Trouble with sleeping  at night?

Trouble with sleeping at night?

Do you have trouble getting off to sleep at night?
It is important that you are comfortable and #relaxed when you go to bed. Whilst you lie trying to get to sleep many things come into your mind.
What you did that day and what might happen the next are probably at the forefront of your mind to begin with. Then, you may begin to think about your surroundings and the shadows in the room. Is that man over in the corner? No. Just a shadow thrown by an object on the table.
Your choice and placing of the furniture in your bedroom is very important when it comes to being relaxed and getting a good nights sleep every night.
In my article, Insomnia can ruin your Day, I explain in some detail why #FengShui can help you to sleep well every night. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Insomnia Can Ruin Your Day

Insomnia Can Ruin Your Day

A good nights sleep is something that no individual should compromise on. A healthy sleeping pattern is required to have a good routine as a part of your life and to also use your time throughout the day productively. Apart from an unhealthy sleeping pattern, it’s also to address the issue of insomnia. Insomnia can lead to harming your day-to-day activities and eventually leads to long term negative effects as well.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which can aid you in getting rid of your insomnia and make a positive change to your bedtime. After all, implementing the art of Feng Shui to the place where you sleep can bring in the positive energies which you’d need to have a good nights sleep.

The following are ways in which Feng Shui can be implemented into your bedroom to ensure a positive flow of energy in the right direction and achieve a positive change in your sleeping pattern:

Choice of Bed

The bed which you sleep on every night has a big influence on a good nights sleep. To avoid insomnia, ensure that you have a bed that is solid wood rather than a metal one. The energy from a wooden bed are far more positive than the ones released from a metal bed.

Placement of Furniture 

If you’ve implemented Feng Shui in your life before, you know one of the most popular tools is a compass. The direction of objects in a room can be determined using this and to improve your sleeping pattern. For example, your bed should not directly be facing a mirror as this depletes good energy. Also, a bed’s headboard should be against a wall, but any other side of your bed should not directly be against a wall. Also, one of the most important aspects to know is that a bed should never be aligned with a door.

Choice of Colors

A Feng Shui color compass can help you derive the energies in your life that may be missing. In this case, if insomnia is a problem, then there are certain colors which must be focused on. For example, focusing on keeping a calm vibe is important. This can be done through colors such as cream/beige and also earthy colors which resemble the calming of nature.

Removing Clutter

A clutter is not just one that’s visible, it also includes the clutter in your closet and the clutter under your bed. Yes, these are all easy ways out to clear a mess that’s visible in your room, but these are terrible for the energy in your bedroom. Relaxation and peace are what you will achieve from clean spaces within your room, which in turn will eliminate the vibes that bring you insomnia.

Fresh Air

Allowing fresh air to move freely in and out of your home is a must. Keeping windows open throughout the day is not possible for all of us since we’re constantly out of our homes. In this case, it’s important to frequently replace air filters within your home and to also keep humidifiers in your rooms. Also, it’s really helpful to keep those curtains open if not the windows, because sunlight is just as important as fresh air!

Minimising on Electronics

Electronics are one thing which are suggested by Feng Shui experts to not keep in your bedroom to ensure a good sleeping pattern. This is not only because they are distracting but also because they add the energy of fire into the room and will give you a tough time when trying to sleep.

These were a few changes you can implement within your bedroom to help with your bedtime and get rid of insomnia.

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

Useful Feng Shui tips to get rid of the sleeping problems” Almost one in two journals about health cover the problem of insomnia. When I read these articles I remember very well my own sleeping situation before I became a Feng Shui expert. It definitely took me some time to get rid of my sleep problems.

My advice and tip: Apply Feng Shui and see what happens.

1.Create clear structures in the bedroom and eliminate insomnia

The most important principle in Feng Shui is to make room and achieve clarity. In many bedrooms you can find working material, irons, vacuum cleaners or even boxes being left here since the last relocation. It would serve the purpose of the place more to arrange it as a relaxation room and wellness oasis. I am sure you agree that your soul and mind can relax much better in an unencumbered bedroom.

2.Sleep problems can be caused by electro smog

Electro smog is something that is seldom taken into account in bedrooms.  Frequently, there is current in objects where you would never suspect it to be. Lamps, for example, can create a large electric field. These electric fields can only be detected by a high frequency meter since the radiation cannot be seen or felt. Even a cordless phone which is positioned in an adjacent room can create an electric field. Especially at night during sleep, the human body is more vulnerable to unfavourable impacts because this is the time when many alert functions are also in sleep mode.

Sometimes you are literally completely electrified while you intend to relax during sleep.

My advice: Think of  a network activator that can be installed by an expert. With this electro smog switch you make sure that there is no more current when all lamps and electric devices are being switched off. Remember to switch off the stand-by mode. Otherwise the switch doesn’t work. In addition to this you should as well make sure that the radio alarm, telephone and all electric devices are as far apart from the bed as possible. It is often overlooked that extension cords below the bed also carries electricity. One last note: There are lamps that create electric or electromagnetic fields even if they are switched off. Consequently, it is safer to disconnect the power.

3.Darkness is much better than light

During the night we produce melatonin. This sleep hormone is needed to adjust the rhythm of waking and sleeping. The prerequisite for its production is a dark room. Thus, your bedroom should be totally dark. When there are no artificial lights and the windows are shaded the hormone will be produced easily.

4.A firm wall in the back

You need to have a protected position in order to feel safe and to fall asleep deeply.  Therefore, the bed should be placed with top towards the wall and lying in bed you should be able to observe the door. Your subconsciousness will judge this situation as being secure and will recompense you with a deep sleep.

5.Use the bed only for sex and sleep

A bedroom is not a home office. In Feng Shui only Yin features are attributed to this location. Yin means silence, privacy and recovery. Love is Yin and helps to relax the body hence it is inherent to bedrooms be a location where couples become one with each other. The room in which the home office is located is more Yang, thus a place of more activity. This means, when you want to enjoy a relaxing sleep better leave out all work.

6.Don’t sleep between door and window

The bed not only needs a firm wall it should also not be placed between a door and a window. The more protected the place of the bed is the more restful your sleep will be. However, it can be a problem especially when the room’s shape doesn’t allow it. Then, a canopy bed can help creating a quiet place. In case you are about to realise your dream house, now you know how to design an ideal bedroom.

7.Remove everything that gives reflexions

Mirrors reflect, disturb the quietness of the room and prevent a healthy sleep. Here we talk not only of the reflexions of yourself in the mirror but also of those of the movements of your partner. You subconsciously perceive that there is something in the room and stay alert. In this stadium you cannot come into a deep sleep phase. The reflexions can occur because of mirrors in front of a wardrobe but also because of decoration objects or glass fronts.

8.Fragrances work wonders

For a healthy sleep you need fresh air. Make sure, that there is enough oxygen in your bedroom before you go to bed but also you need to open the window in the morning right after waking up. A pleasurable fragrance like lavender also supports a calm and  pleasant room atmosphere. Lavender pacifies and aids a good and relaxing sleep.

9.Subdues colours have a calming effect

Of course, you may use colours to paint your bedroom but they should be subdued, the range reaches from pastel blue over green to rose colours. Consider that the colour white doesn’t create a favourable atmosphere and doesn’t enlarge optically the room but rather makes it smaller.

Colours that are too dark or heavy should also be avoided in a bedroom. In Feng Shui the colour also depends on the compass direction. In the north you should use bluish colours, in the south reddish colours should be preferred, in the west and northwest  the colours grey up to a light beige represent the element metal.

In the northeast and southwest light yellow and beige should be used and finally in the southeast and east greenish colours should be chosen. But remember this was only a very simple description of how to choose the colours. In a professional Feng Shui analysis the colours can be determined more exactly and in detail. Because the choice of the colour also depends on the date of birth of a person and the Qi of the room.

10.Furniture without edges and corners

Edges, corners and spikes also can be the reason for insomnia. Subconsciously, you feel vulnerable as if you were being attacked. The room influences your sleep because of these negative features. The same is true when there are heavy beams above your bed. Cover the corner of your bedside table. Much better would be a round bedside table. Observe your feelings when you are sitting in your bed. How do you feel? Is there anything that is disturbing you?

11.Most cases of insomnia are caused by the mattress

You can ruin your health very easily by sleeping on an innerspring mattress. The metal springs conduct electric, electromagnetic as well as high frequency radiation. So it is very important to have a mattress made of natural materials. There should be absolutely no metal in the bed at all. Natural latex mattresses, futons or even mattresses made of foam material are ideal to sleep on.

After all theses advices I can only wish you a good night sleep. I would appreciate if you comment on my blog to:

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Yours, Christine Kaluza-Spautz
Certificated Feng Shui Consultant