Another aspect of the spatial dimension to emphasise is the balance of the elements in the house. 

To create a balanced home, it is important to balance the elements of the finishes within the living space. You should not have too much of an element that overwhelms others, otherwise it can create an unsettling effect.

To adopt a 5 element design concept, we would need to introduce the wood element through plants and greenery. With fire energy, the living space should be adequately lit to add vibrancy to its atmosphere. Earth energy is represented by the ground material to create a solid base and impact.

Metal energy is introduced through the color of the walls, with further accents added through the window and door finishes. Water energy is created through physical water, with the sound and feel of the water helping to create a calming oasis for the space.

When designing your space, always look to the spatial dimension of Feng Shui to understand how the space itself is a living entity and how it can help improve our lives as well as the energies of our home. Look at the physical aspect of space and how you can use it to expand your home. Or capture the exterior views of the home to create the visual illusion of space and finally understand how the elements we introduce into the space can find balance in the energy of the home.