The power of business success according to the principle of Feng Shui……

If you want to create a harmonious work environment, make your business more successful, and create a supportive and invigorating space for your employees, you should consider Feng Shui.

It may sound bizarre to the unfamiliar, but this ancient Chinese art of placement is a technique that has brought many benefits to people (and businesses) around the world.

Many companies have chosen to embrace the teachings of Feng Shui and have found that it has provided them with a prosperous, peaceful and profitable work environment.

To get the most out of business Feng Shui, you need to implement it in as many areas of your workplace as possible it will help you to achieve the yin-yang harmony you are craving.

Position your desk so you can see as much of your room as possible

In Feng Shui, your desk represents your career and you need to pay close attention to its placement. The first thing to remember is that your workspace needs to be permanent and dedicated – don’t use your desk for anything other than work.

The placement of the desk needs to make a compelling decision and be placed against a wall or window where it doesn’t line up directly with the door in the room but can still be seen by you. This will subconsciously make you less stressed as you can see anyone approaching you.
The view you have from your desk is also very important. Ideally, you should watch something that inspires you. Looking at a blank wall will block you, and looking out the window might distract you. As with the door, the window should be in view but not in direct line with it.

Enliven your surroundings with flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are great for Feng Shui because they unite you with the natural world. The natural green color of the plants encourages growth, both professionally and privately. If you want your plants to have a positive impact on you, they need to look healthy and vibrant.

The type of plant you have in your workspace is also very important. For example, you should avoid anything spicy, like cacti. Here are some of the best Feng Shui plans that bring health, prosperity and harmony:
Investment. According to Feng Shui, it attracts money because the leaves of the money plant resemble coins. The more leaves it has and the greener they are, the more money it brings. Keep the plant at the entrance or in the northwest of the room.

Happy bamboo plant. Place the plant in the northeast part of your office to bring wealth, luck and prosperity. This plant has an odd number of stems and five stems represent wealth.

Rubber tree. This facility is also associated with money and should be placed in the northwest. Its large round leaves not only symbolise prosperity, but also contribute to better health and air quality.

Palm trees. Feng Shui tells us that palm trees activate, attract and radiate good energy. They are excellent for places where the flow of chi is lacking or stuck, or where there is a lot of negative energy.

The Peace Lily plant gives off a strong protective vibration and promotes both physical and mental balance. It is best to place it in the east, the health corner, to harmonise your atmosphere.

Symbolise wealth with water

In the art of Feng Shui there is no symbol of money more powerful than water. But not just any water. If you want to have all the beneficial chi energy that will bring you health and prosperity, you must incorporate water the right way and keep it clean and fresh at all times.

Consider incorporating water symbols and water features into your workspace. A good choice for this is an aquarium, preferably with goldfish in it, since gold is a symbol of money in Chinese culture.

You can also build in tabletop fountains, just make sure the water flow isn’t very fast or blocked. A great idea for the office is a scaled down desk fountain designed for a smaller space.

Go big with blue

Colors have a great influence on us. And not only according to Feng Shui, but also according to color psychology. Colours evoke emotions that have a major impact on productivity and your overall productivity.

According to Feng Shui, a very important factor that determines the success of your business is how well you and your building fit together. And the only way to find out is by looking at your Kua number.
This number is derived from your date of birth and gender. To calculate it, you must first add the last two digits of your year of birth.

If you’re a woman, the next step is to add five, and if the number has two digits, add them together to get a single digit. And if you’re a male, take the number you were given and subtract it from 10. This is how you get your Kua number.

Ideally, your Kua number should match the street number of your office building. By understanding how Kua numbers work, you can calculate a Feng Shui business map.

There are two groups of Kua numbers, the East and West groups. Depending on your Kua number, you will be assigned the ideal direction.

Carry multiple currencies

If you have foreign currency in reserve, be sure to carry it with you. Paper values ​​from abroad symbolise wealth from all corners of the world.




Clean up your workspace

According to Feng Shui, a messy workspace can negatively affect your performance. Productive chi cannot flow if you have a lot of things on your desk blocking it. Therefore, the best way to improve job performance and increase business prosperity is to unblock and move all those things.

Pick up all items from your desk and tidy up all the messy areas around it. Closely examine all the items you had on your desk and only put back the ones you only use on a daily basis. When it comes to papers, only keep those that are specific to a project.

No need to throw away the rest of your belongings, just keep them in other places like filing cabinets, storage bins, and desk drawers.

Once your desk is free of clutter, add things that will charm your career, be positive, and bring you joy. You can use Bagua to guide you so you know which items should be placed where and which are the best items.