Feng Shui and the 8 Prosperity Stars


When your home’s chi is affected, your finances suffer. Feng Shui creates the chi of prosperity. Learn how to create an abundant and prosperous life by creating an environment that helps you improve and increase your financial prospects and income by making adjustments to your home’s Feng Shui

There are numbers in Feng Shui  that are considered the most favourable for luck and wealth. For when the numbers 1, 4, 6 or 8 (and sometimes 9) – represented by the qualities of success, promotion, achievement, love, travel and prosperity – appear in your home, either as natal, annual or monthly energy, happiness comes to you.

Let’s start with the most popular number of all, the number 8.

Associated with the north-east corner of education, wisdom and good choices, the 8-star is an earth star. Until February 2024, the number eight also relates to water and earth and therefore it can bring a lot of prosperity and success in two areas: relationships and wealth.

The 8-star value brings opportunities to create more wealth and prosperity.

Job and career success are a bonus of the 8 stars and when the yearly moves put the 8 stars on the doorstep or in the bedroom it can rain financial benefits.

It is also a godsend if your living room, bedroom or office is where the 8 stars fly.

This star brings wonderful success when this sector is brightly lit and activated with yang energy such as candles, red colours, crystals and filled with activity.

What are the 8 stars?

In 2022 the eight-pointed star will be in its native Northeast. This brings benefits through education, learning, writing, certifications, and taking exams.

In 2023, the 8-star hotel will move to the southern corner, bringing financial benefits and opportunities through networking, social connections, and friends.

Every year I write a Feng Shui  forecast and note the position of the 8 stars for each month and this information will help you make the most of the energy when it is in favourable places like your front door, your bedroom, your home office , living room or dining room.

If a lucky star falls in a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, the beneficial effects cannot be fully utilised.

How do I activate the 8 stars?

If your front door is in the direction where the 8 star for the year or month is, you should activate it with earth related and yellow items.

Adding vases in the place of the 8 star will help you “gather and store” the excellent energy here for business and personal prosperity and success.

A great way to add and collect this great wealth and energy of opportunity is with an arrangement of vases. Vases shaped like a gourd or in the shape of a figure eight are the most promising.


Other activators include crystals, lighting, seashells, and items coloured red. A mystical knot or eight is another way to amplify the energies of the eight.

Pictures of stones, mountains, deserts and maps or educational institutions also help to promote the beneficial properties of the 8 star.

To give the 8 Star the most energy, try an arrangement of nine objects, as the number 9 relates to the fire element, the element that creates the earth, the element of the 8 Star.

Since this is a lucky star, make sure you spend plenty of time here and keep it brightly lit and activated.

If you have a bathroom, garage or other unfortunate space here, make sure you add something red and bright, e.g. B. A lamp with a red shade in the corner of your living room, corresponding to the position of the eighth star. In 2022, that position would be the northeast corner.

You can also activate the eight star by hanging some red artwork or pictures of birds or horses here. Red candles, red lamps or red pillows used here are nice additions that make the 8 star fire and reveal its best energies.

The other side of the golden coin

Although the eighth star is considered very auspicious, every star has a dark side, just as every afflicted energy has a positive side. For the 8 stars, the energy can be difficult for children. Most often, the difficulties involved are the potential for injury or illness in children.

Take good care of your children when they are engaged in sports activities or when their bedroom is in the area where the eight stars are guests to protect themselves from accidents or illnesses.

Feng Shui and the advantage of clutter

What brings you to a clean, organised home?

It gives you a sense of calm!

Imagine walking into a room with the ceilings cleared and no papers and clutter strewn about. What feeling does that evoke in you? That’s the AHAAAAA feeling you get when you walk into a hotel room…it’s neat and you can actually see the room and not all the stuff.

It gives you your health back!

Dirty, cluttered houses can make you tired, congested, have back pain, and be constipated. Not just because there’s stuff everywhere, but because there’s dust on all that stuff, and dust is nothing but negative energy. Unclog your home and see improvements in your health and well-being.

It gives you wealth!

Think back to the times when you were doing well financially… With money worries piling up, have you ever made the correlation that all the stuff around you has? Get rid of it and you will see the flow of finance again.

It puts you in control of your life!

Suddenly, after tidying up, there is order in the universe, you find what you are looking for, the feeling of being overwhelmed is not omnipresent and you look forward to things; life is sweet again.

What do you want from life?

Check the list below for ideas where clutter stops the flow.

LOVE – Tidy up the SOUTHWEST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter here can manifest itself in relationship problems or cause health problems such as a large stomach, problems with the reproductive or excretory system, or a bulging midsection.

MONEY – Tidy up the SOUTHEAST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter here can lead to problems with lack of savings (accumulated wealth), low returns, and trouble in the hips, legs, and knees. Start a savings program – no matter how small – to boost your energy to build your wealth.

FRIENDS, FAME, RECOGNITION – Clean up the SOUTH corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter here can cause problems with recognition, difficulties with friends and socialising, and health issues like vision and heart problems. Lighten and brighten this area and create an open space (air feeds fire!) and watch the stress drop and the fun rise.

HEALTH, FAMILY GROWTH – Tidy up the EAST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Problems lead to difficulties with family members, tension in the home, and problems with the skin, liver, and feet. Embellish with water images to nourish the wood energy of this sector and improve health and family relationships.

CAREER, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES – Tidy up the NORTH corner of your home, bedroom, living room, desk and office. Problems and clutter in this area cause kidney and ear problems. Brighten and illuminate this area and create space to improve the flow of water energy here which offers career and business opportunities.

KIDS/BABIES, CREATIVITY, PROJECTS TO FLOWER – Tidy up the WEST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office to see projects coming to fruition. Clutter in this area causes problems with children, lungs, mouth and teeth. Add metal to this area to add movement to projects and help kids.

EDUCATION, PERSONAL GROWTH, SPIRITUALITY, WRITING – Clean up the NETHERLANDS corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter in this area keeps you from thinking clearly and making good decisions, and keeps you anxious and insecure about your life. It also affects your hands and can cause problems like arthritis.

TRAVEL, MENTORS, HELPFUL PEOPLE – Tidy up the NORTHWEST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter in this area creates problems with men, the man of the house, international business and travel, and finding people to help and support you in life. Excessive clutter in this corner can cause problems with the head, such as: E.g. worries, high blood pressure and headaches. Open this space and the world will open up for you!


Feng Shui and Chandeliers

The 8 important things to know about Feng Shui and Chandeliers

Chandeliers enhance dining

If you’ve ever noticed Chinese guests, they often gather around the table in large groups. The chandeliers bring excellent chi into the restaurant and stimulate relationship chi with the guests. As you can see, eating and enjoying relationships with others go hand in hand in Chinese society, and chandeliers symbolise this symbiotic relationship.

The crystal’s earth energy and energising light (fire that also cooks food) are excellent enhancers in any dining room.

Chandeliers raise Chi

Without question, light is one of the most promising Feng Shui activators. It is doubled and tripled as this light is reflected in a sparkling crystal chandelier. The prisms of the chandelier crystals cast off rainbows that bring particularly wonderful chi. Crystals represent the purest and highest form of energy on earth, which is also a source of abundance.

Chandeliers as a remedy

Since chandeliers are earth energy, they are great as a remedy for issues like the stove and sink opposing each other. When this happens there is a conflict between man and woman, represented by the clash between fire and water. However, the earth energy of the chandelier can act as a mediator and settle the dispute between the two clashing energies.

Chandeliers welcome Chi

A wonderful way to draw chi into your home is by adding a chandelier. Placed in a foyer or near the front door, the beautiful energy of the illuminated crystals can draw beautiful chi energy into the entryway of your home.

Chandeliers help the lady of the house

Women are symbolised by the element of earth and “illuminated earth” like a chandelier brings wonderful happiness to the woman of the home and of marriage. It also improves the relationships and love happiness of all household members.

Chandeliers elevate bedroom energies

If your room is dark or dull, a chandelier will easily bring out the chi of the room. Be sure to hang a chandelier over the bed as it is not recommended. If so, place a canopy over the bed or use a smaller flush mount style here.

Avoid walking under large chandeliers

Because of their oppressive earth energy, it is best to use chandeliers that aren’t too big or heavy if they’re in a location where they’ll be walked on. Use a smaller chandelier if you want someone to walk underneath.

Activate critical corners

Chandeliers are wonderful anywhere in the home, but they’re especially helpful in certain corners. Use chandeliers in the west and northwest corners, where their light and earth energies benefit the children and men of the home, in the northeast and southwest where their energies foster relationships and create family harmony, and in the south, to bring wealth, success, and material bring benefits.