3 ways to improve the bedroom

3 ways to improve the bedroom

3 ways to improve your Feng Shui if you have nowhere else to put your bed than under or by a window.

The Chinese believe that beds should always be set up against a solid wall, as this means “the back of a mountain” that gives you strong support and protection. Positioning the bed under or by a window negates this and invites sneaky and betrayal. It leads to all sorts of problems at work, school, and relationships in life. The best solution in this case would be to change the room or move the bed to a more suitable place in the room.

But what if the circumstances make it impossible to move the bed anywhere else?

Maybe you have an irregularly shaped room, or the room is sized so that the only space for the bed is under or next to a window. The wonderful thing about Feng Shui is that once you know what the problems are, you can be creative about making the right changes necessary to minimize the negative effects.


But not just any headboard. A good headboard in Feng Shui has to mimic the mountain support that you lack. Choose one that is simple, strong, and solid. Any kind of “see-through” hole in the headboard, whether by design or otherwise, renders this healing ineffective. So avoid those with bars or slats, as well as those with overly ornate designs. Bookcases or headboards with storage compartments should also be avoided for the same reason.


Another way to get around this problem is to use heavy drapes, drapes, or blinds to hide the window. If you have more than one window, you can keep the window above the bed closed permanently. Otherwise, closing the curtains should help to create the visual appearance of a “wall” and enable you to sleep more safely. It also has the effects of facilitating the flow of chi and allowing you to sleep more peacefully.


Use a screen divider to separate the window area to divert the flow of chi from where you sleep. With bright light coming in through the window during the day, you can convert this room into a reading corner or workplace. It is best to choose neutral, muted tones for the screen divider to keep the room ambience calm and nourishing.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when it comes to achieving excellent feng shui in the bedroom, but if you’ve been trying to get a good night’s sleep and your bed happens to be under or by a window, these tips are one good place to start!

6 Ways to Strengthen Earth Chi in your Home

6 Ways to Strengthen Earth Chi in your Home

6 Ways to Strengthen Earth Chi in Your Home

A simple Taoist Feng Shui method to improve the quality of energy in your home is to strengthen earth chi. Earth chi is so important that it used to be almost synonymous with good Feng Shui.

Taoist Feng Shui accepts that heaven and earth together produce the natural phenomena on which humans are built. This is the trinity of tien, ti, ren – or heaven, earth and humanity. In this trinity, earth chi has the greatest impact on your wealth. Here are six ways to add power in and around your home:

Always have earth materials as your ground floor. Use marble, granite, or tile. Solid tile or marble slabs are better than broken marble or terrazzo. Anything that is broken or has a random design suggests an unstable foundation. Avoid wood or carpets on the ground floor.

Surround your home with stones to create good vibrations – a few stones on the four corners indicate that the Earth Chi is strong and stable. You can also build a symbolic mountain of gold (a pile of stones with some gold leaf on it) to create a direct connection with the earth / sky axis. This is very cheap.

Create a wall behind the house to signal the mountain that will support you. This doesn’t have to be a solid wall – anything over 1.2 m (4 feet) will do. A wall is always better than trees to give you support.

Create a square patch filled with sand or pebbles to strengthen the earth chi on the front of the house. This strengthens the symbolism of the earth element energy.

Manifest the three mighty earth numbers 2, 5 and 8. For example, you could use two round crystals, five yellow rocks and eight medium-sized pebbles. You can emphasize any number. Since we are in the eighth period, the emphasis on eight will bring happiness. The numbers 2, 5 and 8 describe as parent string numbers in the Flying Star system of Feng Shui and when they occur together they manifest great happiness.

Hang a painting of a strong and solid looking mountain in your home to aid your endeavours. In Flying Star Feng Shui, a mountain picture in the corner of the house or living room that houses the mountain star 8 brings tremendous happiness in health and relationships. The mountain picture is also incredibly lucky when it hangs behind you at work or even while sitting. This is a symbol of powerful earth chi and is needed for professional advancement and for maintaining one’s own wealth.

Taoist Influence in Feng Shui

Taoist Influence in Feng Shui

Taoist Influence in Feng Shui

When asked, most people associate Feng Shui with the words “balance and harmony”. But few realize that these concepts stem from the philosophical or religious tradition of Taoism.

Taoism tries to create harmony with the natural world. The common translation is “the way” or “the path”, but literally the Tao means “nature”, as in “the nature of all things”.

Feng Shui was developed by ancient people who were influenced by the concepts of Taoism.

Some of the concepts of Taoism are:

♦ Observe Nature – Much can be learned from the patterns of the universe and human behaviour by observing the natural world

♦ Dynamic Balance – There is an inherent dynamic balance in nature. Man has the responsibility to harmonize and maintain this balance. The tai chi or yin / yang symbol represents this natural balance.

♦ Continuous cycles – change is inherent; nothing remains static – and changes follow a natural sequence of cycles such as seasons, day / night, birth / death, etc. This is also indicated in the yin / yang symbol

♦ Harmonious action and non-action (Wu-wei) – A give and take of nature happens spontaneously. Wu-wei is “doing without doing” or “doing effortlessly”. Allow the natural course of nature undisturbed.

♦ No Resistance – Since there is no resistance in nature

Front Door open to Feng Shui

Front Door open to Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, front doors are vital to the energy that comes into our home. They are the “mouths of chi” and call in energy, welcome energy and keep it moving. I dedicate a lot of time to discussing front doors in our professional program for just that reason – they are critical pieces of the puzzle to the house’s story. This also applies if the front door is not used that often in the case of the attached garage. But they are still important!

No doubt I got you thinking of your own front door. With the seasons changing, now is the perfect time to take a look at what’s happening there and take a shift. Here are some starting ideas:


  • Add a windchime, bell, or other sound element to “call in” what you’d like (opportunity, job, relationship, wealth, helpful people)
  • Add something with movement like a flag or whirligig to “move” in a new direction
  • Add flowers, new door mat, or lantern to renew the energy that could be stagnant from the dormancy of winter
  • Paint the door a color you love that is different from anything else on the house so it stands out. This is your calling card to the world, and let them know you are ready for what’s ahead. (Extra note: although red is a traditional color, painting the door a color you LOVE is always our recommendation. If that’s red, go for it!)
  • Add seating (as long as it doesn’t block the door) inside to invite opportunities to stay awhile
  • Use it so it gains momentum – get the mail, leave through that door to go for a walk.
The Art of Feng Shui – how it works

The Art of Feng Shui – how it works

How the Art of Feng Shui Can Work for You

 Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which is a belief that people all over the world have incorporated in their day to day lives. The most common implementation of feng shui happens inside of homes. Although, it has evolved to being useful within business and office environments as well.

This art involves a compass known as the feng shui color compass. Although, it is far more complex than just colors. It has the primary and secondary directions that all compasses wiWest. What makes this compass so different from a generic one is that each direction has a color along with an element which corresponds to it.

This compass can be used to bring about positive energies into your home or office environment which you feel you lack and might be needing. This could be anything, such as health, happiness, wealth and so much more.In order to understand the feng shui compass and how it can create healthy homes and businesses, here are a few examples:

  • North

The element belonging to this direction is Water and the colors are blue and black. In your home, or your office, the north direction should focus on these specific colors and incorporate the element of water. For example, the north side of your environment would be the perfect place to have a waterfall. Successfully implementing this directions element and color will bring in career luck in life.

  • South

Fire is the element belonging to the Southern direction and along with it, the color is red. A feng shui consultant would suggest that this direction of your work or home environment should represent this element and color. It could be through the paint on your walls that are red and/or represent the fire element. If you’re looking to build more of a positive reputation, bring fame for yourself or your business, then this is the direction to focus on.

  • East

The color corresponding to this direction is green and the element is wood. If followed, it would lead to health and focus on the wellbeing of the aspects of a family. If this is a change which you need then it would be helpful to invest in plants and greenery no matter which space you’re in.

  • West

This direction, for a healthy home and business, can bring in the positive energies leading to creativity and luck in children. This is beneficial for both businesses and homes as creativity can help individuals and businesses. For example, if your business is lacking the creative element in order to grow, this direction will do the trick. To do so, the element of metal should be incorporated along with the colors of white, gold and silver.

Those were all just a few examples, there are still four more directions that are a part of feng shui which can service your home or business to make the fortune of your life much better.

Whether it be to bring in good fortunes or just for cluster clearing, feng shui is a unique yet effective way to bring in changes. Your career, family, wealth, happiness and so many more aspects can be positively affected by the inclusion of feng shui in the environments which you spend a lot of time in.

There’s so much more about this ancient Chinese art which can be a part of your daily life. A feng shui consultant can not only enlighten you about the beliefs involved but they can definitely help you implement it at no hassle.

So, if you’d like to learn and know more about how you can be provided a one stop traditional service of feng shui in your office or home, visit www.my-keysolution.com