If you’re on your way up, you have to see it visually

Aim high, go high

Always add framed diplomas and certificates high up on a wall to mark your achievement. This will help you see yourself and what you have achieved in a way that requires you to look up physically when contemplating your accomplishments, which symbolises that you are looking at yourself with appreciation.

Build a success shelf.

Even if you haven’t won any trophies, you may own items that are special to you and that make you special. For example, travel memories that show you’ve traveled well lend your energy for success a quality of worldliness that’s always impressive.

Collecting and displaying replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Khalifa Castle, Chrysler Building, or Big Ben shows you’ve been to places, and that’s often a good indicator that you’re going places. Add these travel memories to your success shelf.

Add a splash of red.

The color red is an energizing color associated with fire, and fire is the element of fame, recognition, and success. Add some red elements to your Wall of Fame to energize your memorabilia, awards, certificates, awards and plaques.