8 Lucky food brings luck to eat on Chinese New Year


During the Chinese New Year celebrations, people like to eat jiaozi, a type of dumpling that symbolizes wealth and longevity. Most often these dumplings are in round shape, similar to the old Japanese money. It brings you wealth and prosperity. 


No meal without fish for Chinese New Year. To have a good year in which we can sneak our way through various problems like the fish through the water.

Tray of Unity 

It is a tray full of 8 types of snacks. It could be pecan nuts, hazelnut, chestnuts, almonds, prunes, apricots, nut, but also Sweets. You also can place oranges and pomelos to attract wealth and pomegranate for fertility,


Duck should be served whole, like the fish – It is fineries a better New Year

Nian Gao

This is a rice dessert. It is very appreciated all over the world and has a tradition of over 3000 years. These small cakes are consumed to attract prosperity.

Buddha’s Delight

This vegetarian dish is very popular in the Chinese kitchen. It should be present on the dinner table on New Year to bring good health in 2022.


Those who wish to have a long life should eat noodles on Chinese New Year. Beware not to cut the noodles when you eat them. It’s not auspicious.