Flying Stars in January 2022 – Quarrelsome Star in Center Requires Remedies

  • LUCKY SECTORS – North, NE, East.
  • Conflict Star in center needs remedies. Keep center quiet.
  • NORTH brings wealth and completion luck.
  • NE enjoys blessings from heaven
  • Romance luck in the EAST
  • Beware SE, SOUTH, SW, WEST

January marks the end of the Ox Year and the beginning of the Tiger Year, where energies of both signs will be felt. Remember that the Tiger Year of 2022 has an abundance of Tiger energy, with three Tigers appearing in the coming year’s chart, so all efforts should be made to get these three tigers onto your side.

The dominant star for January is the quarrelsome star, which indicates that conflict and quarrels could flare up. To counter, we suggest decorating the centre of the home with red cushions, carpets and other decorations. Red is Fire energy and the best remedy for the #3 quarrelsome star. This is also perfect because red is the most auspicious colour and ushers in Yang energy as the Lunar New Year dawns.

This month’s luckiest sectors are North, Northeast and East. Spend more time in these sectors, and activate with bright lights and enhancers here.