Meaning of the blue Rhinoceros in Fengshui

The Blue Rhinoceros is a Feng Shui remedy for the violent flying Star 7

The Blue Rhinoceros counteracts the Star 7 energy of robbery and loss of money, as well as the violence it promotes. You can also add the blue elephant with 6 tusks and a crystal ball and place all three where the Year Star 7 is.

The Feng Shui Blue Rhinoceros is a powerful protector against office gossip and politics.

If you suffer from sneaky enemies, place this feng shui remedy on a shelf behind your desk so that this defensive agent has your back and is always looking over your shoulder. In addition to a figurine, you can carry a metal keychain version so that you always have it with you as a protective amulet.

The Elephant a revered Symbol in Feng Shui for good Luck and Wisdom

The Elephant a revered Symbol in Feng Shui for good Luck, Wisdom and More

Elephants are revered symbols in many cultures as they are the largest living land mammals. In Feng Shui they stand for strength, protection, wisdom and luck!

As with all icons, touch your own connection. What do elephants mean to you? Bring your intuition together with ancient wisdom and use the elephant symbol to invite positive energies into your home and life.

Elephant Symbolism

Native to Asia and Africa, the elephant was admired and equated with mythical animals like the dragon and the phoenix. Buddhism originated in India and spread to East Asia with its symbols and teachings. Elephants are revered in Buddhism and are one of the seven precious treasures of the universal monarch. Like a snowy mountain, the elephant embodies dignity, majesty and power.

In much of Buddhist and Hindu iconography, deities ride elephants and are regarded as revered vehicles for transmitting spiritual teachings. In the Vedic systems, Ganesha is one of the most popular and loved deities. He has the head of an elephant and the body of a boy. In ancient times, elephants were trained to fight because they were so strong they could take down any obstacle. Therefore, Ganesha is the deity appointed to remove obstacles.

White Elephants

All elephant images are symbols of protection, good luck and wisdom, however, white elephants are particularly auspicious. It is said that the Buddha’s mother dreamed of a white elephant before giving birth to him.

Protection at Entrance  

A pair of elephant statues, similar to fu dogs, can be placed near the entrance of a home to provide protection. The two big and powerful elephants can fiercely guard the house. In ancient times, elephants were trained for war from a young age, so today we can consider them protective symbols.

For Feng Shui, they can be positioned to face outwards, thus guarding the main entrance of the home. The icons can be placed either on the inside or outside of the entry, as you choose.

Good Fortune

Pictures of elephants in the home invite luck and wealth. Elephants are often depicted wearing the wish-granting jewel to bestow good luck. You can place elephants at the front door to invite that positive energy. You can also place them near the desk for better luck in your career.


Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance, is often depicted with four elephants. Elephants are a particularly powerful symbol of wealth and royalty. Elephants are also associated with gray rain clouds to bring bountiful harvests.

An Elephant for every Bagua area

 If you want to use the elephant as a Feng Shui symbol in your home, please click on elephant and the aqua-map.


Feng Shui the saying about handwriting

Feng Shui and the saying about hand writing and signature

The art art of handwriting analysis, graphology, is very similar to Feng Shui.

How does graphology relate to Feng Shui? In Feng Shui, mind and thought are related to the hand, so a person’s writing style offers insight into that person’s personality and can affect their life.

Your handwriting also reveals instant clues about your energy levels, attitudes, trustworthiness, etc. But do you know that you can also develop auspicious handwriting that will bring you success and happiness in whatever you write? This encompasses all aspects of study, work and life, so developing happy handwriting is something everyone can benefit from.


Create strength and spirit in your handwriting

Do this by holding your pen with conscious feeling and as you write, visualize the essence of your inner spirit flowing from your hands into your fingers and then into your pen/pencil/brush. As you practice this consciously, you will find that your written word becomes clearer and visually sharper. As you write, be aware of the pressure you are exerting. The secret to generating chi in the fingers is to focus on them. Practice applying just enough pressure on your pen—neither too hard nor too light. Keep your pressure balanced and let your pen flow smoothly. This ensures that your venture is not complicated by obstacles and obstacles.

Always use a good pen whenever possible

In ancient times, ministers at the emperor’s court used exquisite brushes whenever they sat down to compose poetry or write important letters. The art of writing was serious business and good writing implements were prized possessions. At that time they were brushes made of the finest sable hair tied together with the finest silk. Today we have a range of branded gold and platinum pens, crafted to perfection by master craftsmen.

You don’t have to buy any of these limited-edition Mont Blanc etc., although it would be very promising if you could afford it. But invest in the best pen you can afford and infuse it with your spirit and essence. The more you use your special pen to write all your important letters and sign all your documents, the more powerful your writing will become.

Try to hold the pen straight

A clear handwriting indicates that one lives in the present. The worst is handwriting that is slanted backwards, as this suggests a person who is always living in the past and is always looking backwards instead of forwards. It also indicates someone with low self-confidence. This creates the chi of failure rather than success. So try to keep your writing upright. Writing diagonally forward means you often outperform yourself. It does NOT mean looking ahead. Leaning forward can indicate that you are often unprepared for the task at hand. Clear handwriting indicates self-confidence and someone who is fair, upstanding and in control of situations.

Keep your spacing consistent

When your words are evenly spaced, you ensure that what you do always goes according to plan. Your life will benefit from good organisation and well-managed employees. At work, you get along well with people and others find you reliable and responsible. Keeping your handwriting evenly spaced and with straight edges reflects a well-ordered mind. It will then be easier for you to make decisions efficiently and decisively.

Writing with straight and consistent baselines tends to provide a valuable ability to plan ahead and be self-directed. Such people eventually become very self-motivated, a key factor in success.

Good idea to introduce an upstroke

Handwriting experts will tell you that the lack of up-scores at the beginning of words is a sign that you’re being direct, open, and efficient. You say what you feel, outright. For some, that’s a plus. To be successful, however, it takes tact and diplomacy and maybe even a little dance before the main course. Starting your words with an up-slash also means that everything you do has a good, positive beginning. So it’s a good idea to develop some upward strokes in your handwriting.

Create upper loops

To be successful you must have a vision for success. If you want the inner visionary to manifest in you, create upper loops in your handwriting. This stimulates the divine dreamer in you and also boosts your creativity in many ways. However, you should not overdo it. Select specific key alphabets to write with an upper loop. Letters that allow this are fs, ts, hs, etc. If the top loops are completely missing, it means you lack vision. However, this may not be so bad as dreamers sometimes tend to be overly idealistic.

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s

Attention to detail is a major asset and can usually mean the difference between success and failure. It also helps you improve memory skills. If the handwriting is left with an un-dotted i and an uncrossed t, it indicates that the job is still halfway done. This means that projects are started but rarely come to successful results. So how can it lead to success if you write carelessly? Success comes to those who are both careful and thorough. So learn to be careful when crossing your T-points and placing your I-points.


Feng Shui the 5 elements and jewellery

Make it personal – your Jewellery and Feng Shui this can be customise


You can customise  jewellery by wearing gemstones that best match your birth element. Birth elements are the annual elements that take place every year.

For example, the years of birth of the water elements -the rabbit- are always given on the decade, e.g. 1963, 1975 etc., and on the following year, e.g. In this way, this is done every two years for each of the elements. Use the stones as a guide to wear according to your birth element. If you don’t like these colours and gems, you can always choose a stone based on your Kua number.

Find your year element* by your birth year to find your best stones and elements.

Metal element

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, White Topaz, Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, White Sapphire, Hematite, Gray Spinel, Gray Topaz

1940, 1941, 1950, 1951, 1960, 1961, 1970, 1971, 1980, 1981, 1990, 1991, 2000, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2020, 2021


Wood element

Emerald, jade, nephrite, aventurine, peridot, malachite, green turquoise

1944, 1945, 1954, 1955, 1964, 1965, 1974, 1975, 1984, 1985, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2005, 2014, 2015, 2024, 2025


Water element

Blue topaz, sapphire, pearl, amethyst, lapis, turquoise, tanzanite, aquamarine, onyx, black coral, black pearl

1942, 1943, 1952, 1953, 1962, 1963, 1972, 1973, 1982, 1983, 1992, 1993, 2002, 2003, 2012, 2013, 2022, 2023


Fire element

Garnet, Ruby, Red Coral, Jasper, Carnelian, Red Spinel

1946, 1947, 1956, 1957, 1966, 1967, 1976, 1977, 1986, 1987, 1996, 1997, 2006, 2007, 2016, 2017, 2026, 2027


Earth element

Yellow Topaz, Amethyst, Amber, Lavender Jadeite, Yellow Jade, Citrine, Yellow Diamond, Yellow Sapphire

1948, 1949, 1958, 1959, 1968, 1969, 1978, 1979, 1988, 1989, 1998, 1999, 2008, 2009, 2018, 2019, 2028, 2029

The meaning of jewellery in Feng Shui

The Feng Shui of Jewellery

Feng Shui is not just about baguas and front doors. It’s also a great way to personalise your wardrobe. And one of the best personal activators – and protectors – is  jewellery. Whether it’s real gold and silver  jewellery or pretty coloured costume  jewellery, there’s no denying that adding  jewellery feels like completing an outfit once it’s accessorised.

Jewellery is also an excellent way to attract attention and give your personal energy an energetic boost.

When a woman steps out and is fully accessorised, it’s like icing on a sundae. Sure, the sundae is great, but when it’s done and the glittery red ball is sitting on a cloud of whipped cream, there’s no denying the appeal.

And so, wearing  jewellery can also complete your look. Besides making your look feel complete,  jewellery adds important qualities to what you wear and even your feeling and energy levels.

Notice how you feel when you wear certain stones or pieces of  jewellery. Some may make you feel better, some you may not like so much. It’s always helpful to find the stones and types of  jewellery that resonate with you, your birth element, your Kua number, or your zodiac sign.



Since rings adorn the hands, they place special emphasis on the realm that the hands represent, namely intelligence and thinking. Wearing rings accentuates your thoughts and can help you be more expressive and mentally astute.

When you have important decisions to make, wear rings.

Rings are both remanent and conductive. The metal in a ring is conductive, like electricity flowing through metal wires, and when you have a stone in the ring, it holds emotion and intention.

Just think of an engagement ring. It is a stone that carries the promise of marriage and it holds that thought and intention surrounded by a metal band to translate that intention into action. In addition, the clarity of the diamond can help improve clarity of thought.

Ring Tip: To promote a happy and lasting marriage, wear rings on both your right and left ring fingers. Wear a ring on your index finger for authority.


Bracelets, like rings, activate the hands and this is the part of the body related to decision making. Wearing bracelets can help encourage thought and decision-making. To highlight your spirit and skills, wear a pair of cuff bracelets like “Wonder Woman.”

Look for wristbands to improve reception. Hands are always where you receive items, whether it’s a gift or the change from the register when you buy an item. Remember to wear beautiful bracelets to get more money, good news and make auspicious decisions.


As earrings are worn on the ear, symbolising career, income and business, they become a symbol of opportunity. Adorning your ears with earrings is a great way to focus on opening new business and career paths and influencing your income. Pearls and everything from simple gold or silver bangles to beautiful, sparkling diamonds are great for helping you gain financial and business advantage, socialise and advance in your career.




Wearing a necklace draws attention to your neck, face and head. This is the part of you that gets recognition. A beautiful necklace around your neck emphasises what you consider important and noteworthy.

A beautiful necklace is like a beautiful frame around a painting, drawing attention to what is in the frame while complementing it. If you find yourself lacking in recognition and attention, wear a beautiful necklace to attract positive attention and approval.


Just as we can use Feng Shui to protect our homes, we can also use Feng Shui to protect ourselves personally. Wearing real stones and real gold and silver can have the added benefit of amplifying and attracting beneficial energy and can protect us from negativity.

For example, if your home or the corner of your bedroom is in a disease direction or is under the influence of disease energies (Black 2 and 5 Yellow) for a year, wearing real gold or silver will help protect you. If your zodiac sign, bedroom, or home has positive energies, wearing real gold and silver can help you as well and give you an extra boost of energy.

Auspicious symbols

Look for  jewellery with auspicious symbols that you like. These can be the infinity look, the mystical knot, the dragon, the peacock, Chinese coins and eggs to name a few. There are so many designs and
options to choose from. Always look for symbols that speak to you personally.

When designing  jewellery for Home Shopping Network (HSN), I wanted to create  jewellery that uses Feng Shui symbols in a fresh and fashionable way.


Feng Shui and the birth elements

Power up your life with your Feng Shui Birth element!

Are there certain colours that work better for you than others, and if so, which ones? In order to find out, it is important that you know your personal birth element.

My Feng Shui  birth element? That’s right, just as the day of your birth is a personal lucky number, there is an element associated with the year of your birth and that element is your personal birth element.

This means that one of the five elements will bring you more luck than the others and can improve your life, bring you more money and success.

Is it important to know your personal Feng Shui  element? Yes! That’s because it’s part of the key to your Feng Shui  success story.

Knowing your birth element can help you choose colours for your decor and use colours that make you feel and perform better than others—and help you realise your potential for success.

Your Personal Success Element can give you insight into your personality, both positive and negative aspects, as well as the health issues you may be facing.

Best of all, knowing your Feng Shui  birth element can guide you in choosing everything from gemstones that bring you good luck to choosing bedding and linens or even a car colour.

First, select your birth element based on the year you were born. Select from the table below, which shows items based on your birth year.


Feng Shui Birth Element Water

People with water elements are naturally fluid and transformative. They are deep thinkers who love reflection and meditation. They enjoy the time they spend alone because they are happy in their solitude. Sensitive and creative are two words that describe water element people. They have a depth that makes them difficult to shake.

One of their most important personality traits is worry and fear. Water element people can often withdraw from life and social environment, so there is a risk of depressive tendencies. Fear is an emotion that can keep them from moving forward and being afraid of the future, which keeps them from truly experiencing the present or making progress.

Their ability to change depending on their surroundings can often make them appear as if they have multiple personalities. But it is this adaptability that allows them to handle a wide range of situations and maintain diplomacy. Once fear is behind them, they can be formidable, powerful, and achieve great success.

Clothing and decoration colours: Metallic colours (white, grey, gold, silver) and water colours in blue, black, purple, turquoise and aqua

Best Decoration Items: Metal objects, images of water, mirrors, and water elements and colours.

Element that nourishes merpeople: metal

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: Neutral shades of beige and brown, wood, plant, green or brown tones

Feng Shui Birth Element Wood

People with wooden elements are innovative, creative and love to put big plans into action. You are brimming with enthusiasm and are great project managers. Another way to describe them is a Type A personality who is motivated, growth oriented, assertive and sometimes confrontational. Wood element people have a lot of energy and therefore need an outlet through creativity and physical exercise to release pent-up energy.

When wooden people are oppressed, their dynamic can feel angry and overbearing instead of expansive. When this tendency is strong without an outlet, the Wood element person can channel their anger inward, causing depression and worry. This can lead to problems such as excessive alcohol consumption, blood pressure, liver and gallstone problems.

One of their most important personality traits is growth, seeing the big picture and goal orientation.

As relentless as grass growing on a concrete sidewalk, any job that needs someone to see it through to completion, you should look to a timber contractor. Their environment needs to support and nurture their energy and find a way to keep them balanced so they can excel and use their growth energy to accomplish great things.

Clothing and decoration colours: Wood colours (green, brown) and water colours (blue, black, purple)

Best Decoration Items: Wooden objects, plants, images of plants, nature and water, water elements and colours

Element that nourishes wood people: Water

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: metal colours and elements

Feng Shui Birth Element Fire

It is exciting to be with people of the fire element. You have a natural creative and expressive flair and a real talent for acting, speaking and creating. When they are around they are the life of the party and are affectionate and loving people.

One of their most important personality traits is their self-confidence. Even if they don’t always know exactly what they’re doing, they ask themselves, “Why not?” The kind of attitude that can get them far. They must work on focusing their attention to see projects through to completion. Health problems can lead to eye problems, heart problems and blood pressure problems. Turned on its head, their enthusiasm can incite fear.

A generally happy person, the Fire Element personality can also know the depths of despair at times and develop a tendency to be overly dramatic and negatively fixated. A good example is the role of the actor with the happy mask and the sad mask. The firefighter can sometimes move too quickly between them. Overall, the Firefighter is upbeat, vivacious, and seeks that silver lining in life. Their fun-loving attitude and optimism will bring them well-directed achievements and the recognition they deserve.

Clothing and decoration colours: Fire colours (red, magenta, pink, purple, orange) and wood colours (brown, green)

Best Decoration Items: Wooden objects, plants, images of plants, candles, images of fire, images of the sun

Element that nourishes Fire People: Wood

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: Water colours like blue and black, and neutral colours like tan, beige, and yellow

Feng Shui Birth Element Earth

Earth element people are those who place others above themselves. They care about others and are trusting and caring people who will help you when you need them. The time we spend with friends and family means the most to the people of Earth. Polite and discreet, their love of good manners and simple politeness endears them.

One of their most important personality traits is their need for security in relationships, money and housing. They are practical, productive and self-sufficient. They will take your shirt off as they love to take care of others. On the other hand, the earth element can sometimes cause them to become martyrs and others to take advantage of them.

Earth elemental people can also be as unshakable as a mountain and possess an unrelenting stubbornness. In this regard, they can experience an unshakable faith and keep at the whetstone even when others have given up. People on Earth care too much about what others think of them. Their health can be affected by overeating, digestive problems, and being overweight, as they often don’t take care of themselves like others. When committed and practicing self-care and love, the earth element human can be a steadfast leader who can bring people together who will become their bridge to success.

Clothing and decoration colours: Light brown, yellow, orange, ochre, terracotta, beige, red, purple

Best Element Decoration Items: Fire, candles, stone or brick, crystals, earth elements

Element that nourishes people on Earth: fire elements, objects

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: White, grey, metallic, metallic, green and brown

Feng Shui Birth Element Metal

Metal Elemental people are methodical, detail-oriented, and picky (in a good way!). They are very structured and just like things that way. This is the personality who keeps cool under pressure and has an even temperament that manages to stay above the fray and is not prone to fits of drama. Their ability to stay focused is well known and they are just the right people for any job that requires follow-up work.

There can be a biased quality in the Metal personality that can sometimes take an inward direction. The need to follow rules and keep order can sometimes challenge the Metal element’s personality. If this is the case, it can lead to depression and feelings of despair in the person with the metal element.

People with metal elements are excellent scientists, doctors and accountants. In healthcare, concerns can focus on the lungs, such as COPD and asthma, infection issues, and digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. In any profession in which a demanding personality is required, the person with the metal element can distinguish themselves. It is their spirit, when focused and free from judgment, that can propel them to their highest abilities and be the source of their greatest achievements.

Clothing and decoration colours: Metallic colours (white, silver, gray, brass, metallic finishes) and earth colours (yellow, tan, beige, terracotta).

Best Element Decoration Items: Metallic elements such as iron and metal objects and earth elements such as pictures of mountains, maps, globes and earth objects such as vases, china objects and crystals.

Element that nourishes metal people: Earth elements and objects

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: Water elements and colours blue or black as well as fire colours and elements like red, pink or purple.