Fire and Feng Shui – 9 Ways

Fire and Feng Shui – 9 Ways to use the element of Joy Happiness and Success

Two elements play a central role in Feng Shui: fire and water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked when it should not be. Fire is an essential element. It keeps us warm and cooks our food.

As we all know, fire can also cause serious damage, such as: B. a house burning down or a raging wildfire.

But fire brings many benefits, especially in Feng Shui and Asian thinking. The color of fire is red and the color red activates, effectively turning on the power wherever it is used or placed. Proper use can bring material rewards, recognition, fame, joy and happiness. What’s not to love about fire?

9 Feng Shui Ways to Use the Fire Element for Success and Luck

1. Come on, get happy.

Water is the element of wealth but its negative side is that water represents fear. Fire is the element of luck, pure and simple, and red is the color of fire. When you are feeling down, use red colours to lift your spirits. Just think of all the red lanterns and red envelopes that the Chinese use for New Year and the festive look they have.

Red is an activator, so if you’re feeling stuck, stagnant or worrying too much, bring some red color into your home. Use red decorations for all happy occasions – or just when you want to feel happy.

2. Let your love life run at full speed.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, fire can revitalise your relationship when it has cooled, or heat up a new one. Activate the southwest love sector with beautiful crystals and bright lights. Keep this area brightly lit if you are looking for love.

A chandelier is one of the best ways to activate your southwest corner. Add a red shaded candle or lamp in the bedroom to illuminate your love happiness. Activating this corner also helps to deepen love relationships. Singles should often wear red.

3. Activate your fame and recognition luck.

The southern corner is the corner of social happiness, which includes fame and recognition. Give that corner a boost with lighting in that location unless the 5 Yellow is visiting, so heed the flame and lighting warnings in the corner when the 5 Yellow is there.

One of the best ways to spice up your luck of fame is with garden lighting. Lighting that comes out of the ground and is aimed at the house is particularly powerful. Let a bright light shine in the living room here.

To greatly increase your fame and recognition, create a candle garden with nine red votive candles and place them in the south corner of your living room. Light them up once a day and be careful not to leave them unattended.

They don’t have to burn for long, but burn them once a day. This is a good ritual for the new moon. Don’t forget to increase Glory Luck by wearing red often.

4. Burn money and health problems with fire.

If you have a bathroom or toilet that affects your health (east) and wealth luck (north, south-east), just put some red items in the bathroom, e.g. B. a red candle. The fire energy will help ease the pressure of the bathroom on your health and prosperity happiness. Carry a red handbag and wallet to bolster your finances.

5. Revitalise your home and rekindle the lucky chi.

If you ever feel like your home is lifeless and stagnant, put the jumper wires on it by adding lots of lighting. Still, dead energy will only get worse over time. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to kickstart your home.

Provide light in every room for at least three hours a day to reactivate your home. This is a great way to push the chi of your home, especially when you’re looking to do something new or just need to break through that stuck feeling.

6. Red fire energy burns through anger.

When you are angry or dealing with angry people, wear red. Anger is symbolized by wood and the red color will help you elope with angry or difficult people.

If there is anger and harsh words in the house, check where the 3 jade star of anger is and add red there. In 2021 it is in the southwest, and in 2022 it is moving east and in 2023 it is southeast.

7. Fire slightly corrects problem areas.

Fire and Lighting are excellent tools to counter poison darts or missing corners. A light pole reflecting back into the corner of the neighbouring house or another sharp object like a tree or pole will help dissipate the poison darts’ energy.

If you have a missing corner, anchor a light post where the corner would be completed. This is a symbolic representation of the missing sector.

8. Stimulate your thinking with red.

Everyone feels a little boring from time to time. Get your head in the game with red colours, lighting or candles in the northeast corner, the corner of thinking and making clear decisions.

You can do this by lighting a candle here, adding some incense sticks or bright lights or red items. This is also a great corner to activate if you are a writer, a student or have children who are still at school and will help all those intellectual pursuits.

9. Use the power of 9 to envision your life differently.

The number related to fire and red colours is the number 9. If you need to change something, move nine images in your home.

The eye is the part of the body related to the fire element and the number 9. Sometimes we need to “see” things differently and by moving nine pictures or pictures on the wall it forces you to see things in new ways.

Fengshui: Couples beware of the #4

Couples beware of the dark side of the # 4

On February 4, 2023, the #4 Star will fly to the center of Lo Shu Square to become the “dominant” star for the next 12 months. This is an important point because the dominant star affects everyone’s happiness, affecting not only every area of every home, office and retail space, but every part of the world. The impact of the #4 in the coming year will also be widely felt, and capturing their hopeful energies will increase one’s chances of personal happiness immensely.

The number 4 is the star that rules relationships, love and romance. It brings networking bliss that fosters good friendships and productive collaboration at work and in business. It is also the star of academic achievement and literary excellence, fostering creative thinking and helping to manifest academic success for certain who successfully harness its mind-expanding vibrations


However, when we activate a star for luck, we must be careful not to overdo it, otherwise we could trigger any negative emanations that may be present.

In the case of #4, these come in the form of relationship issues such as infidelity, betrayal, and heartbreak. The Paht Chee chart of 2023 agrees, with the appearance of the Mountain Marriage Star adding to the challenges ahead. It is therefore extremely important for married and dating couples to be proactive when it comes to protecting your union from all forms of outside temptation.

This works best with the marriage comb with the heavenly dragon and phoenix, which together symbolise a harmonious and successful marriage; 

One that is in perfect balance and full of filial progeny that will bring a good name to the family. With this comb in the household, it becomes impossible for annoying third parties to come between a man and a woman.

The other love booster we recommend is the Romance Comb, which features a pair of mandarin ducks. These ducks symbolise an unbreakable bond as it is believed that once they mate they stay together for life. This symbolism represents the kind of love that can stand the test of time. When things have started to get mundane or rocky, this comb will help rekindle the spark! Place it in the center of your home to strengthen your marriage and keep the flames of love burning bright.

2023 can be a fabulous year for lovers as the number 4 increases feelings of pleasure, happiness and joy and brings romantic notions to the fore. Invest time and effort in your relationship and you will both reach new levels of appreciation and fulfilment.

The Rabbit Year & Feng Shui – Part 2


The Year of the Rabbit 2023 Part2 – Good Fortune Energies

The Year of the Rabbit is coming and with a gentleness that only a rabbit can bring. It will offer us a sweet exhale like you do when you settle into your favourite chair after a long day.

The hare is associated with the moon as you can often see the outline of a hare on a full moon.

The Tiger, preceding the Rabbit, is the sign of the month of February and the Rabbit is the sign associated with the month of March and the zodiac sign Pisces.

Rabbits are particularly calm and pleasant and have a laid-back nature.

However, a rabbit is always quick-witted, using its own strength to get out of difficult situations or to plan cleverly without revealing its secrets (which it keeps so well).

With this year’s 4 star and peach blossom animal combining in a beautiful and loving energy, why not turn your attention to your home?

This is the perfect time to get rid of everything you don’t necessarily love in your home and fill it with absolutely everything you do.

Do you have a green thumb?

Even if you don’t, adding to your landscaping and removing these old, overgrown shrubs will bring new life and energy into your home. All energy starts from the outside and goes in, making landscaping one of the best ways to improve the energy of your home, improve your health, and create more growth in your life.

In the year of the rabbit, the signs of the zodiac sheep and wild boar, the rabbit’s zodiac friends benefit from the connection to the rabbit.

However, the Rooster is the sign opposed to the Grand Duke Jupiter, so if you’re a Rooster, it’s a good idea not to rock the boat with authority figures. You’ll also want to wear a Pi Yao, or dragon, to appease Grand Duke Jupiter.


Read each of the energies to determine how they might affect you and your family. Pay close attention to the energies that are at your front door, bedroom or home office.



Everyone always strives to activate this star because it is the star of wealth. The 8 Wealth Star brings opportunities for financial gain and good fortune, making this corner of your home the happiest.

This star is ruled by the planet Saturn and its benevolent qualities, and it is also ruled by the sun.

The planet Saturn is called the supervisor or teacher planet, but it is also a planet of reward. Whenever you’ve worked hard at something, Saturn rewards you.

The sun bestows power and position, prestige and recognition. These qualities of both the Sun and Saturn represent the rewards that the 8 Star brings.

The 8 stars will benefit the Horse zodiac sign the most in the year of the Rabbit with new opportunities and income.

Wherever the 8 stars fly is the best location for a front door, so those with a south facing home or bedroom will experience some wonderful energies and increased prosperity in 2023.


Representing future prosperity, the 9 Purple Star flies north this year where it will bring success on the job through connections, a solid reputation and your ability to nurture yourself.

The 9-Star is ruled by Mercury and the Moon.

In the Year of the Rabbit, the world of the Rat zodiac sign will expand in some ways. There will be growth and expansion in their lives as the 9 Star is magnified and multiplied.

The 9 is the evolving energy of a new time period that will arrive next year in 2024, so its energy is getting stronger, happier and happier as we move towards this year.

Coming from the social sector of the South, this year those with a north-facing home or bedroom will have an active social calendar and will be presented with opportunities that put them ahead of others that will bring them prestige and praise.

If your doorstep is here, you might find that the opportunities you take advantage of this year will lead to greater financial gains in the future.

The opportunity to socialise and chat will be more pronounced this year as well.


If you are lucky enough to have one of these stars in your front door, bedroom, study or living room, you will benefit most from their energy. Be sure to spend time in the areas where the energies are most beneficial.

All the details on activating the lucky stars and alleviating the ailments are outlined in my annual Feng Shui prognosis. Give your family a head start in the new year by letting the energies in your home work for you!

The Rabbit Year & Feng Shui – Part1

The Year of the Rabbit 2023 – Part1 – Afflictions

Extract from the rabbit Feng Shui prognosis for the year 2023

After recent years of upheaval and uncertainty, the energy entering 2023 will be replaced with a new light, hopeful, and sweeter energy.

The Year of the Tiger was the first year to bring spring energy as it is the first of the 3 spring zodiac animals Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon. The rabbit represents the fullness of spring when nature blooms and green growth appears.

The rabbit energy will offer us a respite from the cold, harsh energies of the past few years that have been aligned with the metal element and the winter animals of the pig, rat, and ox.

Also, the reigning Star of the Year accompanying Rabbit is the 4 Star of Love. And what animal goes so well with this kind of blossom-soft energy as a fluffy bunny?

The 4 is the star for education and writing luck as well as for travel and romance.

The coming year will have its bumps as usual, but it will also have more ease and bring us joy as the 4-star slides in after we’ve turned the calendar page to 2023 and the tiger has retired to the forest.

I know that you will love the beautiful and calming energy that the rabbit brings and because of the 4 stars that will be his companion in the coming year.

Look for ways to bring joy, beauty and pleasant moments into your year. It is the best way to use this sweet and tender energy that the rabbit and the 4 stars offer us.

Year of the Rabbit Official Date

The Lunar New Year will be Sunday, January 22, 2023. Be sure to make your home ready for the coming New Year to welcome a brand-new set of energies to your home and life.

2023: The last year in the period from 8

Period 8 is a 20-year cycle that began in February 2004 and ends on February 3, 2024. This was a “young man” period when internet giants like Mark Zuckerburg appeared like flowers in a spring rain.

During 2023 we will complete a 20 year cycle that will change next year in period 9.

In period 9 the new energy will be female. The 9 stars rule fire and the middle daughter so we will see how women advance in position and power. This will happen next February 4th, 2024. It’s going to be an exciting time!

Now let’s talk about the energies of the year….

Read each of the energies to determine how they might affect you and your family. Pay close attention to the energies that are at your front door, bedroom or home office.

It is also advisable to look at who is occupying the sectors where ailments appear. If you have old, sick, very young, or pregnant family members in these corners, it might be wise to move them to another bedroom if possible.

As always, it is best to be prepared for difficulties. When that is done, you can look forward to a year of opportunity and adventure, love and contentment, pleasure and joy.

The 5 yellow “Bone Breaker” star flies to the Northwest Breadwinner sector

This star is the unluckiest of all stars. The 5 yellow star brings bad luck, misunderstandings, bad luck, accidents and financial problems. This is especially true if you sleep in this sector, work or your front door is in the affected sector. Be especially careful if any of these apply to you.

This is the sector of the breadwinner or family man and he will be hit the hardest. It also affects the zodiac signs Dog and Pig. It will be prudent to be cautious with health, spending and investing this year. Older men should pay special attention to their health, especially with blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. It would be advisable to remedy this.

2 Black Illness Star flies to East Health, Oldest Son and Family Sector

In 2023, the 2 star flies east, into the family, growth and eldest son area. However, all ailments can affect anyone in the family, including your pets. This year, the 2nd Black Illness star is in a fighting position to the east.

This is the meeting of two giants: the big earth of the 2-star and the big forest of the 3-star. You could say it’s a battle of the titans. When the 2 and 3 meet, they form what is called the “bullfighting” energy. This can mean families face legal complications or fights.

It can also cause stomach problems in the home and pose health challenges for the eldest son. It can also mean that as soon as someone in a family gets sick, everyone in the family gets sick. Pay close attention to prevent the spread of diseases.

This sector affects the feet and lower legs. Exercise caution when engaging in activities as this may result in a twisted ankle, broken foot or foot injuries. Earth-related diseases will become more common and could show up as stomach problems, gallbladder problems, ulcers and colitis.

If you have underlying health concerns, these could be blooming under the influence of the 2 Star this year. Like the 1-Star, the 2-Star is ruled by Jupiter, only it amplifies the difficulties of the 2-Star rather than creating advantages like the 1-Star does.


3 Jade Star Flies to the southeast sector of wealth and the eldest daughter

The 3 argument star moves to the eldest daughter and investments and assets area. This star is also known to stir up legal troubles, gossip, arguments and bickering. It’s especially tough on couples, and creates that weary emotional exhaustion that can sometimes end relationships — or bring in a third party.

The bigger concern?

Emotional and nervous disorders that are so distressing that they can result in divorce, severe depression, or a nervous breakdown. Watch out for legal issues, arguments over money, trouble from the eldest daughter, or emotional problems if this is your front door, bedroom, or home office.

The 7 Red Violence Star

In 2023, the red 7-star moves from the west to the northeast corner. Since this is the sector that rules wisdom, there can be difficulties in thinking clearly, injuries to the hand and bullying at school.

The 7 Star affects the Ox and Tiger zodiac signs the most this year, so these zodiac signs need to be extra careful this year with what they say, their relationships, proneness to infection, accidents and theft.

This star is ruled by the planet Venus. Since the 7 star is an affected star, it represents the negative traits of Venus. Since Venus rules attractiveness and relationships, the negatives expressed would be problematic relationships, arguments and narcissism.

Wherever the 7 stars fall, the tendency for clipping and loss follows. This can be breaking off relationships, quitting jobs, or losing family members.

More than relationship problems and difficulties, this star can cause a lot of problems from robbery, accidents, quarrels, slander, gossip, injuries and lung diseases.

The biggest concern is the possible harm to children in educational settings. Pay close attention to your child’s school environment and how to protect it. Another concern is having a pregnant woman in this corner, as the 7-star rating could bring worries with bleeding or pregnancy loss.

The 3 Killings direction

This suffering moves in a new direction every year, and this year it flies west. The 3 kills can affect the ability to focus, communicate, and create harsh words between people. Lawsuits, Slander, and Slander are also a potential under the influence of 3 Killings and cause three types of losses, such as: B. loss of reputation, loss of a loved one or loss of money.

The 3 Killings occupy 90 degrees on the compass. If you sit within that 90 degrees with your back toward the 3 kills, you are exposing yourself to their detrimental influence. Make sure you avoid sitting with your back to the 3 Killings. This year that means you should be FACING WEST.

The white 1 Star of Victory and Income

The White 1 Star of Victory and Income 

If you’ve ever wanted to make a change, move, or jump somewhere else in your life, this is the star that will help you make it happen. 

In Feng Shui, the white 1 star is a star that can bring you all of these things, plus these benefits: 


🌟Victory over the competition

🌟A new way of being or living

🌟Sudden happiness, like a star falling in your lap

🌟 Increased Income

When you look at benefits like these, it’s no wonder the one (1) star in Feng Shui is so popular. This star is part of a group of stars called the White Stars. These include 1, 4, 6, and 8 (and sometimes 9). The stars of this group are considered the most favourable.

The 1 star is ruled by the planet Jupiter and whenever this planet appears it is said to bring luck. Like western astrology bestowing luck with Jupiter for enhancing luck, so is the 1 star. When it appears, happiness spreads wherever it flies.

Take this number to heart because it represents the return of better times.

Whenever the 1 star shows up, it’s after the 2 black disease star has departed, so it’s like a fresh spring breeze through a window after coming up from a dark, damp basement.

If you are a student or want to undertake a writing project, the 1 star will help you as it builds the energy of water to support the student or writer who is ruled by the wood element of the 4 star.

The White 1 Star also bestows success in career and business, creating opportunities that come with more money and help you climb the ladder of success. Also, in a competitive situation, those who have activated the 1-star see their own star rise, so they outperform the competition.

The White 1 Star is a winning star.

If you need a “win” in life, be sure to activate the white 1 star with metal or water elements or figures, such as: B. a conch shell or a fish figure.

You can’t just be successful at work.

Perhaps the victory you need is personal, like overcoming obstacles, difficulties, or trying to make a transition or big life change, like a divorce or moving house. Supporting the White 1 Star position will help you generate energy that will support your change.


4 Stars of Education, romance, travel


If ever there was a star that stands for wine and roses, it is the 4 (four) stars. In Feng Shui , the number four and the four star represent education and romance, but it also has other benefits that are like a motorcycle with a sidecar full of roses. 

For entrepreneurs and the career-minded, any kind of publicity, marketing, writing, podcasting, sales or speaking falls under the purview of the 4 star, making it a great star for students, teachers and writers.

This is the star whose home sector is the wealth sector and represents that tiny green shoot that signals vibrant new growth and life.

This makes the 4 star helpful for investments or with anything you’d like to see grow.

The 4 star location

Its home location is the southeast, where it is residing in 2022. In 2023, the 4 star will move to the center, and in 2024 it will fly to the northwest corner.

Interestingly, this star is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communications, travel, and learning, which is exactly the areas this star covers in feng shui.

The 4 star will bring romance and educational benefits to the whole family, but particularly to the oldest daughter, as well as dragon and snake zodiac signs.

The 4-star has a bad rap reputation in Feng Shui  circles.

It is a homophone for the Mandarin word death, and it is often said that the Chinese avoid houses and anything with a number four in them.

Because of its association with love and infidelity, the 4 Star can also sometimes be referred to as the 4 Sexy Star.

That’s because of his reputation for bringing outside influences into relationships—especially those whose front door faces where the 4-star hotel flies, or whose bedroom, living room, or office is in the 4-star realm.

Aside from that, the 4-star award is also an excellent influence for couples looking to reinvigorate their romantic lives. ❤️

Luckily, the energy and benefits of the 4-star company are beginning to outshine the ugly ring of its name and its negative reputation for promiscuity and infidelity.