Private Feng Shui Consulting

Private Feng Shui Consulting

My goal is to make you feel great in your home. While visiting your home, I will explain the principles and major correlations of Feng Shui. You can describe your personal situation and your individual needs to me in detail in a personal conversation  it calles anamnesis.
I will evaluate the rooms in your home based on the GI flow, the balance of Yin and Yang, the five elements theory and the armchair (Lehnstuhl) principle. With the help of the bagua, the floor plan of your house will be divided into eight areas of your life. Any information you previously provided will be reflected in the results.
After analyzing your floor plan, I will explain what you can do to balance your garden and living space. It is very important to me to recommend stylish design elements, generous open spaces and the correct use of technology. After my visit, you will also receive these Feng Shui recommendations in writing for later reading.

Planing a new house with Feng Shui 

Who can tell you where is the right place for your home? Who will analyze your building plan and check whether the construction of this house can support you positively in all areas of life?
Feng Shui means choosing real estate, designing gardens, erecting buildings and designing rooms in such a way that people feel comfortable in them and all possibilities that life offers are open to them. A good architect should first consider the personality of the future occupants of a home before focusing on planning the building.
As a Feng Shui consultant, I will accompany you in your search for the right property, assess the location of the property, conduct a geomantic study and work with your architect and house builder. I will give you tips for your appointments with interior designers and decorators, discuss the outdoor design with you and your landscape architect, create a written evaluation with recommendations for selection and interior design, determine your personal basic needs and set your bedroom in the most positive direction for you.

Example: Feng Shui Apartment

You live with your family in a fully furnished rental apartment and would like a Feng Shui consultation. I will visit you at your home and we can look of all the living spaces together.
In a friendly discussion, you can tell me everything about your current situation and your hopes for the future. This information is used to evaluate your floor plan. Using specific examples for your bedroom and all living rooms, I will explain which Feng Shui measures you can take to have a positive effect on your life and sleep.

Checking the bedroom for Electrosmog   

Your bedroom should offer you security and the opportunity to relax. During the night, the human body is about 50 times more sensitive to external disturbances. How well you rest at night has a significant impact on your mental state and physical health.
First, explain your current sleep situation. While looking at your bedroom, I use an electrosmog measuring device to record electrical and electromagnetic radiation emissions (e.g. electrical lines, transformers, telephones, earth radiation, global grid). I conduct a geomantic survey with a dowsing rod that provides insight into the location of water veins, buckles and fault lines.
If improvements to your bedroom due to irritating disturbances are recommended, I will discuss individual solutions with you in order to promote your nocturnal regeneration phase. I will explain what to consider when furnishing your bedroom from a Feng Shui point of view and give you tips on how to reduce the amount of radiation.

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