The white 1 Star of Victory and Income

The White 1 Star of Victory and Income 

If you’ve ever wanted to make a change, move, or jump somewhere else in your life, this is the star that will help you make it happen. 

In Feng Shui, the white 1 star is a star that can bring you all of these things, plus these benefits: 


🌟Victory over the competition

🌟A new way of being or living

🌟Sudden happiness, like a star falling in your lap

🌟 Increased Income

When you look at benefits like these, it’s no wonder the one (1) star in Feng Shui is so popular. This star is part of a group of stars called the White Stars. These include 1, 4, 6, and 8 (and sometimes 9). The stars of this group are considered the most favourable.

The 1 star is ruled by the planet Jupiter and whenever this planet appears it is said to bring luck. Like western astrology bestowing luck with Jupiter for enhancing luck, so is the 1 star. When it appears, happiness spreads wherever it flies.

Take this number to heart because it represents the return of better times.

Whenever the 1 star shows up, it’s after the 2 black disease star has departed, so it’s like a fresh spring breeze through a window after coming up from a dark, damp basement.

If you are a student or want to undertake a writing project, the 1 star will help you as it builds the energy of water to support the student or writer who is ruled by the wood element of the 4 star.

The White 1 Star also bestows success in career and business, creating opportunities that come with more money and help you climb the ladder of success. Also, in a competitive situation, those who have activated the 1-star see their own star rise, so they outperform the competition.

The White 1 Star is a winning star.

If you need a “win” in life, be sure to activate the white 1 star with metal or water elements or figures, such as: B. a conch shell or a fish figure.

You can’t just be successful at work.

Perhaps the victory you need is personal, like overcoming obstacles, difficulties, or trying to make a transition or big life change, like a divorce or moving house. Supporting the White 1 Star position will help you generate energy that will support your change.


6 ways to grow your Business with Feng Shui

Support from the Cosmic Tortoise – 6 Ways to Grow your Income

Few things in life are as enriching as feeling supported.

In Feng Shui, support can come in the form of friends to help you, the right support becomes available in times of need, and business, career, and employment opportunities arise when you need them.

If that describes your life, you have what is known in Feng Shui as good tortoise support.

The turtle is considered one of four heavenly creatures. The turtle represents the north direction, the element water and the number one. His corner of the bagua represents earned income, e.g. B. from a job or business, and for assistance in career and business endeavours.

Turtles are often confused with turtles and are land creatures. Turtles are at home in the water. In Feng Shui, the black turtle is represented by hills or mountains behind the house. However, the tortoise can also be a land elevation or a taller building behind your home.

When this element is present you have support when you need it and the relaxation that comes from living fully supported, protected and happy.

Like turtles, turtles are considered very auspicious in Feng Shui, and the names turtle and tortoise are often used interchangeably. When present, they attract the good fortune of wealth and generate income and business opportunities.

Perhaps more importantly, they offer protection from malevolent forces and misfortune, and unlike the phoenix and dragon, are a truly living celestial beast. The presence of the turtle in your home and life bodes well for making money and having many opportunities to advance.

The tortoise also represents longevity – and we all know the benefits of staying power.

The tortoise, with its slow, plodding ways, wins the race in Aesop’s fable. Turtles show that those who keep working and persevering will win the race – and the turtle empowers you to keep going.

The turtle is also important for Feng Shui because it carries the Feng Shui map, the Lo Shu square, on its back. If you look at the shell of a turtle, you can see the individual squares of the bagua or lo shu square.

Chinese legends tell how the turtle came out of the Lo River and carried the secrets and mysteries of the bagua, the source of Feng Shui.

Of course, some homes don’t have land at the back of their home, and if they don’t, supporting the tortoise can be mimicked with landscaping or even a picture of a tortoise or tortoise on the back of the home.

Use these 6 tips to increase income, support and happiness in your life with the beautiful Sky Turtle support.

Collect more wealth!

Placing a turtle figurine or picture in the southeast is another way to increase your cash. Even better? A real tortoise in the Southeast Wealth Sector will not only help your investments grow, but also protect them. The small forest of the southeastern prosperity sector loves the turtle’s water energy. A fountain with a turtle figure is also a great wealth activator!

Sleep Well!

Put a small turtle figurine under your bed to help you sleep better at night. The added support gives you more refreshing calm and protection while you sleep – and attracts more income and opportunity to you while you sleep.

Gain income opportunities!

Adding a turtle figurine or picture to your office will increase your support and recognition at work – not to mention opportunities to climb the corporate ladder – and make more money! Put a Chinese coin in the mouth to represent the impending arrival of money.

Increase your earning power!

Place a turtle picture or figurine in the north sector of your living room to increase your income and create opportunities for more income and job promotion.

Improve your health!

If you desire happier family relationships and better, more vibrant health, add a turtle to the east sector of your home or living room to improve both areas of your life. The turtle, a symbol of water, reinforces the wooden corner to the east to make it grow. This growth also represents a growing wallet.

The dragon and the turtle improve your career!

If you are looking for some serious income growth and opportunity, consider adding a dragon turtle to your office. These creatures are the embodiment of both the dragon (power) and the turtle (protection, influence), and together they symbolise the development of luck in work and business. Add him to your desk, on the side since he’s too powerful to confront, or on a table behind your desk. Put a Chinese coin in his mouth to represent increasing income.

Feng Shui and the house colours for Success and Wealth

Feng Shui and the House Colours for Success and Wealth

There is a saying about chi (qi) that all chi starts from the outside and goes in. This is especially true when considering the colour of your home.

Could the colour of your home be working against you?

It is possible.

When your home is mismatched in colour and orientation, it can create conflict. And in some cases, this can lead to a range of bad luck.

For example, take a yellow house that faces north.

Because the earth dams water, a north facing home could have income problems, generate money, have little growth or opportunity, and find that your career or business advancement is hindered.

This is due to an earth colour being painted on a water-side house.

The same goes for a blue-coloured house that faces northwest.

This colour and direction create conflicts that can create problems for the householder or the breadwinner to move forward in life.

It’s because the water colour is on a metal direction house. The water colour drains and weakens the great metal energy of the Northwest.

If you’ve been thinking about painting your home, be sure to read this article on how to match your home’s colours with its direction.

The house colour of your home might be the only thing that changes everything.

If your relationships are tired and money is flying through your hands, maybe your house is just the wrong colour. Maybe life is a constant struggle and you can’t put your finger on the one little thing that’s blocking your success. The answer could be as simple as the colour of your home. Feng Shui dictates that the colour of your home can affect your wealth and abundance.

For example, if your house is painted the wrong colour for the direction it’s facing, you could be losing money. A good example of this is an east or south-east facing house that is painted white. This is a great example of homes losing money or residents suffering from poor health or poor family relationships.

White is the colour of metal, and east and southeast are wood directions. Because metal cuts wood (think an ax or a chainsaw), the house’s success will be compromised.

Colour can be confusing – but it doesn’t have to be

When it comes to choosing house colours, it can be very confusing and difficult to make a decision. Most are unsure what will look good or what is the best choice for their home.

Feng Shui offers multiple starting points for colour selection, as each colour has a different meaning and direction associated with it.

However, if you can paint your house in a colour that harmonises with the direction in which it is facing, you will help create a beneficial environment in the house and harmonise it with the surroundings, making life smoother and more comfortable becomes easier.

Use a good design sense when choosing good Feng Shui colours

For example, in Feng Shui, colour means different things. Black is the colour of money, but a black house doesn’t necessarily make you rich. However, a home that faces north and is painted white with black trim on the shutters and front door and brass detailing is a perfect example of a home that blends in with its surroundings. That’s because white is a metal colour and metal generates water – making white a “productive colour” for a home.

As a result, the colour and orientation also match. Feng Shui is often referred to as a method of creating harmony. Harmony – in Feng Shui – means that colours, elements, shapes and numbers support and favour each other.

Use Feng Shui to balance the colour of the house with the direction it is facing.

White (Creativity/Kids): Good for homes that face West, Northwest, and North as it reflects light well and stimulates those directions.

Green/Purple (Growth/Good Health/Prosperity): Good for east and south facing homes.

Blue/Purple (Career/Wealth/Opportunities): Good for north, east, and southeast facing homes.

Yellow/Beige/Gold (Ochre) (Relationships/Stability): Good for houses facing Northeast, West, Southwest, and Northwest. Yellow is a colour of wisdom and study.

Red/Pink (Social Status, Recognition, Relationships): Homes facing south, southwest, and northeast benefit from these colours.

Browns (health, happy family relationships): Good for growth and longevity and excellent for east facing houses and good for the south (fire) direction.

Taupe (Relationships, Stability, Grounding): This colour is great for the Northeast and Southwest as these are “Earth” directions and Taupe are earthy or rocky colours. It also helps stabilise relationships and promote family harmony—especially for the woman in the household.

What about trim colours?

White is always a good option, as is a lighter shade of the dominant colour. Choose a dark door colour from the list of corresponding colours. Or choose a darker shade for the trim and a lighter shade for the door and trim.

Why not paint a “stone site” a “wood” colour?

You always want to paint your house a colour that is harmonious with the direction it is facing. If your house faces SW (Earth Direction) and you paint it a wood colour like green or brown, it will create difficulties with the relationships in the house.

Feng Shui and the entrance door

Take care of the Feng Shui of your Entrance Door

Main doors should open inward into a wider space rather than opening into a cramped narrow space.  You should also have an open space (bright hall) outside the main door.


If the door opens outward, change the position of the hinges so that it opens inward.

If the foyer is small and tiny, hang a bright light over the door and leave it on for at least three hours each day.

You can use a mirror to visually enlarge the foyer, but don’t hang it right in front of the door. Instead, position it against a side wall.


What should my door be made of?
Solid doors are preferable to glass doors. The front door should always be solid and made of wood or some other strong, durable material. Clear or opaque glass doors suggest fragility and offer no protection to the home and family living there.

Is my front door the right size?
The front door should never be too big or too small in relation to the house as a whole, and it should be the most beautiful entrance to your home. A door that is too small does not let happiness in. The door should be at least high enough for the tallest member of the household to easily walk through. If the door is too big, this portends that all happiness will be lost.

Beware of poison arrows:

There are many different structures that can damage the front door, both inside and outside. Stand by your main door and look outside for the following: triangular roofline from opposite neighbour, edge of another building, steps leading up or down, lamppost, graveyard, hospital, high-rise tower, church spire.

Now change your position and stand by the main door and look inside the house. Look for a staircase opposite the main door, a pillar, a spiral staircase, a wall mirror or edge of a wall, a toilet door or kitchen door, or a long straight corridor or hallway.

How can you upgrade your front door?

Hang a painting with an auspicious theme (like 100 birds) to reinforce the auspicious energy here.

Place lucky plants on either side of the main door to increase yang energy and attract lucky chi.

Display a pair of Fu dogs flanking either side to protect you from negative harm to your home.

Display a lucky symbol next to your front door to activate good chi energy. You can place three coins tied together with a red string under a rug just inside the main door entryway.

Having an altar opposite the main door is considered auspicious.

Take the time today to inspect your front door and make any necessary changes to fix any existing problems.


The clutter effects and Feng Shui

How clutter affects you and what to do about it

We may earn money or products from the companies or products mentioned in this post.

Creating a healthy, energetic home or office depends on care. Keeping your home or office clutter-free and clutter-free is a lot easier than keeping track of papers, throwing out old magazines, or otherwise disposing of the things you no longer need, want, or use.

Because of this, many people don’t bother with this type of routine maintenance, and that’s decluttering: just another part of regular home maintenance.

It’s easy to close the closet door or close a cluttered drawer, but you know it’s there, and every time you open that drawer or door, that clutter awaits. Just knowing it’s there and not going away can be a source of stress.

That’s why regular cleaning – and decluttering – is so important.

How did that happen? Only You Know

Is it a habit to drop clothes in one spot? Maybe it’s an addiction to paper or it’s the clothes you can’t part with because you know you’re going to lose those extra 10 pounds eventually.

It could be that you don’t take the time to look at all these things regularly and turn a blind eye to the chaos and clutter that you know is there.

YOU ARE THE EXPERT in your own chaos.

Give yourself permission to forget the reason why it happened this way and instead make regular appointments to let go of your excess.

Let’s go over some basics about dirty, cluttered houses versus clean and organised houses…

What does a messy, cluttered home do to you?

It makes you tired.

A cluttered home is a visual and psychological burden. All that stuff makes you tired. One of the most tired people I know is a collector. Antiques are their specialty. Everything is collectible. But that doesn’t mean she has to collect it. This client is slowly letting go of her passion for collecting and her energy is coming back.

It makes you hopeless.

Simply put, too much stuff is overwhelming and you can’t handle it all, so throw your psychological hands up in the air in frustration. That leads to this hopeless, it’s all inevitable, why bother? Feeling.

It robs you of money.

Have you ever noticed the houses of the mega rich? You are a study in restraint. They notice their homes because their stuff isn’t everywhere.

Again and again, the environment of people struggling to survive is often full of disorder and chaos. Keeping that massive baseball cap collection in check is important. Be mindful of your possessions, like collectibles that have taken over the house or if you just have too much stuff. Get rid of all but the most important things.

You can do it!

How does clutter harm you?

It makes you feel out of control in your life. That’s because the stuff is in control and you are not.

Get in the driver’s seat of your life and take control of all these things by donating, throwing away or organising. There are more organisers these days to help you find a place for almost everything in your home.

The South East Corner in Feng Shui

The Southeast Corner – The Feng Shui Corner of Wealth, Prosperity and Earnings Luck

The southeast sector is one of the most popular corners of the Bagua in Feng Shui. This corner, called the wealth sector, refers to money you save, e.g. B. Investments, and the money you grow. Funding for these purposes is often associated with IRAs, 401Ks, and other investments. This sector is about wealth growth and new ways to make money.

The southeast corner relates to money you want to save, invest, and grow for the future.This is also the area related to the eldest daughter. It also affects the hips and thighs and buttocks on the body. Its season is late spring.

If the southeast corner is affected, you may have trouble collecting funds.

Since this is the prosperity and wealth sector, it is important that the southeast be boosted with water symbols and elements.

This is because the southeast is the sector of small forests. Its light green color resembles the new leaves budding on a tree or small flower. It’s the seed of growth, something we want in our money.

The quality of luck of the south-east corner affects the ability to increase your wealth and create new sources of wealth.

Wealth and money that comes into the home are important, but it’s the money and income that stays in the home that grows over time that really matters.

This corner relates to the ability to find and cultivate existing and new sources of income and wealth. To add more earning potential, activate this corner to create new sources of income.

A sizeable investment or savings account means that you are better financially able to weather adversity and that you can support yourself in your older years and perhaps have money to pass on to your heirs.

The southeast is symbolised by wood, the rectangular shape, and the light green color, like the new leaves of a plant or tree.

Water-related elements are excellent energisers for the south-east corner of the house. An aquarium is an excellent activator for the southeast corner, as is a fountain.

In particular, fountains with three or six floors bring additional happiness. Make sure each well has a water source, e.g. B. a sink, and that there is a place where the water can collect.

Although popular now, the Vanishing Fountain is a type of fountain that contains a vessel, such as a B. a large urn, flows down and then appears to walk on rocks. This symbolises water (money) being lost rather than being captured (saved or accumulated).

Disappearing fountains are not favourable for Feng Shui purposes for this reason.

What to avoid in the Southeast.

The southeast direction is depleted by fire and devastated by metal. Adding metallic or red tones to that corner of your home, garden or living room can reduce the chances of money luck invading your life.

If this is the location of your kitchen or fireplace, add water images here to support growth potential in the Southeast.

Metal in this corner can weigh on finances and strain the relationship with the eldest daughter in the household.

The southeast refers to the number 4.

This is the number of the wealth sector and the oldest daughter. Although four is a Mandarin homonym for death, it is not a negative number. It is a number signifying growth and reproduction.

Symbols such as fish, turtles, tortoises, and water images are all beneficial in this corner of your home.

Flowers are an excellent energiser for the Southeast sector, as are a group of plants. Be sure to have a beautiful garden in the southeast sector of your garden to activate prosperity and prosperity luck.

If you can add a water feature here, it’s even better. Finally, green light is a wonderful activator in this corner. Increase your wealth and prosperity by adding green objects or a green light to create opportunities to make money or improve your investments.


Flowers-Plants are good for Feng Shui

Enliven your surroundings with flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are great for Feng Shui because they unite you with the natural world. The natural green color of the plants encourages growth, both professionally and privately. If you want your plants to have a positive impact on you, they need to look healthy and vibrant.

The type of plant you have in your workspace is also very important. For example, you should avoid anything spicy, like cacti. Here are some of the best Feng Shui plans that bring health, prosperity and harmony:

investment. According to Feng Shui, it attracts money because the leaves of the money plant resemble coins. The more leaves it has and the greener they are, the more money it brings. Keep the plant at the entrance or in the northwest of the room.

Happy bamboo plant.

Place the plant in the northeast part of your office to bring wealth, luck and prosperity. This plant has an odd number of stems and five stems represent wealth.

Rubber tree.

This facility is also associated with money and should be placed in the northwest. Its large round leaves not only symbolise prosperity, but also contribute to better health and air quality.

Palm trees.

Feng Shui tells us that palm trees activate, attract and radiate good energy. They are excellent for places where the flow of chi is lacking or stuck, or where there is a lot of negative energy.

Peace lily. 

The Peace Lily plant gives off a strong protective vibration and promotes both physical and mental balance. It is best to place it in the east, the health corner, to harmonise your atmosphere.

The power of business with Feng Shui

The power of business success according to the principle of Feng Shui……

If you want to create a harmonious work environment, make your business more successful, and create a supportive and invigorating space for your employees, you should consider Feng Shui.

It may sound bizarre to the unfamiliar, but this ancient Chinese art of placement is a technique that has brought many benefits to people (and businesses) around the world.

Many companies have chosen to embrace the teachings of Feng Shui and have found that it has provided them with a prosperous, peaceful and profitable work environment.

To get the most out of business Feng Shui, you need to implement it in as many areas of your workplace as possible it will help you to achieve the yin-yang harmony you are craving.

Position your desk so you can see as much of your room as possible

In Feng Shui, your desk represents your career and you need to pay close attention to its placement. The first thing to remember is that your workspace needs to be permanent and dedicated – don’t use your desk for anything other than work.

The placement of the desk needs to make a compelling decision and be placed against a wall or window where it doesn’t line up directly with the door in the room but can still be seen by you. This will subconsciously make you less stressed as you can see anyone approaching you.
The view you have from your desk is also very important. Ideally, you should watch something that inspires you. Looking at a blank wall will block you, and looking out the window might distract you. As with the door, the window should be in view but not in direct line with it.

Enliven your surroundings with flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are great for Feng Shui because they unite you with the natural world. The natural green color of the plants encourages growth, both professionally and privately. If you want your plants to have a positive impact on you, they need to look healthy and vibrant.

The type of plant you have in your workspace is also very important. For example, you should avoid anything spicy, like cacti. Here are some of the best Feng Shui plans that bring health, prosperity and harmony:
Investment. According to Feng Shui, it attracts money because the leaves of the money plant resemble coins. The more leaves it has and the greener they are, the more money it brings. Keep the plant at the entrance or in the northwest of the room.

Happy bamboo plant. Place the plant in the northeast part of your office to bring wealth, luck and prosperity. This plant has an odd number of stems and five stems represent wealth.

Rubber tree. This facility is also associated with money and should be placed in the northwest. Its large round leaves not only symbolise prosperity, but also contribute to better health and air quality.

Palm trees. Feng Shui tells us that palm trees activate, attract and radiate good energy. They are excellent for places where the flow of chi is lacking or stuck, or where there is a lot of negative energy.

The Peace Lily plant gives off a strong protective vibration and promotes both physical and mental balance. It is best to place it in the east, the health corner, to harmonise your atmosphere.

Symbolise wealth with water

In the art of Feng Shui there is no symbol of money more powerful than water. But not just any water. If you want to have all the beneficial chi energy that will bring you health and prosperity, you must incorporate water the right way and keep it clean and fresh at all times.

Consider incorporating water symbols and water features into your workspace. A good choice for this is an aquarium, preferably with goldfish in it, since gold is a symbol of money in Chinese culture.

You can also build in tabletop fountains, just make sure the water flow isn’t very fast or blocked. A great idea for the office is a scaled down desk fountain designed for a smaller space.

Go big with blue

Colors have a great influence on us. And not only according to Feng Shui, but also according to color psychology. Colours evoke emotions that have a major impact on productivity and your overall productivity.

According to Feng Shui, a very important factor that determines the success of your business is how well you and your building fit together. And the only way to find out is by looking at your Kua number.
This number is derived from your date of birth and gender. To calculate it, you must first add the last two digits of your year of birth.

If you’re a woman, the next step is to add five, and if the number has two digits, add them together to get a single digit. And if you’re a male, take the number you were given and subtract it from 10. This is how you get your Kua number.

Ideally, your Kua number should match the street number of your office building. By understanding how Kua numbers work, you can calculate a Feng Shui business map.

There are two groups of Kua numbers, the East and West groups. Depending on your Kua number, you will be assigned the ideal direction.

Carry multiple currencies

If you have foreign currency in reserve, be sure to carry it with you. Paper values ​​from abroad symbolise wealth from all corners of the world.




Clean up your workspace

According to Feng Shui, a messy workspace can negatively affect your performance. Productive chi cannot flow if you have a lot of things on your desk blocking it. Therefore, the best way to improve job performance and increase business prosperity is to unblock and move all those things.

Pick up all items from your desk and tidy up all the messy areas around it. Closely examine all the items you had on your desk and only put back the ones you only use on a daily basis. When it comes to papers, only keep those that are specific to a project.

No need to throw away the rest of your belongings, just keep them in other places like filing cabinets, storage bins, and desk drawers.

Once your desk is free of clutter, add things that will charm your career, be positive, and bring you joy. You can use Bagua to guide you so you know which items should be placed where and which are the best items.



Improve your Success with the principle of Feng Shui

Improve your Success with the principle of Feng Shui

Improve your Success with the principle of Feng Shui.

Do you feel bad about your life?

Does boredom make you unmotivated and unexcited?

Do you have a midlife crisis?

7 easy ways will help you set new goals and get your career back on track that will excite and motivate you:

If you want to enjoy good feng shui at work, try to choose your workplace carefully.

Always try to have your office and desk in the far corner diagonally to the front door into the entire office. The deeper you are in the office, the better the Feng Shui.

Never put your office or desk at the end of a straight corridor or sidewalk.

Do not sit in an office or at a desk that is directly across from a toilet door or stairs. Your chances of advancement are severely restricted.

Do not sit in an office or at a desk that places you directly under an exposed ceiling joist. You will suffer from endless pressure and headaches.

Don’t have your back to the door, be it the door to your private office or the door to the main office itself.

Never sit at a desk that exposes you to the edge of a protruding corner. Move out of the line of fire or use a foliage plant to block it.


During business meetings, always make sure that you are not sitting in front of you with a sharp edge of the table. If you do, you will have a poison dart pointed at your stomach and you will be put at a disadvantage compared to your peers. Always sit in your best direction while working.


Energy donor of the western group

Liven up the west with a model airplane loaded with coins tied with red thread. Bells and wind chimes are also effective.

Liven up the northwest in the same way. Do not put bright lights in the west or northwest as these will all add to your problems.

Liven up the southwest with lots of natural crystals. If your main office door is also on the southwest, it will be most effective to place a large crystal here. A large amethyst crystal rock with a deep “pocket” to capture all the luck that comes into office is ideal for attracting good business luck.

Liven up the northeast in the same way as the southwest, but it is not necessary to display crystals that are too large here.

Energy donor of the Eastern group

Liven up the east corner with plants, flowers, and paintings with lush vegetation and water. Avoid anything metallic in this corner. Wind chimes, scissors and blades do a lot of damage here.

Do the same for the southeast corner, except you can also display a miniature fountain or simple water bowl here.

To the north, put a wide bowl of water with a turtle inside. This can be real or fake. The real one is preferable.

Put something red in the south – a painting, red carpet, red pillows – and a bright light to add happiness to a great reputation. When properly energized, the south brings excellent reputation.


Never sit with your back to the door in the office. This invites deception and betrayal. You should always sit with your back supported.

Sit behind you with a mountain painting, but make sure it’s big enough to be meaningful. Don’t have mountain ranges that are too sharp as these fire element mountains are less useful. The best type of mountain for protection is a mountain that resembles the back of a turtle.


If you want to use Feng Shui for telephoning and faxing in your office, you must first observe the direction from which the energy that brings the messages over the telephone line comes. This is considered to be the phone’s power source.

Next, you need to position the phone so that the source of messages, calls, etc. comes from your most promising direction – your sheng chi direction.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that this is the wall plug we are talking about. It depends on where the connection cable itself is plugged into the phone.


The south is the Crimson Phoenix, which symbolizes fame and recognition. The phoenix also brings luck of opportunity. If you supply this king of all feathered creatures with energy, you will also activate the beneficial energies of the south. The luck of this special sector suggests great brightness, because the south is also the location of the element fire. Hence, a crimson feathered creature symbolizing the phoenix is ​​extremely auspicious. It will activate your social life and you will become popular and popular with your co-workers and work colleagues.


Flower – Put a vase of fresh flowers on the east side of your desk. Flowers generate yang energy. But don’t let flowers overwhelm you or block your view. And change the flower

Give your personal motivation a boost to help you overcome this sluggishness.