The heavenly 6 star

Meaning of the heavenly 6 favour and lucky star in Feng Shui 

The 6 Star is one of the most popular and respected off all the stars in Feng Shui.

This star has a rich energy star that bestows favour and brings achievement, power, influence, authority – and perhaps the best of all its qualities – fortunes, favours and opportunities at your feet.

The 6 Star is like a great cosmic meteor shower, raining like diamonds from the sky into your lap.

Better still, the 6-star star represents the energy of helpful people who will help you when you need them.

These heavenly people can range from someone who will fix a flat tire for you to doctors, lawyers, agents, brokers, mentors and anyone influential.

Imagine the 6-star jungle genie from the magic lamp to grant your wishes.

Its natural home is in the Northwest Sector, the corner of men and helpful people.

Like a large white sparkling diamond, the 6 star is ruled by the planet Venus.

This planet rules attraction and relationships, so the 6-pointed star in the north-west corner means that meaningful and beneficial relationships can be formed this year, especially with powerful men, people from afar, and to bring you international opportunities.

Have you ever wished for a guardian angel to help you?

Think of the 6 stars as that kind of support… the kind that comes from heaven. It is the star that brings good fortune and luck in speculation and helps the man of the house.

It is the star that represents the zodiac signs Dog and Pig and signifies deep winter when the stars twinkle brightest against the deep blue velvet sky at night.

The Northwest Sector also represents the breadwinner, so males, who are the main breadwinners, will benefit from its heavenly influence. But men and women benefit equally from this star.

The celestial influence has some interesting qualities not seen in other stars.

Above all, this includes the heavenly aspect of psychic visions, spirituality and inspiration, such as new business ideas or insights that you can benefit from.

It is also an indicator of a masculine presence, or someone who has the ability to lift you up, mend you, or open doors that were previously closed.

Think of someone with prestige, power, and authority, who brings happiness by noticing, helping, and introducing themselves, who brings opportunity.

The downside of this twinkling star is a tendency to overwork and headaches.

Be sure to spend plenty of time in the sector where the 6 Star Star is located for the year or month and keep it activated and alive with metal and earth energies. In 2022, the 6 stars will be in the northwest, it’s home corner. In 2023 the 6 star moves west, and in 2024 the 6 star flies to the northeast corner.

To enhance the beneficial effects of the celestial white six-pointed star, add plenty of crystal elements, gems, a wealth bowl, or crystal balls wherever it flies to keep its celestial luck, favour, and charms in the north-west corner or wherever the 6 is, to activate star flies to.

The Best 6 Star Activator? Movable metal. One of the best is a chiming clock with real metal bells to herald the blessings of heaven!

Six smooth crystal balls are wonderful amplifiers for the 6 stars. An arrangement of these crystal balls signifies the union of heaven and earth and will fill the northwest corner of your home or living room with auspicious energy that will help you leap forward in the world of business and material achievements such as possessions and wealth.

You can also upgrade the 6-star with a statue of Kwan Kung, large geodes, crystal bowls, images of powerful people, maps, images of planets, stars, and gold and metal objects.

Feng Shui and the 8 Prosperity Stars


When your home’s chi is affected, your finances suffer. Feng Shui creates the chi of prosperity. Learn how to create an abundant and prosperous life by creating an environment that helps you improve and increase your financial prospects and income by making adjustments to your home’s Feng Shui

There are numbers in Feng Shui  that are considered the most favourable for luck and wealth. For when the numbers 1, 4, 6 or 8 (and sometimes 9) – represented by the qualities of success, promotion, achievement, love, travel and prosperity – appear in your home, either as natal, annual or monthly energy, happiness comes to you.

Let’s start with the most popular number of all, the number 8.

Associated with the north-east corner of education, wisdom and good choices, the 8-star is an earth star. Until February 2024, the number eight also relates to water and earth and therefore it can bring a lot of prosperity and success in two areas: relationships and wealth.

The 8-star value brings opportunities to create more wealth and prosperity.

Job and career success are a bonus of the 8 stars and when the yearly moves put the 8 stars on the doorstep or in the bedroom it can rain financial benefits.

It is also a godsend if your living room, bedroom or office is where the 8 stars fly.

This star brings wonderful success when this sector is brightly lit and activated with yang energy such as candles, red colours, crystals and filled with activity.

What are the 8 stars?

In 2022 the eight-pointed star will be in its native Northeast. This brings benefits through education, learning, writing, certifications, and taking exams.

In 2023, the 8-star hotel will move to the southern corner, bringing financial benefits and opportunities through networking, social connections, and friends.

Every year I write a Feng Shui  forecast and note the position of the 8 stars for each month and this information will help you make the most of the energy when it is in favourable places like your front door, your bedroom, your home office , living room or dining room.

If a lucky star falls in a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, the beneficial effects cannot be fully utilised.

How do I activate the 8 stars?

If your front door is in the direction where the 8 star for the year or month is, you should activate it with earth related and yellow items.

Adding vases in the place of the 8 star will help you “gather and store” the excellent energy here for business and personal prosperity and success.

A great way to add and collect this great wealth and energy of opportunity is with an arrangement of vases. Vases shaped like a gourd or in the shape of a figure eight are the most promising.


Other activators include crystals, lighting, seashells, and items coloured red. A mystical knot or eight is another way to amplify the energies of the eight.

Pictures of stones, mountains, deserts and maps or educational institutions also help to promote the beneficial properties of the 8 star.

To give the 8 Star the most energy, try an arrangement of nine objects, as the number 9 relates to the fire element, the element that creates the earth, the element of the 8 Star.

Since this is a lucky star, make sure you spend plenty of time here and keep it brightly lit and activated.

If you have a bathroom, garage or other unfortunate space here, make sure you add something red and bright, e.g. B. A lamp with a red shade in the corner of your living room, corresponding to the position of the eighth star. In 2022, that position would be the northeast corner.

You can also activate the eight star by hanging some red artwork or pictures of birds or horses here. Red candles, red lamps or red pillows used here are nice additions that make the 8 star fire and reveal its best energies.

The other side of the golden coin

Although the eighth star is considered very auspicious, every star has a dark side, just as every afflicted energy has a positive side. For the 8 stars, the energy can be difficult for children. Most often, the difficulties involved are the potential for injury or illness in children.

Take good care of your children when they are engaged in sports activities or when their bedroom is in the area where the eight stars are guests to protect themselves from accidents or illnesses.

The Meaning of Topaz in Feng Shui

Topaz is a beautiful stone that is often used for restoration, relaxation and manifestation, and the stone has many spiritual meanings as well.

There are different types of topaz, each with unique properties. Precious topaz, which is orange or red, is one of the birthstones associated with November. Blue topaz is one of the December birthstones. People born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are said to wear topaz.

Topaz is also a good and auspicious stone to use in Feng Shui. Discover the healing energy of topaz to enhance your home’s Feng Shui.

Activate Kun, the relationship corner

There is an area on the Feng Shui bagua card called kun that is associated with relationships, partnerships and love. Kun is also related to Yin Earth, which is very receptive. Think of a soft, nourishing soil for plants to grow and thrive on. Many of us can become overly focused on doing more and more things, and we sometimes forget to sit back and receive. If you wish to cultivate this more receptive energy, try placing topaz in the relationship corner of your home with this intention. The Kun position is in the far right corner of your home or bedroom when you stand at the entrance and look inside. The Kun position is associated with the color pink, so pink topaz would be particularly supportive in this area.

Activate Tai Qi, the area of ​​health

The Tai Qi is the center of the Feng Shui Bagua. It represents your overall well-being. Because it is in the center, Tai Qi is connected to all the surrounding Bagua areas, each representing a different area of ​​life. That makes sense when you think about it: a strong wellness foundation makes it that much easier to make positive changes in all other areas of life as well. With greater well-being, you can show yourself more fully in your career, relationships, family, and so on. To activate Tai Qi, place a yellow, orange, or brown topaz crystal in the center of your home or bedroom. These colours are all expressions of the earth, which is the element associated with Tai Qi.



Feng Shui and the entrance door

Take care of the Feng Shui of your Entrance Door

Main doors should open inward into a wider space rather than opening into a cramped narrow space.  You should also have an open space (bright hall) outside the main door.


If the door opens outward, change the position of the hinges so that it opens inward.

If the foyer is small and tiny, hang a bright light over the door and leave it on for at least three hours each day.

You can use a mirror to visually enlarge the foyer, but don’t hang it right in front of the door. Instead, position it against a side wall.


What should my door be made of?
Solid doors are preferable to glass doors. The front door should always be solid and made of wood or some other strong, durable material. Clear or opaque glass doors suggest fragility and offer no protection to the home and family living there.

Is my front door the right size?
The front door should never be too big or too small in relation to the house as a whole, and it should be the most beautiful entrance to your home. A door that is too small does not let happiness in. The door should be at least high enough for the tallest member of the household to easily walk through. If the door is too big, this portends that all happiness will be lost.

Beware of poison arrows:

There are many different structures that can damage the front door, both inside and outside. Stand by your main door and look outside for the following: triangular roofline from opposite neighbour, edge of another building, steps leading up or down, lamppost, graveyard, hospital, high-rise tower, church spire.

Now change your position and stand by the main door and look inside the house. Look for a staircase opposite the main door, a pillar, a spiral staircase, a wall mirror or edge of a wall, a toilet door or kitchen door, or a long straight corridor or hallway.

How can you upgrade your front door?

Hang a painting with an auspicious theme (like 100 birds) to reinforce the auspicious energy here.

Place lucky plants on either side of the main door to increase yang energy and attract lucky chi.

Display a pair of Fu dogs flanking either side to protect you from negative harm to your home.

Display a lucky symbol next to your front door to activate good chi energy. You can place three coins tied together with a red string under a rug just inside the main door entryway.

Having an altar opposite the main door is considered auspicious.

Take the time today to inspect your front door and make any necessary changes to fix any existing problems.


The clutter effects and Feng Shui

How clutter affects you and what to do about it

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Creating a healthy, energetic home or office depends on care. Keeping your home or office clutter-free and clutter-free is a lot easier than keeping track of papers, throwing out old magazines, or otherwise disposing of the things you no longer need, want, or use.

Because of this, many people don’t bother with this type of routine maintenance, and that’s decluttering: just another part of regular home maintenance.

It’s easy to close the closet door or close a cluttered drawer, but you know it’s there, and every time you open that drawer or door, that clutter awaits. Just knowing it’s there and not going away can be a source of stress.

That’s why regular cleaning – and decluttering – is so important.

How did that happen? Only You Know

Is it a habit to drop clothes in one spot? Maybe it’s an addiction to paper or it’s the clothes you can’t part with because you know you’re going to lose those extra 10 pounds eventually.

It could be that you don’t take the time to look at all these things regularly and turn a blind eye to the chaos and clutter that you know is there.

YOU ARE THE EXPERT in your own chaos.

Give yourself permission to forget the reason why it happened this way and instead make regular appointments to let go of your excess.

Let’s go over some basics about dirty, cluttered houses versus clean and organised houses…

What does a messy, cluttered home do to you?

It makes you tired.

A cluttered home is a visual and psychological burden. All that stuff makes you tired. One of the most tired people I know is a collector. Antiques are their specialty. Everything is collectible. But that doesn’t mean she has to collect it. This client is slowly letting go of her passion for collecting and her energy is coming back.

It makes you hopeless.

Simply put, too much stuff is overwhelming and you can’t handle it all, so throw your psychological hands up in the air in frustration. That leads to this hopeless, it’s all inevitable, why bother? Feeling.

It robs you of money.

Have you ever noticed the houses of the mega rich? You are a study in restraint. They notice their homes because their stuff isn’t everywhere.

Again and again, the environment of people struggling to survive is often full of disorder and chaos. Keeping that massive baseball cap collection in check is important. Be mindful of your possessions, like collectibles that have taken over the house or if you just have too much stuff. Get rid of all but the most important things.

You can do it!

How does clutter harm you?

It makes you feel out of control in your life. That’s because the stuff is in control and you are not.

Get in the driver’s seat of your life and take control of all these things by donating, throwing away or organising. There are more organisers these days to help you find a place for almost everything in your home.

Feng Shui and the crystals

Feng Shui and the most popular Crystals

Crystals have long been said to have mystical properties. Certain crystals and stones have long been associated with healing abilities, the ability to focus thought or intent, or even transmutation. And this is no longer a question of faith.

We know scientifically that crystals, especially silicon crystals, are the main reason for faster and faster processing speeds in computers.

But there are other stones and crystals in Feng Shui that have different applications and uses to create beneficial energy to clear your thoughts!

One thing all gems and stones have in common is the belief that they represent the highest, most beautiful forms of vital and precious earth energies, refined in their color, beauty and intrinsic quality.

Her greatest quality is her ability to amplify energies like intention. Here are some of the most common and popular Feng Shui stones and crystals and how to use them.


Jade is both a crystal formation and a valuable gemstone due to its high value. Coloration can range from white to yellow to deep green. The greater the light transmittance, the greater the value of the jade. Jade is worn in amulets, pendants and bracelets.

A common way to wear jade is as a bangle. Jade is believed to purify the blood and promote good health and longevity. Jade is a multipurpose stone and a symbol of growth, wealth and prosperity. When shopping, remember that real jade will always feel cool or cold against the skin.

Quartz crystal

Clear quartz crystal has so many uses in Feng Shui. From using it to stimulate thought to creating harmonious relationships, quartz is versatile. Crystal points are often used to create clear thoughts and improve thinking ability.

Students often wear quartz points to help them do well on tests.

Quartz crystal is often fashioned into faceted crystals, smooth crystal balls, jewellery and chandeliers. When light is directed onto the crystal, it amplifies the faceted crystal by casting prisms of coloured light. Considered to be particularly auspicious and beneficial, this rainbow light can help an unloved person feel loved by bathing in the emitted coolers.


Beautiful and lemon yellow, citrine is the color of the store. It represents the earth element with its yellow color. Due to its golden hue, citrine is said to attract wealth and prosperity. Someone involved in sales or business – or just looking to climb the ladder of success would benefit from a Citrine crystal on their desk.


With its deep purple color, amethyst is a royally coloured stone associated with great wealth. Amethyst can be worn as jewellery or displayed at home. Amethyst geodes are believed to possess great energy wealth and are often used in gemstone trees. It is also a great stone for protection when travelling.

Because of her connection with the Earth Mother, she is said to be able to keep a wandering husband at home. They are also believed to be able to provide healing energy and reduce anger and depression.

Rose Quartz

This is known as the love stone. The pink stone represents the sweet and tender feelings of love in a committed relationship. Singles who want to attract love can use rose quartz to attract love. When your relationship is struggling, keep a rose quartz heart nearby to encourage healing and loving feelings.

This beautiful stone helps us connect with our loving feelings. Worn as a pendant or placed in the home, rose quartz imbues all who come in contact with it with a greater heartfelt connection.


Although not often seen in the west, cinnabar is widespread in the east. The mineral cinnabar occurs around recent volcanic activity or alkaline hot springs and is associated with mercury, pyrite, marcasite, opal, quartz, chalcedony and dolomite. It is rarely or never used in Feng Shui. What is most commonly referred to as cinnabar is actually a resin product.






Integrate Feng Shui into your Garden

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your Garden

When you hear Feng Shui, you probably think about the interior of your home. However, Feng Shui is not limited to interiors!

The Flow of Qi

Basically, the rules of Feng Shui that apply to a home can also be applied to an outdoor area. Overall, the goal is to create a smooth and calming flow of Qi, or life force energy. I’m sure you can walk through your garden with peace of mind without feeling blocked or constrained.

Well-placed retaining walls, pathways, and taller plants can really help direct the flow of Qi by guiding you through space. It’s also a good idea to use rounded edges and wavy lines for garden beds, which will create a smoother flow of Qi. You can also use irregularly shaped stone slabs to create a winding path. This allows Qi to flow smoothly and gather in space, and is generally more beneficial than a garden full of straight paths and sharp corners.

Set the Tone and Energy

It’s important to have a focal point in your garden, which draws the eye deeper into your outdoor space and creates ease. When deciding what to include as your focal point, consider the type of energy you’d like to cultivate. A warming fire feature, for example, will bring a different kind of energy to your space than a soothing water feature, a dramatic flowering tree, or a restful sitting area. Also, additions of the metal element with metal wind chimes can bring joy into your garden.

Balance Yin and Yang to Create Harmony

Using the Feng Shui principles of yin and yang helps create a more balanced design. You can do this by balancing hard (yang) and soft (yin) landscape treatments. To bring in more yang energy, think of boulders and masonry that create structure, boundaries, and clean lines. To soften the edges and bring in yin energy for balance, add plant matter around the hardscaping. Ornamental grasses are a good example of something that embodies yin energy with its gentle, swaying movement.


Feng Shui – Colour

When designing an outdoor space, you can keep it simple in terms of Feng Shui and colour. One way of working with Feng Shui and colour is to use 5 elements colour theory to create balance. The five elements represent different types of energy that all work together, and each element is associated with a particular colour. You don’t necessarily need to have all five elements represented in your space. Instead, choose a few that have the type of energy you want to invite into your garden. Here are a few ways to bring the five elements into your outdoor space using colour, and what they represent:

You can also balance yin and yang with different types of plants. Taller plants bring in more yang energy, while lower ground covers bring in yin energy. Integrating both gives the room dimension and variety and makes it appear more harmonious.

Wood element

The wood element is all about growth and vitality. This is easy to incorporate into a garden as it is associated with the colour green. Every tree, every plant or every bush contributes wood energy.

Fire element

The element of fire represents warmth and friendliness. It is associated with the colour red, which you can bring in through plants like Japanese maples or red geraniums.

Earth element

The earth element has a very grounding energy. Add yellow-coloured soil to your garden, like black-eyed Susan Vine or a yellow-flowered Potentilla.

Metal element

The metal element has a clear and concise energy. It is associated with the colour white, so you can add metal to your garden with plants like Bridal Wreath Spirea or a Shasta daisy.

Water element

The water element cools and is quiet. Water is represented by the colour black (or very dark navy blue), which is a bit more difficult with plant matter as there aren’t many black plants. You can look for something with black fruits like a blackberry. You can also bring in the water element with a water feature instead.

Work with an intention

Feng Shui principles work very well with landscape design, and many of the principles of both practices overlap. Another part of using Feng Shui when designing an outdoor space or garden is that it allows you to set an intention for your space. You can focus on a specific type of energy, which you can do by incorporating one or more of the elements above.

Another way to work with your intention is to map your garden using a Feng Shui tool called a Bagua. This allows you to identify specific areas like wealth or partnership that you might want to improve. To place the Bagua in your garden, you need to find the main entrance on the property and then place the Bagua according to the entrance for your entire property or backyard. Using the Bagua can be tricky at times, and it’s usually a good idea to work with a professional to make sure it’s routed correctly.

When in doubt, keep it simple! When you start designing your outdoor space, set an overall intention. For example, you might want to create a calming and welcoming space. Keep that in mind and then follow the basic guidelines above.

The South East Corner in Feng Shui

The Southeast Corner – The Feng Shui Corner of Wealth, Prosperity and Earnings Luck

The southeast sector is one of the most popular corners of the Bagua in Feng Shui. This corner, called the wealth sector, refers to money you save, e.g. B. Investments, and the money you grow. Funding for these purposes is often associated with IRAs, 401Ks, and other investments. This sector is about wealth growth and new ways to make money.

The southeast corner relates to money you want to save, invest, and grow for the future.This is also the area related to the eldest daughter. It also affects the hips and thighs and buttocks on the body. Its season is late spring.

If the southeast corner is affected, you may have trouble collecting funds.

Since this is the prosperity and wealth sector, it is important that the southeast be boosted with water symbols and elements.

This is because the southeast is the sector of small forests. Its light green color resembles the new leaves budding on a tree or small flower. It’s the seed of growth, something we want in our money.

The quality of luck of the south-east corner affects the ability to increase your wealth and create new sources of wealth.

Wealth and money that comes into the home are important, but it’s the money and income that stays in the home that grows over time that really matters.

This corner relates to the ability to find and cultivate existing and new sources of income and wealth. To add more earning potential, activate this corner to create new sources of income.

A sizeable investment or savings account means that you are better financially able to weather adversity and that you can support yourself in your older years and perhaps have money to pass on to your heirs.

The southeast is symbolised by wood, the rectangular shape, and the light green color, like the new leaves of a plant or tree.

Water-related elements are excellent energisers for the south-east corner of the house. An aquarium is an excellent activator for the southeast corner, as is a fountain.

In particular, fountains with three or six floors bring additional happiness. Make sure each well has a water source, e.g. B. a sink, and that there is a place where the water can collect.

Although popular now, the Vanishing Fountain is a type of fountain that contains a vessel, such as a B. a large urn, flows down and then appears to walk on rocks. This symbolises water (money) being lost rather than being captured (saved or accumulated).

Disappearing fountains are not favourable for Feng Shui purposes for this reason.

What to avoid in the Southeast.

The southeast direction is depleted by fire and devastated by metal. Adding metallic or red tones to that corner of your home, garden or living room can reduce the chances of money luck invading your life.

If this is the location of your kitchen or fireplace, add water images here to support growth potential in the Southeast.

Metal in this corner can weigh on finances and strain the relationship with the eldest daughter in the household.

The southeast refers to the number 4.

This is the number of the wealth sector and the oldest daughter. Although four is a Mandarin homonym for death, it is not a negative number. It is a number signifying growth and reproduction.

Symbols such as fish, turtles, tortoises, and water images are all beneficial in this corner of your home.

Flowers are an excellent energiser for the Southeast sector, as are a group of plants. Be sure to have a beautiful garden in the southeast sector of your garden to activate prosperity and prosperity luck.

If you can add a water feature here, it’s even better. Finally, green light is a wonderful activator in this corner. Increase your wealth and prosperity by adding green objects or a green light to create opportunities to make money or improve your investments.


Feng Shui and the 5 elements of space living

Another aspect of the spatial dimension to emphasise is the balance of the elements in the house. 

To create a balanced home, it is important to balance the elements of the finishes within the living space. You should not have too much of an element that overwhelms others, otherwise it can create an unsettling effect.

To adopt a 5 element design concept, we would need to introduce the wood element through plants and greenery. With fire energy, the living space should be adequately lit to add vibrancy to its atmosphere. Earth energy is represented by the ground material to create a solid base and impact.

Metal energy is introduced through the color of the walls, with further accents added through the window and door finishes. Water energy is created through physical water, with the sound and feel of the water helping to create a calming oasis for the space.

When designing your space, always look to the spatial dimension of Feng Shui to understand how the space itself is a living entity and how it can help improve our lives as well as the energies of our home. Look at the physical aspect of space and how you can use it to expand your home. Or capture the exterior views of the home to create the visual illusion of space and finally understand how the elements we introduce into the space can find balance in the energy of the home.

Bringing the outside in with Feng Shui

Another way to expand your space is to borrow from the outside landscape

In scenarios where we are constrained by our physical space, we can consider enveloping the exterior views into the home through the use of floor to ceiling windows.

This technique allows us to bring the outside landscape inside, providing the spatial experience we need without compromising our physical footprint.

One thing to remember is that space is three dimensional. In homes that don’t have the luxury of physical space or exterior views, we can always look up at the sky. By creating a strong skylight effect, it allows our visual experience to be drawn into the sky, where the sky itself becomes our landscape palette.

Not only does this allow us to bring the vibrant sun yang energy into the home, but it also creates an emotional living experience where nature plays a crucial role in shaping our moods in the room.