Flying Stars March 2023

Loss Star Takes Centre Stage

In March, Loss Star #7 lands in the middle, indicating a rise in robberies and theft. There is also the risk of duplication.

As people compete for the same things, competition will intensify. Therefore, the probability of betrayal and the breakdown of relationships will be high.Strong remedies are needed in the east and north. If your main door faces one of these directions, or if your bedroom is in this sector, you must carry protective amulets with you at all times. If possible, use an alternative entrance to your home this month.

The most promising sectors are West and Southwest. Plan your activities around these parts of the house. Create the flow of good chi with light and soft music.

The South also has fabulous finishing luck, but since it’s home to Disease Star #2, you’ll need to raise the health vibrations in this sector when activating for luck. Pregnant, elderly or sick people should temporarily avoid the bedrooms in the south sector.

3 6 SOUTHEAST – Activate Heaven Luck for a Smoother Month

The arrival of the #6 Heaven Star brings improvements in the luck of those residing in this sector. There are new opportunities to tap and possibilities of a windfall. While the dominant #7 Star warns of losses and betrayals, you have strong celestial backing at your disposal to help you make the right moves.

8 2  SOUTH – Completion Luck But Watch For Illness Chi
In the South, the Illness Star #2 joins the annual Prosperity Star #8 to form the super auspicious Sum-of-Ten combination. This provides occupants of this sector with enhanced completion and wealth luck. A favourable time to start new projects and accumulate new assets.

1 4  SOUTHWEST – Scholastic Luck And Romance Vibes
This sector’s combination of stars brings excellent creativity and scholastic luck to its residents. If your bedroom or study is located here, good ideas and learning new things will come easily. A productive time for students preparing for upcoming exams.

2 5 EAST – Remedy Misfortune Energies
The Five Yellow pairing up with the annual Illness Star #2 makes this an extremely afflicted sector this month. This combination is indicative of violence and misfortune, which may be aggravated by stress and ill health. Because the #5 brings obstacles with far-reaching consequences, its presence must never be taken lightly.

4 7  CENTER – Money Loss And Betrayals
The #7 Star flies into the centre sector, threatening everyone in every home and office space with robberies, money loss and betrayals. Honesty can be hard to come by, so don’t let your guard down.

6 9  WEST – Fame, Recognition And Long Term Prosperity
Occupants of this sector enjoy exceptionally good fortune with the Star of Future Prosperity #9 taking its turn. Spend more time in this part of the home. Fill it with music or decorate it with twinkling LED lights.

7 1  NORTHEAST – Victory Luck Elevates Chances Of Success
Victory luck is enhanced for residents of NE-facing homes and NE rooms this month. While the annual #7 continues to bring stiff competition, you have every chance of gaining a good lead. Don’t be intimidated by the underhanded tactics of others. As long as you put in the hard work, good results will follow. Give everything your best shot!

9 3  NORTH – Afflicted With Magnified Conflict Chi
The Quarrelsome Star #3 brings inauspicious energies that cause misunderstandings, and arguments that can get out of control. Magnified by the resident #9, lawsuits and violence can quickly ensue. Best to keep this area of the home and office quiet for now. Remove all plants, chimes and bells.

5 8. NORTHWEST – Prosperity Star Balances Out Misfortune Chi
The Prosperity Star #8 moves to the NW, bringing good fortune and money luck to those who reside in this sector. Cash flow improves, and you find it easy to generate joy in your life. If you are the patriarch of the home, this good fortune extends to all those under your care as well.

Feng Shui – the ways to boost business luck

8 Ways to boost Business Luck according to the principle of Feng Shui 


The Year of the Water Rabbit promises to be a busy year for businesses. As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, Feng Shui fortune predictions predict new opportunities, new challenges and, for some, new competition. While there are many ways to help your business thrive, you can start by implementing these 8 office Feng Shui practices.


It pays to keep your office’s main entrance, doors and hallways clutter-free at all times. Not only does clutter block the flow of chi and allow stagnant energy to accumulate, research has shown that it serves as a constant visual reminder of work waiting to be done. This increases the mental load on the brain and indirectly affects everyone’s stress levels. By keeping clutter to a minimum, you and your employees can naturally focus and work better, resulting in overall increased productivity. The first impression counts a lot. So, if you also use your office for client meetings, a tidy and cheerful office could help you close the deal.


Another way to increase productivity is to make sure your employees are seated at their desks facing their promising direction. This improves their performance and makes them happier at work. Those in leadership, leadership, or sales positions should face their sheng chi direction so that they make the right decisions, lead their teams effectively, and help take the company to greater heights.

Ask for your Kua Number to determine the best direction.

In 2023, the East hosts the Tai Sui while the West has the Three Killings. Since one should never face the Tai Sui or turn one’s back on the Three Killings, remember that you MUST NOT FACE EAST in 2023, EVEN if East is a promising direction. Instead, choose one of your other lucky directions. This will make a big difference in avoiding unnecessary obstacles.


In Feng Shui, lights are a powerful source of fire energy, but they can also affect our mood and the way we work. For offices, stick to fixtures with a cool shade of blue or white. Warmer yellow light can be overly relaxing, producing lethargy and laziness. Don’t skimp on the light either. While you don’t want the lighting to be glaring, it needs to be bright enough to create a conducive environment for everyone to work. Flickering and burned out lights are not only incredibly annoying but also inconvenient, so replace them immediately.


Plants are wonderful in the workplace as they bring vibrant yang energy to an otherwise cold and sterile space. They are fabulous amplifiers of the Wood element, the element that has life and brings energies of growth. It is best to place your plants in the east and south-east, which are sectors with wooden elements.

Certain plants are considered cheaper than others. Succulent “money plants” with round, full leaves are excellent for attracting wealth and money luck. Lucky bamboo and plum blossoms are also wonderful choices as they are believed to symbolise tenacity, luck and prosperity.

But plants with thorns and prickles emit countless poison darts that dampen our chi, so avoid these at all costs. It is important to only exhibit healthy plants. Take good care of them and remove falling leaves or broken branches as soon as they appear so your office space can continuously enjoy good chi.


Water features support the water element and are commonly used to unleash the flow of income, wealth and prosperity. The best types are those with steps where the water trickles down in layers. Pay attention to the size. Water features should never overwhelm a room. because too much water can mean drowning. Installing a water feature in the north increases career luck. With the North also hosting the #1 Victory Star in 2023, a water feature here will open up new opportunities and also increase competitive luck. The addition of a water feature to the SE, meanwhile, activates for wealth and income.





Success in business becomes an uphill battle when your business is plagued by the Quarrelsome Star’s hostile chi. This year, this star flies southeast, directly impacting businesses with main doors facing southeast. To prevent lawsuits, maintain harmonious relationships between employees and prevent conflicts from escalating, display the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet here. You can also decorate the entryway with a red carpet or hang auspicious art with red accents to further quell the malicious wood chi.


Amplify growth potential by harnessing the cosmic energies of the #4 Relationship Star. This star encourages teamwork and brings good ideas to the fore while increasing networking bliss. It helps facilitate connections with stakeholders so things can run more smoothly. As the dominant star of the year, its energies are very strong. Take advantage of them by placing the Cardinal of Connectivity Activator in the center of the office.


For business owners, CEOs, top management: as the leader of your business, the Feng Shui of your office room is of paramount importance. Compare the Flying Stars to your office layout to determine what type of energies you are struggling with, then fight any harmful energies with powerful healing remedies and activate the favourable energies with boosters. Present a rooster to counter office politics and a crystal ball to absorb negative chi.

Position your desk diagonally opposite the door so that you are not constantly being disturbed by the flow of chi. Best to have a solid wall behind you for strong support and face your personal Sheng Chi direction.

Fire and Feng Shui – 9 Ways

Fire and Feng Shui – 9 Ways to use the element of Joy Happiness and Success

Two elements play a central role in Feng Shui: fire and water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked when it should not be. Fire is an essential element. It keeps us warm and cooks our food.

As we all know, fire can also cause serious damage, such as: B. a house burning down or a raging wildfire.

But fire brings many benefits, especially in Feng Shui and Asian thinking. The color of fire is red and the color red activates, effectively turning on the power wherever it is used or placed. Proper use can bring material rewards, recognition, fame, joy and happiness. What’s not to love about fire?

9 Feng Shui Ways to Use the Fire Element for Success and Luck

1. Come on, get happy.

Water is the element of wealth but its negative side is that water represents fear. Fire is the element of luck, pure and simple, and red is the color of fire. When you are feeling down, use red colours to lift your spirits. Just think of all the red lanterns and red envelopes that the Chinese use for New Year and the festive look they have.

Red is an activator, so if you’re feeling stuck, stagnant or worrying too much, bring some red color into your home. Use red decorations for all happy occasions – or just when you want to feel happy.

2. Let your love life run at full speed.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, fire can revitalise your relationship when it has cooled, or heat up a new one. Activate the southwest love sector with beautiful crystals and bright lights. Keep this area brightly lit if you are looking for love.

A chandelier is one of the best ways to activate your southwest corner. Add a red shaded candle or lamp in the bedroom to illuminate your love happiness. Activating this corner also helps to deepen love relationships. Singles should often wear red.

3. Activate your fame and recognition luck.

The southern corner is the corner of social happiness, which includes fame and recognition. Give that corner a boost with lighting in that location unless the 5 Yellow is visiting, so heed the flame and lighting warnings in the corner when the 5 Yellow is there.

One of the best ways to spice up your luck of fame is with garden lighting. Lighting that comes out of the ground and is aimed at the house is particularly powerful. Let a bright light shine in the living room here.

To greatly increase your fame and recognition, create a candle garden with nine red votive candles and place them in the south corner of your living room. Light them up once a day and be careful not to leave them unattended.

They don’t have to burn for long, but burn them once a day. This is a good ritual for the new moon. Don’t forget to increase Glory Luck by wearing red often.

4. Burn money and health problems with fire.

If you have a bathroom or toilet that affects your health (east) and wealth luck (north, south-east), just put some red items in the bathroom, e.g. B. a red candle. The fire energy will help ease the pressure of the bathroom on your health and prosperity happiness. Carry a red handbag and wallet to bolster your finances.

5. Revitalise your home and rekindle the lucky chi.

If you ever feel like your home is lifeless and stagnant, put the jumper wires on it by adding lots of lighting. Still, dead energy will only get worse over time. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to kickstart your home.

Provide light in every room for at least three hours a day to reactivate your home. This is a great way to push the chi of your home, especially when you’re looking to do something new or just need to break through that stuck feeling.

6. Red fire energy burns through anger.

When you are angry or dealing with angry people, wear red. Anger is symbolized by wood and the red color will help you elope with angry or difficult people.

If there is anger and harsh words in the house, check where the 3 jade star of anger is and add red there. In 2021 it is in the southwest, and in 2022 it is moving east and in 2023 it is southeast.

7. Fire slightly corrects problem areas.

Fire and Lighting are excellent tools to counter poison darts or missing corners. A light pole reflecting back into the corner of the neighbouring house or another sharp object like a tree or pole will help dissipate the poison darts’ energy.

If you have a missing corner, anchor a light post where the corner would be completed. This is a symbolic representation of the missing sector.

8. Stimulate your thinking with red.

Everyone feels a little boring from time to time. Get your head in the game with red colours, lighting or candles in the northeast corner, the corner of thinking and making clear decisions.

You can do this by lighting a candle here, adding some incense sticks or bright lights or red items. This is also a great corner to activate if you are a writer, a student or have children who are still at school and will help all those intellectual pursuits.

9. Use the power of 9 to envision your life differently.

The number related to fire and red colours is the number 9. If you need to change something, move nine images in your home.

The eye is the part of the body related to the fire element and the number 9. Sometimes we need to “see” things differently and by moving nine pictures or pictures on the wall it forces you to see things in new ways.

The white 1 Star of Victory and Income

The White 1 Star of Victory and Income 

If you’ve ever wanted to make a change, move, or jump somewhere else in your life, this is the star that will help you make it happen. 

In Feng Shui, the white 1 star is a star that can bring you all of these things, plus these benefits: 


🌟Victory over the competition

🌟A new way of being or living

🌟Sudden happiness, like a star falling in your lap

🌟 Increased Income

When you look at benefits like these, it’s no wonder the one (1) star in Feng Shui is so popular. This star is part of a group of stars called the White Stars. These include 1, 4, 6, and 8 (and sometimes 9). The stars of this group are considered the most favourable.

The 1 star is ruled by the planet Jupiter and whenever this planet appears it is said to bring luck. Like western astrology bestowing luck with Jupiter for enhancing luck, so is the 1 star. When it appears, happiness spreads wherever it flies.

Take this number to heart because it represents the return of better times.

Whenever the 1 star shows up, it’s after the 2 black disease star has departed, so it’s like a fresh spring breeze through a window after coming up from a dark, damp basement.

If you are a student or want to undertake a writing project, the 1 star will help you as it builds the energy of water to support the student or writer who is ruled by the wood element of the 4 star.

The White 1 Star also bestows success in career and business, creating opportunities that come with more money and help you climb the ladder of success. Also, in a competitive situation, those who have activated the 1-star see their own star rise, so they outperform the competition.

The White 1 Star is a winning star.

If you need a “win” in life, be sure to activate the white 1 star with metal or water elements or figures, such as: B. a conch shell or a fish figure.

You can’t just be successful at work.

Perhaps the victory you need is personal, like overcoming obstacles, difficulties, or trying to make a transition or big life change, like a divorce or moving house. Supporting the White 1 Star position will help you generate energy that will support your change.


6 ways to grow your Business with Feng Shui

Support from the Cosmic Tortoise – 6 Ways to Grow your Income

Few things in life are as enriching as feeling supported.

In Feng Shui, support can come in the form of friends to help you, the right support becomes available in times of need, and business, career, and employment opportunities arise when you need them.

If that describes your life, you have what is known in Feng Shui as good tortoise support.

The turtle is considered one of four heavenly creatures. The turtle represents the north direction, the element water and the number one. His corner of the bagua represents earned income, e.g. B. from a job or business, and for assistance in career and business endeavours.

Turtles are often confused with turtles and are land creatures. Turtles are at home in the water. In Feng Shui, the black turtle is represented by hills or mountains behind the house. However, the tortoise can also be a land elevation or a taller building behind your home.

When this element is present you have support when you need it and the relaxation that comes from living fully supported, protected and happy.

Like turtles, turtles are considered very auspicious in Feng Shui, and the names turtle and tortoise are often used interchangeably. When present, they attract the good fortune of wealth and generate income and business opportunities.

Perhaps more importantly, they offer protection from malevolent forces and misfortune, and unlike the phoenix and dragon, are a truly living celestial beast. The presence of the turtle in your home and life bodes well for making money and having many opportunities to advance.

The tortoise also represents longevity – and we all know the benefits of staying power.

The tortoise, with its slow, plodding ways, wins the race in Aesop’s fable. Turtles show that those who keep working and persevering will win the race – and the turtle empowers you to keep going.

The turtle is also important for Feng Shui because it carries the Feng Shui map, the Lo Shu square, on its back. If you look at the shell of a turtle, you can see the individual squares of the bagua or lo shu square.

Chinese legends tell how the turtle came out of the Lo River and carried the secrets and mysteries of the bagua, the source of Feng Shui.

Of course, some homes don’t have land at the back of their home, and if they don’t, supporting the tortoise can be mimicked with landscaping or even a picture of a tortoise or tortoise on the back of the home.

Use these 6 tips to increase income, support and happiness in your life with the beautiful Sky Turtle support.

Collect more wealth!

Placing a turtle figurine or picture in the southeast is another way to increase your cash. Even better? A real tortoise in the Southeast Wealth Sector will not only help your investments grow, but also protect them. The small forest of the southeastern prosperity sector loves the turtle’s water energy. A fountain with a turtle figure is also a great wealth activator!

Sleep Well!

Put a small turtle figurine under your bed to help you sleep better at night. The added support gives you more refreshing calm and protection while you sleep – and attracts more income and opportunity to you while you sleep.

Gain income opportunities!

Adding a turtle figurine or picture to your office will increase your support and recognition at work – not to mention opportunities to climb the corporate ladder – and make more money! Put a Chinese coin in the mouth to represent the impending arrival of money.

Increase your earning power!

Place a turtle picture or figurine in the north sector of your living room to increase your income and create opportunities for more income and job promotion.

Improve your health!

If you desire happier family relationships and better, more vibrant health, add a turtle to the east sector of your home or living room to improve both areas of your life. The turtle, a symbol of water, reinforces the wooden corner to the east to make it grow. This growth also represents a growing wallet.

The dragon and the turtle improve your career!

If you are looking for some serious income growth and opportunity, consider adding a dragon turtle to your office. These creatures are the embodiment of both the dragon (power) and the turtle (protection, influence), and together they symbolise the development of luck in work and business. Add him to your desk, on the side since he’s too powerful to confront, or on a table behind your desk. Put a Chinese coin in his mouth to represent increasing income.

Feng Shui and the house colours for Success and Wealth

Feng Shui and the House Colours for Success and Wealth

There is a saying about chi (qi) that all chi starts from the outside and goes in. This is especially true when considering the colour of your home.

Could the colour of your home be working against you?

It is possible.

When your home is mismatched in colour and orientation, it can create conflict. And in some cases, this can lead to a range of bad luck.

For example, take a yellow house that faces north.

Because the earth dams water, a north facing home could have income problems, generate money, have little growth or opportunity, and find that your career or business advancement is hindered.

This is due to an earth colour being painted on a water-side house.

The same goes for a blue-coloured house that faces northwest.

This colour and direction create conflicts that can create problems for the householder or the breadwinner to move forward in life.

It’s because the water colour is on a metal direction house. The water colour drains and weakens the great metal energy of the Northwest.

If you’ve been thinking about painting your home, be sure to read this article on how to match your home’s colours with its direction.

The house colour of your home might be the only thing that changes everything.

If your relationships are tired and money is flying through your hands, maybe your house is just the wrong colour. Maybe life is a constant struggle and you can’t put your finger on the one little thing that’s blocking your success. The answer could be as simple as the colour of your home. Feng Shui dictates that the colour of your home can affect your wealth and abundance.

For example, if your house is painted the wrong colour for the direction it’s facing, you could be losing money. A good example of this is an east or south-east facing house that is painted white. This is a great example of homes losing money or residents suffering from poor health or poor family relationships.

White is the colour of metal, and east and southeast are wood directions. Because metal cuts wood (think an ax or a chainsaw), the house’s success will be compromised.

Colour can be confusing – but it doesn’t have to be

When it comes to choosing house colours, it can be very confusing and difficult to make a decision. Most are unsure what will look good or what is the best choice for their home.

Feng Shui offers multiple starting points for colour selection, as each colour has a different meaning and direction associated with it.

However, if you can paint your house in a colour that harmonises with the direction in which it is facing, you will help create a beneficial environment in the house and harmonise it with the surroundings, making life smoother and more comfortable becomes easier.

Use a good design sense when choosing good Feng Shui colours

For example, in Feng Shui, colour means different things. Black is the colour of money, but a black house doesn’t necessarily make you rich. However, a home that faces north and is painted white with black trim on the shutters and front door and brass detailing is a perfect example of a home that blends in with its surroundings. That’s because white is a metal colour and metal generates water – making white a “productive colour” for a home.

As a result, the colour and orientation also match. Feng Shui is often referred to as a method of creating harmony. Harmony – in Feng Shui – means that colours, elements, shapes and numbers support and favour each other.

Use Feng Shui to balance the colour of the house with the direction it is facing.

White (Creativity/Kids): Good for homes that face West, Northwest, and North as it reflects light well and stimulates those directions.

Green/Purple (Growth/Good Health/Prosperity): Good for east and south facing homes.

Blue/Purple (Career/Wealth/Opportunities): Good for north, east, and southeast facing homes.

Yellow/Beige/Gold (Ochre) (Relationships/Stability): Good for houses facing Northeast, West, Southwest, and Northwest. Yellow is a colour of wisdom and study.

Red/Pink (Social Status, Recognition, Relationships): Homes facing south, southwest, and northeast benefit from these colours.

Browns (health, happy family relationships): Good for growth and longevity and excellent for east facing houses and good for the south (fire) direction.

Taupe (Relationships, Stability, Grounding): This colour is great for the Northeast and Southwest as these are “Earth” directions and Taupe are earthy or rocky colours. It also helps stabilise relationships and promote family harmony—especially for the woman in the household.

What about trim colours?

White is always a good option, as is a lighter shade of the dominant colour. Choose a dark door colour from the list of corresponding colours. Or choose a darker shade for the trim and a lighter shade for the door and trim.

Why not paint a “stone site” a “wood” colour?

You always want to paint your house a colour that is harmonious with the direction it is facing. If your house faces SW (Earth Direction) and you paint it a wood colour like green or brown, it will create difficulties with the relationships in the house.