Trouble with sleeping  at night?

Trouble with sleeping at night?

Do you have trouble getting off to sleep at night?
It is important that you are comfortable and #relaxed when you go to bed. Whilst you lie trying to get to sleep many things come into your mind.
What you did that day and what might happen the next are probably at the forefront of your mind to begin with. Then, you may begin to think about your surroundings and the shadows in the room. Is that man over in the corner? No. Just a shadow thrown by an object on the table.
Your choice and placing of the furniture in your bedroom is very important when it comes to being relaxed and getting a good nights sleep every night.
In my article, Insomnia can ruin your Day, I explain in some detail why #FengShui can help you to sleep well every night. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.