How to use the purple colour in Feng Shui

Feng Shui : Decoration with the Colour of Wealth and Abundance 

A combination of fiery red and expansive blue creates purple and violet associated with the crown chakra. In Feng Shui  , these colours inspire and invite abundance and royalty. Purple-violet is associated with wealth, prosperity, and self-esteem.

What is fabulous about purple is that it is considered the “beige” of Feng Shui , meaning it is the most versatile color that can be used to enhance almost any area of ​​the home. It is best used in the area of ​​wealth and prosperity and least used in the area of ​​travel and helpful people. Anywhere else, it can be an advantageous color to use if you feel you need a touch of fullness and flow.

Purple is definitely a power color.

It is best used by an entrepreneur, CEO, or someone in a position of influence who is looking for more recognition. You could boost your fame sector with a dose of pretty purple and boost your reputation.

Purple encourages creativity.

You can use purple in the office, children’s room, library or any room where you want to let your creativity flow. Especially if this creativity is used to make money, it will be a double blessing in that area. Try putting a purple orchid on your desk where you work. I’ve always used this trick to boost my own creativity and it has worked every time.

Purple is the color of divine wisdom.

The crown chakra is represented and healed by the color purple, which is the chakra of your connection with the divine and spirituality. Because of this, purple is a great color for a more meditative space or a calming corner. If you have a place where you curl up and read self-help books, try throwing in a purple pillow or throw.

Amethyst is the purple crystal.

And amethyst is the most popular crystal that people decorate with, along with clear quartz and selenite. Amethyst is a power crystal because it covers so many healing aspects. You can always use crystals as an effortless way to enhance the energy in your home for good Feng Shui .


Purple is the color of money flow. Wearing purple clothes or ties is great for anyone in the sales industry. This includes bankers, real estate agents, film producers, creative agencies or anyone who moves with money. When it comes to creating new business opportunities, it’s wise to use purple in a personal and wealth-enhancing way.


Feng Shui and Chandeliers

The 8 important things to know about Feng Shui and Chandeliers

Chandeliers enhance dining

If you’ve ever noticed Chinese guests, they often gather around the table in large groups. The chandeliers bring excellent chi into the restaurant and stimulate relationship chi with the guests. As you can see, eating and enjoying relationships with others go hand in hand in Chinese society, and chandeliers symbolise this symbiotic relationship.

The crystal’s earth energy and energising light (fire that also cooks food) are excellent enhancers in any dining room.

Chandeliers raise Chi

Without question, light is one of the most promising Feng Shui activators. It is doubled and tripled as this light is reflected in a sparkling crystal chandelier. The prisms of the chandelier crystals cast off rainbows that bring particularly wonderful chi. Crystals represent the purest and highest form of energy on earth, which is also a source of abundance.

Chandeliers as a remedy

Since chandeliers are earth energy, they are great as a remedy for issues like the stove and sink opposing each other. When this happens there is a conflict between man and woman, represented by the clash between fire and water. However, the earth energy of the chandelier can act as a mediator and settle the dispute between the two clashing energies.

Chandeliers welcome Chi

A wonderful way to draw chi into your home is by adding a chandelier. Placed in a foyer or near the front door, the beautiful energy of the illuminated crystals can draw beautiful chi energy into the entryway of your home.

Chandeliers help the lady of the house

Women are symbolised by the element of earth and “illuminated earth” like a chandelier brings wonderful happiness to the woman of the home and of marriage. It also improves the relationships and love happiness of all household members.

Chandeliers elevate bedroom energies

If your room is dark or dull, a chandelier will easily bring out the chi of the room. Be sure to hang a chandelier over the bed as it is not recommended. If so, place a canopy over the bed or use a smaller flush mount style here.

Avoid walking under large chandeliers

Because of their oppressive earth energy, it is best to use chandeliers that aren’t too big or heavy if they’re in a location where they’ll be walked on. Use a smaller chandelier if you want someone to walk underneath.

Activate critical corners

Chandeliers are wonderful anywhere in the home, but they’re especially helpful in certain corners. Use chandeliers in the west and northwest corners, where their light and earth energies benefit the children and men of the home, in the northeast and southwest where their energies foster relationships and create family harmony, and in the south, to bring wealth, success, and material bring benefits.

Feng Shui and the 5 elements of space living

Another aspect of the spatial dimension to emphasise is the balance of the elements in the house. 

To create a balanced home, it is important to balance the elements of the finishes within the living space. You should not have too much of an element that overwhelms others, otherwise it can create an unsettling effect.

To adopt a 5 element design concept, we would need to introduce the wood element through plants and greenery. With fire energy, the living space should be adequately lit to add vibrancy to its atmosphere. Earth energy is represented by the ground material to create a solid base and impact.

Metal energy is introduced through the color of the walls, with further accents added through the window and door finishes. Water energy is created through physical water, with the sound and feel of the water helping to create a calming oasis for the space.

When designing your space, always look to the spatial dimension of Feng Shui to understand how the space itself is a living entity and how it can help improve our lives as well as the energies of our home. Look at the physical aspect of space and how you can use it to expand your home. Or capture the exterior views of the home to create the visual illusion of space and finally understand how the elements we introduce into the space can find balance in the energy of the home.

Bringing the outside in with Feng Shui

Another way to expand your space is to borrow from the outside landscape

In scenarios where we are constrained by our physical space, we can consider enveloping the exterior views into the home through the use of floor to ceiling windows.

This technique allows us to bring the outside landscape inside, providing the spatial experience we need without compromising our physical footprint.

One thing to remember is that space is three dimensional. In homes that don’t have the luxury of physical space or exterior views, we can always look up at the sky. By creating a strong skylight effect, it allows our visual experience to be drawn into the sky, where the sky itself becomes our landscape palette.

Not only does this allow us to bring the vibrant sun yang energy into the home, but it also creates an emotional living experience where nature plays a crucial role in shaping our moods in the room.

Feng Shui & design & ceiling heights

Using Ceiling Height regarding to the principle of Feng Shui

If we are constrained by the given footprint, another method is to play with the vertical element of the space. By designing your living area to accommodate a double height volume, you can experience an explosion of space through its volumetric effect.

In this example, the upper seating area offers a more private experience while the lower living area is more open and public.

This energetic environment allows the family to interact on different floors of the home and allows the architecture to create a visual barrier between private and public zones, all without the use of walls or partitions. This design method impresses with the concept of a fluid flow of energy that resonates throughout the house and spatial freedom.

Feng Shui & Desig & the open space

Design and Feng Shui – the space dimension – the open plan

One of the key elements in Feng Shui is understanding the concept of space. By using formulas, instructions, and charts, we can see which areas of the home are right for each of us. However, to maximise the potential of these areas, we must be able to create a “space” that evokes a positive emotional response. How we feel, how we act, and even how we live is directly attributed to what we see and experience around us.

The Open Plan

Through the spatial dimension of Feng Shui, we explore ways to create spaces that help promote a sense of freedom and harmony. One of the key elements in the space dimension technique is the concept of the open space plan. Through an open concept we are able to arrange different areas (living, dining, entertaining or reading) of the house in a single space, allowing each area to stand independently but still being held together by the overall space.

This allows the room to “grow” exponentially, creating the illusion of a room that is larger than it actually is. This allows us to breathe easier and experience the true concept of abundance and growth. It helps promote family values ​​and allows each individual family member to do their own thing and still be connected, making every mundane task a social family event.

Another great benefit of an open plan is the ability for the energies of the home to flow freely and unhindered from one corner to the other. It is therefore important to recognise which areas of the house are promising based on the Flying Star natal chart. By organising your open housing right, promising star combinations can be further increased, allowing the household to benefit maximally from its powerful energy.

For example, look for sectors within the house that contain either the Water or Mountain Star #8 and make those sectors the center of the open plan layout. This allows the energies of the #8 stars to overwhelm the other corners, increasing their influence on the neighbouring flying star combinations.

Another method when designing an open plan is to break up the spaces through the use of dividers to emphasise a sense of privacy from one room to another, yet leave it open enough for the seamless flow of energy to be maintained. In this example, the living and dining areas are divided into distinct zones with a feature cabinet, but the window facade and floor pattern emphasise the open concept to tie the two areas together.