaring off for a fight? You can blame the 3 Jade Star for creating this mess.

Worse still, the 3 Jade also likes to create lawsuits and legal problems. Whether it’s a routine traffic ticket or something petty like a neighbor that’s filed a complaint with the neighborhood association because your dog barked one afternoon, this is the kind of energy when the three jade is at its best.

One of the nice things about the 3 Jade Star is that it is easy to diffuse. All it takes is some red or white colors, bright lights, and fire elements, such as a candle.

So, if the 3 Jade star shows up in your bedroom, add a red blanket there or if it’s at your front door, use a red rug or burn some pretty red candles here and keep the porch or foyer light on. Do watch that you keep the area quiet wherever the 3 Jade falls because it is easily disturbed by noise. Keep the area brightly lit, but quiet and avoid renovations and loud noises and you’ll do just fine.


Feng Shui lucky colours to wear in 2023

Lucky Colours to Wear in 2023: The Year of the Water Rabbit

According to Chinese metaphysical science, colours are composed of certain frequencies, have different strengths and element relationships depending on the year. There are five main groups of colours representing the five elements of earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

In 2023, the Paht Chee chart (means analysis of your date of birth) indicates an unbalanced year. There is an excess of the Fire and Wood elements while there is a lack of Metal and Earth elements on the main map. So, for a more balanced year, let’s reinforce the missing elements, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to add the appropriate colours of the elements to one’s wardrobe.


The earth element represents stability, makes one more grounded and rational and is represented by the colours yellow and beige. As the colour of the son of heaven, yellow has always been a noble colour associated with the emperor and the tangerines at court. It is also the colour of the Yellow River, which provides much-needed life-giving water to the rice and grain fields in China.

In 2023, the earth element influences recognition, power and rank and brings good fortune dealing with career potential. As it is missing from the Paht Chee chart, it suggests that any kind of career advancement will be challenging.

Activating the earth element by wearing yellow and beige increases promotion luck and earns you recognition for a job well done. You can also wear natural gemstones, crystal bracelets to further enhance this element.



Indeed, since metal is also missing from the 2023 chart, wearing more of the colours white, gold or silver is most promising. Not only does it help balance the surrounding energies, but it also attracts strong support and many resources. Business owners who are facing liquidity problems or need financial support from banks will benefit greatly from strengthening the metal element.

At work, strengthening the Metal element will help ensure you get the support you need from colleagues, your team and your bosses. The metal element can also be activated by wearing gold or silver jewellery; even better if the jewellery features auspicious symbols or sacred syllables.



The Water element, represented by the colours blue and black, have an overriding influence on friendship and networking luck in 2023. Wearing these colours helps to widen your social and professional circles, and also works to bring people onto your side. If you are in sales, marketing, events management or any kind of work that requires having good contacts, you should utilise these colours as much as you can.

The colour RED attracts WEALTH

In 2023, the colors of the fire element, namely red, maroon or orange, represent wealth and income happiness. Red clothing during the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year is always favorable, but for the rest of the year it has the ability to develop destructively with frequent use, since there is an excess of fire in the horoscope. You should therefore aim to wear these colors sparingly. Avoid a famous use of these colors, especially during the summer months when the fire element is at its strongest.

The colour GREEN manifests WISDOM & INTELLIGENCE

Wood energy is represented by the colour green. In 2023, wearing green improves thinking and focus, and brings one’s talents and creativity to the fore. If you’re struggling to stay focused at work or find yourself in a creative rut, wearing the colour green can increase productivity and bring new inspiration. Those in leadership positions will benefit from wearing some green accessories like a green tie or a piece of Imperial Jade to aid in planning and strategic thinking.

However, since there is an excess of wood chi in the yearly chart, there is no need to overdo it with the colour green or you will reinforce the imbalance, which can manifest itself as self-doubt and over-worrying.