Feng Shui and the birth elements

Power up your life with your Feng Shui Birth element!

Are there certain colours that work better for you than others, and if so, which ones? In order to find out, it is important that you know your personal birth element.

My Feng Shui  birth element? That’s right, just as the day of your birth is a personal lucky number, there is an element associated with the year of your birth and that element is your personal birth element.

This means that one of the five elements will bring you more luck than the others and can improve your life, bring you more money and success.

Is it important to know your personal Feng Shui  element? Yes! That’s because it’s part of the key to your Feng Shui  success story.

Knowing your birth element can help you choose colours for your decor and use colours that make you feel and perform better than others—and help you realise your potential for success.

Your Personal Success Element can give you insight into your personality, both positive and negative aspects, as well as the health issues you may be facing.

Best of all, knowing your Feng Shui  birth element can guide you in choosing everything from gemstones that bring you good luck to choosing bedding and linens or even a car colour.

First, select your birth element based on the year you were born. Select from the table below, which shows items based on your birth year.


Feng Shui Birth Element Water

People with water elements are naturally fluid and transformative. They are deep thinkers who love reflection and meditation. They enjoy the time they spend alone because they are happy in their solitude. Sensitive and creative are two words that describe water element people. They have a depth that makes them difficult to shake.

One of their most important personality traits is worry and fear. Water element people can often withdraw from life and social environment, so there is a risk of depressive tendencies. Fear is an emotion that can keep them from moving forward and being afraid of the future, which keeps them from truly experiencing the present or making progress.

Their ability to change depending on their surroundings can often make them appear as if they have multiple personalities. But it is this adaptability that allows them to handle a wide range of situations and maintain diplomacy. Once fear is behind them, they can be formidable, powerful, and achieve great success.

Clothing and decoration colours: Metallic colours (white, grey, gold, silver) and water colours in blue, black, purple, turquoise and aqua

Best Decoration Items: Metal objects, images of water, mirrors, and water elements and colours.

Element that nourishes merpeople: metal

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: Neutral shades of beige and brown, wood, plant, green or brown tones

Feng Shui Birth Element Wood

People with wooden elements are innovative, creative and love to put big plans into action. You are brimming with enthusiasm and are great project managers. Another way to describe them is a Type A personality who is motivated, growth oriented, assertive and sometimes confrontational. Wood element people have a lot of energy and therefore need an outlet through creativity and physical exercise to release pent-up energy.

When wooden people are oppressed, their dynamic can feel angry and overbearing instead of expansive. When this tendency is strong without an outlet, the Wood element person can channel their anger inward, causing depression and worry. This can lead to problems such as excessive alcohol consumption, blood pressure, liver and gallstone problems.

One of their most important personality traits is growth, seeing the big picture and goal orientation.

As relentless as grass growing on a concrete sidewalk, any job that needs someone to see it through to completion, you should look to a timber contractor. Their environment needs to support and nurture their energy and find a way to keep them balanced so they can excel and use their growth energy to accomplish great things.

Clothing and decoration colours: Wood colours (green, brown) and water colours (blue, black, purple)

Best Decoration Items: Wooden objects, plants, images of plants, nature and water, water elements and colours

Element that nourishes wood people: Water

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: metal colours and elements

Feng Shui Birth Element Fire

It is exciting to be with people of the fire element. You have a natural creative and expressive flair and a real talent for acting, speaking and creating. When they are around they are the life of the party and are affectionate and loving people.

One of their most important personality traits is their self-confidence. Even if they don’t always know exactly what they’re doing, they ask themselves, “Why not?” The kind of attitude that can get them far. They must work on focusing their attention to see projects through to completion. Health problems can lead to eye problems, heart problems and blood pressure problems. Turned on its head, their enthusiasm can incite fear.

A generally happy person, the Fire Element personality can also know the depths of despair at times and develop a tendency to be overly dramatic and negatively fixated. A good example is the role of the actor with the happy mask and the sad mask. The firefighter can sometimes move too quickly between them. Overall, the Firefighter is upbeat, vivacious, and seeks that silver lining in life. Their fun-loving attitude and optimism will bring them well-directed achievements and the recognition they deserve.

Clothing and decoration colours: Fire colours (red, magenta, pink, purple, orange) and wood colours (brown, green)

Best Decoration Items: Wooden objects, plants, images of plants, candles, images of fire, images of the sun

Element that nourishes Fire People: Wood

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: Water colours like blue and black, and neutral colours like tan, beige, and yellow

Feng Shui Birth Element Earth

Earth element people are those who place others above themselves. They care about others and are trusting and caring people who will help you when you need them. The time we spend with friends and family means the most to the people of Earth. Polite and discreet, their love of good manners and simple politeness endears them.

One of their most important personality traits is their need for security in relationships, money and housing. They are practical, productive and self-sufficient. They will take your shirt off as they love to take care of others. On the other hand, the earth element can sometimes cause them to become martyrs and others to take advantage of them.

Earth elemental people can also be as unshakable as a mountain and possess an unrelenting stubbornness. In this regard, they can experience an unshakable faith and keep at the whetstone even when others have given up. People on Earth care too much about what others think of them. Their health can be affected by overeating, digestive problems, and being overweight, as they often don’t take care of themselves like others. When committed and practicing self-care and love, the earth element human can be a steadfast leader who can bring people together who will become their bridge to success.

Clothing and decoration colours: Light brown, yellow, orange, ochre, terracotta, beige, red, purple

Best Element Decoration Items: Fire, candles, stone or brick, crystals, earth elements

Element that nourishes people on Earth: fire elements, objects

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: White, grey, metallic, metallic, green and brown

Feng Shui Birth Element Metal

Metal Elemental people are methodical, detail-oriented, and picky (in a good way!). They are very structured and just like things that way. This is the personality who keeps cool under pressure and has an even temperament that manages to stay above the fray and is not prone to fits of drama. Their ability to stay focused is well known and they are just the right people for any job that requires follow-up work.

There can be a biased quality in the Metal personality that can sometimes take an inward direction. The need to follow rules and keep order can sometimes challenge the Metal element’s personality. If this is the case, it can lead to depression and feelings of despair in the person with the metal element.

People with metal elements are excellent scientists, doctors and accountants. In healthcare, concerns can focus on the lungs, such as COPD and asthma, infection issues, and digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. In any profession in which a demanding personality is required, the person with the metal element can distinguish themselves. It is their spirit, when focused and free from judgment, that can propel them to their highest abilities and be the source of their greatest achievements.

Clothing and decoration colours: Metallic colours (white, silver, gray, brass, metallic finishes) and earth colours (yellow, tan, beige, terracotta).

Best Element Decoration Items: Metallic elements such as iron and metal objects and earth elements such as pictures of mountains, maps, globes and earth objects such as vases, china objects and crystals.

Element that nourishes metal people: Earth elements and objects

Clothing and decoration colours and elements to avoid: Water elements and colours blue or black as well as fire colours and elements like red, pink or purple.