Flying Stars for the Year of the Rabbit 2023




In a short time, we will be welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, whose docile and diplomatic traits foretell a calmer year ahead. Compared to the tiger, the hare is more agreeable and often prefers tact and negotiation to open hostility, but although the hare is less fierce, it is also as cunning as a fox.

In 2023, the center of the Lo Shu grid will be occupied by star #4. This makes him the dominant star of the year, exerting his influence on every person in every sector, in every space, in every part of the world. Since the number 4 star is the relationship star, it suggests that people will get along better and successful new alliances and partnerships can form around the world. After a year of grappling with power struggles and conflicts that have brought all sorts of problems, collaboration may be just what the world needs to move forward.

So this year we are introducing the Cardinal Connectivity Activator using the four cardinal signs of the zodiac to increase network happiness and promote harmony. When displayed together, they bring great wealth and new opportunities. The best way to ensure consistently productive relationships is to maintain a good balance of yin and yang, so the trigrams CHIEN and KUN are included to prevent relationships from becoming too one-sided. We recommend all homes to have this powerful enhancer in the center sector; and also offices. You can also wear the charm version of this activator to attract good allies wherever you go.

The year has good prospects for growth as evidenced by the presence of the Lap Chun, but with 3 of the 4 pillars being Yin, there is risk that many will fear making the wrong move and this can lead to inaction or stagnation. Displaying the Cosmic Raven in one’s living space will help one make the right decisions; this sky bird also attracts the luck of good timing, so that you do not miss good opportunities that come your way.


East facing houses need repairs as the front of the house is host to the annual Illness Star #2 in the East, Loss Star #7 in the NE and Quarrelsome Star in the Southeast.

Houses with a north-south orientation have the lucky stars 8 and 9 promoting prosperity and prosperity luck. And for all other houses, try to use the north and south parts of the house more often to bring their happy energies to life.

Homes facing SW don’t lose either, as they enjoy the most auspicious energies of the three white stars – 1, 6 and 8.enhancer in the center sector; and offices as well. You can also carry the charm version of this activator to attract good allies everywhere you go.