Feng Shui – the ways to boost business luck

8 Ways to boost Business Luck according to the principle of Feng Shui 


The Year of the Water Rabbit promises to be a busy year for businesses. As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, Feng Shui fortune predictions predict new opportunities, new challenges and, for some, new competition. While there are many ways to help your business thrive, you can start by implementing these 8 office Feng Shui practices.


It pays to keep your office’s main entrance, doors and hallways clutter-free at all times. Not only does clutter block the flow of chi and allow stagnant energy to accumulate, research has shown that it serves as a constant visual reminder of work waiting to be done. This increases the mental load on the brain and indirectly affects everyone’s stress levels. By keeping clutter to a minimum, you and your employees can naturally focus and work better, resulting in overall increased productivity. The first impression counts a lot. So, if you also use your office for client meetings, a tidy and cheerful office could help you close the deal.


Another way to increase productivity is to make sure your employees are seated at their desks facing their promising direction. This improves their performance and makes them happier at work. Those in leadership, leadership, or sales positions should face their sheng chi direction so that they make the right decisions, lead their teams effectively, and help take the company to greater heights.

Ask for your Kua Number to determine the best direction.

In 2023, the East hosts the Tai Sui while the West has the Three Killings. Since one should never face the Tai Sui or turn one’s back on the Three Killings, remember that you MUST NOT FACE EAST in 2023, EVEN if East is a promising direction. Instead, choose one of your other lucky directions. This will make a big difference in avoiding unnecessary obstacles.


In Feng Shui, lights are a powerful source of fire energy, but they can also affect our mood and the way we work. For offices, stick to fixtures with a cool shade of blue or white. Warmer yellow light can be overly relaxing, producing lethargy and laziness. Don’t skimp on the light either. While you don’t want the lighting to be glaring, it needs to be bright enough to create a conducive environment for everyone to work. Flickering and burned out lights are not only incredibly annoying but also inconvenient, so replace them immediately.


Plants are wonderful in the workplace as they bring vibrant yang energy to an otherwise cold and sterile space. They are fabulous amplifiers of the Wood element, the element that has life and brings energies of growth. It is best to place your plants in the east and south-east, which are sectors with wooden elements.

Certain plants are considered cheaper than others. Succulent “money plants” with round, full leaves are excellent for attracting wealth and money luck. Lucky bamboo and plum blossoms are also wonderful choices as they are believed to symbolise tenacity, luck and prosperity.

But plants with thorns and prickles emit countless poison darts that dampen our chi, so avoid these at all costs. It is important to only exhibit healthy plants. Take good care of them and remove falling leaves or broken branches as soon as they appear so your office space can continuously enjoy good chi.


Water features support the water element and are commonly used to unleash the flow of income, wealth and prosperity. The best types are those with steps where the water trickles down in layers. Pay attention to the size. Water features should never overwhelm a room. because too much water can mean drowning. Installing a water feature in the north increases career luck. With the North also hosting the #1 Victory Star in 2023, a water feature here will open up new opportunities and also increase competitive luck. The addition of a water feature to the SE, meanwhile, activates for wealth and income.





Success in business becomes an uphill battle when your business is plagued by the Quarrelsome Star’s hostile chi. This year, this star flies southeast, directly impacting businesses with main doors facing southeast. To prevent lawsuits, maintain harmonious relationships between employees and prevent conflicts from escalating, display the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet here. You can also decorate the entryway with a red carpet or hang auspicious art with red accents to further quell the malicious wood chi.


Amplify growth potential by harnessing the cosmic energies of the #4 Relationship Star. This star encourages teamwork and brings good ideas to the fore while increasing networking bliss. It helps facilitate connections with stakeholders so things can run more smoothly. As the dominant star of the year, its energies are very strong. Take advantage of them by placing the Cardinal of Connectivity Activator in the center of the office.


For business owners, CEOs, top management: as the leader of your business, the Feng Shui of your office room is of paramount importance. Compare the Flying Stars to your office layout to determine what type of energies you are struggling with, then fight any harmful energies with powerful healing remedies and activate the favourable energies with boosters. Present a rooster to counter office politics and a crystal ball to absorb negative chi.

Position your desk diagonally opposite the door so that you are not constantly being disturbed by the flow of chi. Best to have a solid wall behind you for strong support and face your personal Sheng Chi direction.