• A month full of promise and seeming opportunities.
  • Plenty of “Special” combinations.

  • Luckiest sectors are SE, South, SW and NW.

  • East, NE and West also hold potential.

  • But Center Sector is very dangerous.

As we move into January and the last month of the Tiger Year, while the Flying Star chart appears to hold out much promise, with many sectors housing very auspicious combinations, the main thing that seems to dominate the chart is the magnifying star 9 joining the Five Yellow in the centre, casting a shadow over everything else. A usual way to read this, and to respond, whenever you find these two stars together, is to tread warily. Among the promise brought by all the other lucky sectors, this indication looms forebodingly, suggesting a need for caution, and for wearing and carrying protection. While success and attainment are well within reach, they will not come without its perils. But another more positive interpretation is the fact that the number 9 is getting stronger and much more auspicious as we head towards the Period of 9. Yes, 2023 is the eve of a new period, when the star number 9 takes on a new magnificence, bringing luck in every form, wealth, health, happiness, and fulfilment. The Five Yellow should always be viewed with some caution, but the best one can do is to suppress its negative aspects, and to activate the number 9 which accompanies it this January.


In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The big number indicates the annual star and the small number indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations.