The Feng Shui Trinity of Happiness

The Feng Shui Trinity of Happiness – 13 ways to improve happiness in your life


There are many people who consider themselves lucky and just as many who don’t, but no matter which side of the good-bad-luck fence you fall on, Feng Shui  can help you change two-thirds of your luck. Luck seems to only happen to certain people or people born under a lucky star.

But others seem to have the luck in their favour.

In the West, happiness is often viewed as something you either have or don’t have, and the thought is that if you’re not lucky, you can’t change that.

But that is not the Eastern view of happiness.

In Asia, and especially in China, happiness is seen as a trinity.

It consists of three parts that together make up a person’s overall happiness. The three parts consist of Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

Together, heaven, earth and human happiness are the sum of your personal happiness.

The first part, Heaven Luck, is a kind of luck based on who gave you birth and when, like your physical condition, like your eye color or DNA.

This happiness is not affected by religion, spells, or personal will. This can easily be summed up as your destiny or karma. You cannot change who you were born, or your DNA, and that makes Heaven Luck part of the trinity of happiness, which is static and unchanging.

The second part is your earthly happiness, and it’s the kind of happiness that literally surrounds you – and you can change that happiness.

Happiness on earth is represented by your home or whatever is right outside your door. For example, let’s say you live in an area with nice homes, but then realise they were built over a toxic landfill. Or maybe you have a view of a graveyard or a large moat.

The house you live in and the environment in which it is located have a huge impact on your happiness.

Although you cannot change a mountain in the distance, which is considered a very promising environmental energy, you can change your home if it is too crowded or if it is unattractive and unattractive. Both play a role in your earthly happiness.

Earth happiness is also another way of saying Feng Shui .

Human happiness is shifting and a type of happiness that you can greatly influence by choosing where you live, how you live, how you care for and decorate your home, and by observing various time-dimensional changes in energy, such as shui. This can be changed by applying Feng Shui  symbols, personal Feng Shui , and harmoniously and pleasingly designing, landscaping, and decorating your home.

The last kind of happiness is your man happiness.

This is the happiness you have about your actions. Some lack Man Luck because they don’t believe in the idea that their actions trigger energies that work in their favour.

Some say that the appropriate and correct application of Feng Shui  is part of your man’s happiness, and others believe that man’s happiness is a direct result of the way you engage in your life.

Some choose to work hard, others study harder than other students to help themselves advance academically. Whether you are saving, studying, applying for a job or acting on your behalf, such as B. Investing money, these are all parts of your manly happiness.

Man Luck is the kind of luck that has great depth and potential – because it’s based on you and your actions.

Those who protect their health, their outlook, and their actions reflect their desire to be the best for themselves. Not surprisingly, these are the lucky ones.

But there are others who allow themselves to be taken advantage of, surround themselves with negative people, or engage in negative self-talk. There are people who please people and others who don’t grow because they’re stubbornly clinging to every wrong that’s ever been done to them, or because they only feel good when they’re victims or helpless.

The lucky ones are flawed people, imperfect and full of problems, just like the unlucky ones.

The difference is that those with Man Luck choose to look at what they have and what they can do to help themselves.

They are committed to improving their lives, taking personal responsibility for their actions and creating new paths, growing and striving to be better. They realise that everything begins and ends with them and their actions.

For those who don’t have male happiness, the blame usually lies with others, circumstances, their parents, or their upbringing…almost everyone but themselves.

However, Man Luck is the easiest luck to change. It boils down to your choices.

Here are 13 ways you can change and improve your happiness as a man and your happiness on earth.


• Keep your home in good condition and work to make it attractive to you. A clean, beautiful home invites positive energy into your life.

• Follow Feng Shui  and address the changing energies that ebb and flow over time, such as: B. the annual and monthly Feng Shui .

• Look for a living space with good environmental Feng Shui , e.g. B. in a nice neighbourhood, with favourable landscape features such as views, lakes, sea, rivers and mountains or hills. These views also bring beneficial energy.

• Try to live in a house that maintains good Feng Shui  positioning in the landscape, known as the armchair position, with an elevation at the back of the house and slight elevations on the sides.

• Decorate your home, bedroom and office with symbols expressing your desires for health, beauty, love, success, happiness or wealth.

• Decorate your bedroom with good Feng Shui , have a headboard on your bed and keep your front door   clean and inviting.

•  Protect and enhance your front door to bring opportunity into your life.


• Check out what you can do. A don’t go attitude will turn every street you turn into a dead end. It is easy to see what is not possible, but seeing what is possible will help you move forward in life. This is especially helpful when you’re feeling stuck.

• Take responsibility for your actions and reactions. If you take responsibility for the circumstances and make changes accordingly, your luck will change. Admit when you’re wrong, stand by the truth, and commit to taking action in your life. For the same reason, when you make a change and take an action, give yourself praise and acknowledge your accomplishment.

• Take steps to address longstanding issues in your life. If you’re prone to negative self-talk, change that. Talk to yourself as nicely as you would to a dear friend. If that’s too hard, follow the mantra that saying nothing at all is better than saying something mean to yourself.

• Resist victimhood, helplessness, and pity. These are all traps you can fall into, and they become a drug that robs you of your self-respect, your ability to see your life clearly, and to own your life. These drugs ensure that you remain trapped in a self-made trap and are at the mercy of life.

• Accept enthusiasm. Cool disinterest, blah-blah attitude and non-response are socially acceptable and accepted. This creates a life of cool disinterest, blah-blah experiences, and numb living. Be excited, be amazed again and be enthusiastic. You will be amazed at how people react to you and what life sends you.

• Look for inspiration. Where can you get inspiration? Is it with a new social group, a personal coach, a vacation, a goal and the steps you’ll take to reach it? Maybe it’s a podcast with a self-help guru or going to a concert regularly. Find a way to get inspired and stay inspired and spend less time with people who are negative and not supportive of you and spend more time with people and circumstances that uplift you!