Flying Stars January 2023

  • A month full of promise and seeming opportunities.
  • Plenty of “Special” combinations.

  • Luckiest sectors are SE, South, SW and NW.

  • East, NE and West also hold potential.

  • But Center Sector is very dangerous.

As we move into January and the last month of the Tiger Year, while the Flying Star chart appears to hold out much promise, with many sectors housing very auspicious combinations, the main thing that seems to dominate the chart is the magnifying star 9 joining the Five Yellow in the centre, casting a shadow over everything else. A usual way to read this, and to respond, whenever you find these two stars together, is to tread warily. Among the promise brought by all the other lucky sectors, this indication looms forebodingly, suggesting a need for caution, and for wearing and carrying protection. While success and attainment are well within reach, they will not come without its perils. But another more positive interpretation is the fact that the number 9 is getting stronger and much more auspicious as we head towards the Period of 9. Yes, 2023 is the eve of a new period, when the star number 9 takes on a new magnificence, bringing luck in every form, wealth, health, happiness, and fulfilment. The Five Yellow should always be viewed with some caution, but the best one can do is to suppress its negative aspects, and to activate the number 9 which accompanies it this January.


In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The big number indicates the annual star and the small number indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations.

Flying Stars for the Year of the Rabbit 2023




In a short time, we will be welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, whose docile and diplomatic traits foretell a calmer year ahead. Compared to the tiger, the hare is more agreeable and often prefers tact and negotiation to open hostility, but although the hare is less fierce, it is also as cunning as a fox.

In 2023, the center of the Lo Shu grid will be occupied by star #4. This makes him the dominant star of the year, exerting his influence on every person in every sector, in every space, in every part of the world. Since the number 4 star is the relationship star, it suggests that people will get along better and successful new alliances and partnerships can form around the world. After a year of grappling with power struggles and conflicts that have brought all sorts of problems, collaboration may be just what the world needs to move forward.

So this year we are introducing the Cardinal Connectivity Activator using the four cardinal signs of the zodiac to increase network happiness and promote harmony. When displayed together, they bring great wealth and new opportunities. The best way to ensure consistently productive relationships is to maintain a good balance of yin and yang, so the trigrams CHIEN and KUN are included to prevent relationships from becoming too one-sided. We recommend all homes to have this powerful enhancer in the center sector; and also offices. You can also wear the charm version of this activator to attract good allies wherever you go.

The year has good prospects for growth as evidenced by the presence of the Lap Chun, but with 3 of the 4 pillars being Yin, there is risk that many will fear making the wrong move and this can lead to inaction or stagnation. Displaying the Cosmic Raven in one’s living space will help one make the right decisions; this sky bird also attracts the luck of good timing, so that you do not miss good opportunities that come your way.


East facing houses need repairs as the front of the house is host to the annual Illness Star #2 in the East, Loss Star #7 in the NE and Quarrelsome Star in the Southeast.

Houses with a north-south orientation have the lucky stars 8 and 9 promoting prosperity and prosperity luck. And for all other houses, try to use the north and south parts of the house more often to bring their happy energies to life.

Homes facing SW don’t lose either, as they enjoy the most auspicious energies of the three white stars – 1, 6 and 8.enhancer in the center sector; and offices as well. You can also carry the charm version of this activator to attract good allies everywhere you go.







Flying Star December 2022

December Heralds in Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

  • Victory Star #1 in the Center
  • Fresh Starts; New Beginnings
  • Lucky sectors are SE, East, NE, North, Center.
  • SW brings Wealth, but also Loss & Betrayal
  • West sector brings Completion Luck

December’s chart looks like a big improvement from last month’s, with the Victory Star #1 making its way to the center.

This star taking dominance indicates a turning of corners, new ideas blossoming into reality, and new eras being born. It is a good chart for another reason; it has many auspicious sectors, four generating Ho Tu combinations and one featuring the Sum-Of-Ten, bringing good fortune luck to many different home orientations, and many different parts of the home.

The luckiest sectors this month are the SE, East, NE, North and center, while the West brings completion luck, and the SW brings windfall luck. The South however needs strong remedying with the Misfortune Star #5 being enhanced by the annual Magnification Star #9 .

The general mood of the month promises to be one of renewal and of entering the new year with new energy.

A great time for celebrations and for thinking positive thoughts; to leave behind one’s worries and to forge ahead with confidence. This is a good time to kickstart your goals, to lay foundations, to do the groundwork, and to adopt a real can-do attitude.

This is also the best time to start thinking about the activators and cures you need to put into place to maximize your good fortune luck for 2023.

The Southeast enjoys the Ho Tu which brings luck in business and commercial pursuits

The monthly Five Yellow joins the annual star bringing danger and misfortune to the South sector. There is a threat of illness, money loss and relationship problems if not remedied. Those residing in this part of the home or living in South-facing houses are advised to take extra care of your health and well-being. Beware high-stress levels, which can cause blood pressure to soar. Keep mental and emotional stress under control with the help of the Sky Roebuck.

While the visiting star is the loss-bringing #7, it combines with the resident #2 to form the Big Wealth Ho Tu. This indicates windfall luck, and wealth that comes in unexpectedly or in an unexpected way.

The East welcomes in the #8 star, which combines with the #3 to form the leadership Ho Tu.

The #1 star flying into the central sector benefits all members of the household. As the #1 is a water element star, its positive effects get weakened flying into an Earth sector, thus, to fully benefit from its potential, we suggest placing victory enhancers here. The arrival of this star here makes this a good time to get moving on new ideas, to set plans into motion, and to be courageous in one’s mindset. Results come to those who are motivated and actionoriented, so be proactive with going after your goals. The combination of Water and Earth however brings risk of injuries caused by accidents.

The West plays host to the quarrelsome star #3, which brings conflict and misunderstandings if not subdued. But flying into a metal sector, the #3 is not overly powerful and thus easy to deal with.

The Northeast welcomes in the Relationship Star #4, which joins the Prosperity Star #8 to bring plenty of opportunities that arrive via one’s friends or network. Residents of the NE benefit from being socially active and visible this month. Attend cocktails, parties and other events, and spend more effort cultivating your alliances. Follow up on leads that catch your attention, as they can lead to great outcomes.

The Heavenly Star #6 improves the luck for those residing in the North part of their homes. This star also brings mentor and networking luck. The #6 also combines with the #1 to form the Intellectual Ho Tu, imbuing beneficiaries with plenty of creativity and new ideas. An auspicious part of the home to activate and to spend more time in this month.

The #2 star brings illness in the form of lung problems, which will tend to affect the males of the household more acutely.
he #6 also combines with the #1 to form the Intellectual Ho Tu, imbuing beneficiaries with plenty of creativity and new ideas. An auspicious part of the home to activate and to spend more time in this month.




Flying Stars November 2022

Dangerous Dominance of Earth Stars in Center

  • Illness Star joins Five Yellow in the Center
  • Risk of accidents, illness, violence increases
  • Essential to carry protective amulets
  • Lucky sectors are SE, SOUTH, SW and WEST.

November does not bring much respite from a difficult October. The previous month was characterised by conflict. The coming one sees the #2 join the Five Yellow for yet more challenges, in the form of illness, violence, accidents. This is a warning for everyone to remain careful. We suggest always wearing or carrying protective amulets through November, and to place appropriate remedies in the afflicted areas in our homes, particularly in the central sector where the malevolent Earth energies are so strong.

The centre sector needs the Wu Lou. If you live in a large house, place an appropriate number of Wu Lous, or get one in an appropriate size, the Mega Wu Lou. Make sure you also have your Five Element Pagoda there to keep the annual wu wang well under control. We suggest not to use the centre part of the home for too many activities this month, and avoid the other afflicted sectors if you can –East, NE, North and NW. Keep all afflicted sectors quiet, and not too brightly lit.

The auspicious sectors this month are the SE, SOUTH, SW and WEST sectors. Plan your activities around these parts of the home.

The chart indicates that the luck of the Matriarch is stronger than the luck of the Patriarch in November, with the mother of the family bringing everyone together and restoring balance and harmony in the home. Fathers need to keep their cool and their tempers in check, as the NW, the sector that represents the father, is afflicted with the Quarrelsome Star #3. The effects of this star number often cause as many problems as the Five Yellow or Illness Star 2, and with its arrival in the NW, which represents the leader, it is a good idea to ensure its bad effects are properly subdued. All homes should have the Magical Cosmic Apple in the NW this month.

Flying Stars 2022

Flying Stars for the year 2022




Flying Stars October 2022

  • Conflict Star flies to the center of chart
  • Arguments flare up, fights worsen
  • Lawsuits & legal troubles
  • NE-N-NW luckiest axis
  • Center-SE-South-SW-West need remedies

As we move into October, the #3 Conflict Star flies into the center sector, exacerbating the ill effects of the annual Five Yellow. This colours the whole month with quarrels and conflict energy, both on a micro and macro level. Strong remedies are needed in the center of the home. Place peace apples in the center part of the home this month and try not to make too much noise here. Move your socialising to the NE, North or NW sectors if you can.

The lucky sectors are highlighted in yellow, and the afflicted sectors in red. Superimpose the above monthly flying star chart over your floorplan and move your daily activities to the “lucky” sectors if you can – this month, these are East, NE, North and NW.

The SE and SW bring illness; family members who are elderly should avoid sleeping or spending too much time in these sectors. The SW also afflicts the Matriarch of the home, who should be more careful with health concerns. Don’t treat symptoms too lightly; best to get checked out if you feel that something is not right.


 The SE gets afflicted by the monthly illness star #2. If your main door is located here, you could
 suffer from illnesses that affect the liver region.


The violent star is strong this month as it joins the annual enhancing star in this South. An unlucky time for those with South-facing houses, with risk of burglary and loss.


The Enhancing Star strengthens the annual illness star here, making this sector dangerous for those already experiencing health difficulties. When the energy is afflicted in this sector, it affects the stomach and mouth. The star combination here also impacts marriages negatively.


The Victory Star here brings auspicious indications for those pursuing academic endeavours and those in high-profile careers.


A noisy month with the Argument Star adding fuel to the annual 5 Yellow. There are money troubles and disputes indicated, that can be bad for business and ruinous for relationships.

7  5      WEST – ROBBERY & LOSS

The West area gets seriously afflicted as the monthly 5 Yellow moves into this sector, joining the already dangerous #7. It brings health problems, money loss and obstacles to the occupants of this sector


The NE is blessed by the Heavenly Star 6. Combining with the annual Prosperity Star, this sector becomes very lucky indeed this month! Occupants of the NE may enjoy unexpected financial windfalls. Obstacles that seems insurmountable before can simply evaporate.


Great prosperity and money luck materializes for occupants of the North, and those living in North facing houses. The stars here enhance business and growth luck and bring good prospects for career advancement.


Fortunes change for the better in the NW with the #4 bringing scholastic, creative and relationships luck. When the #4 pairs up with the heaven star, it brings unexpected windfalls, particularly for men. It also brings powerful completion luck.