Flying Stars September 2022

Flying Stars in September 2022:  An  Inspired Month -with new Ideas

  • Creative Star in the center brings new ideas and new opportunities
  • The #4 in center is also the Peach Blossom Star – romance!
  • Relationships in general get a boost
  • Luckiest sectors are Center, North, South, West and SW
  • Beware SE, E, NE and NW – need remedies
  • NORTH sector brings Completion Luck

The #4 star makes its way to the center of the Flying Star chart, bringing new ideas and new inspiration. As we enter the last quarter of the year, new opportunities open up, with a chance to embark on fresh adventures… a wonderful time for wanderers, dreamers, poets, students and young people. The #4 is also the Peach Blossom Star, which brings loving romance vibes, and better relationships in general. A time when new alliances form, new friendships get born, and working with others reaps benefits.

The luckiest sectors are those highlighted in yellow – the center, the North, South, West and SW. Matriarchs are luckier than patriarchs; mothers hold more influence, while fathers have the misfortune Five Yellow to contend with. The Wood sectors of SE and East meanwhile are both quarrelsome sectors this month; try to keep this part of the home quiet. 

A month to enjoy friends and family, and to work at building on relationships, both personal and professional.