The Art of Feng Shui – how it works

The Art of Feng Shui – how it works

How the Art of Feng Shui Can Work for You

 Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which is a belief that people all over the world have incorporated in their day to day lives. The most common implementation of feng shui happens inside of homes. Although, it has evolved to being useful within business and office environments as well.

This art involves a compass known as the feng shui color compass. Although, it is far more complex than just colors. It has the primary and secondary directions that all compasses wiWest. What makes this compass so different from a generic one is that each direction has a color along with an element which corresponds to it.

This compass can be used to bring about positive energies into your home or office environment which you feel you lack and might be needing. This could be anything, such as health, happiness, wealth and so much more.In order to understand the feng shui compass and how it can create healthy homes and businesses, here are a few examples:

  • North

The element belonging to this direction is Water and the colors are blue and black. In your home, or your office, the north direction should focus on these specific colors and incorporate the element of water. For example, the north side of your environment would be the perfect place to have a waterfall. Successfully implementing this directions element and color will bring in career luck in life.

  • South

Fire is the element belonging to the Southern direction and along with it, the color is red. A feng shui consultant would suggest that this direction of your work or home environment should represent this element and color. It could be through the paint on your walls that are red and/or represent the fire element. If you’re looking to build more of a positive reputation, bring fame for yourself or your business, then this is the direction to focus on.

  • East

The color corresponding to this direction is green and the element is wood. If followed, it would lead to health and focus on the wellbeing of the aspects of a family. If this is a change which you need then it would be helpful to invest in plants and greenery no matter which space you’re in.

  • West

This direction, for a healthy home and business, can bring in the positive energies leading to creativity and luck in children. This is beneficial for both businesses and homes as creativity can help individuals and businesses. For example, if your business is lacking the creative element in order to grow, this direction will do the trick. To do so, the element of metal should be incorporated along with the colors of white, gold and silver.

Those were all just a few examples, there are still four more directions that are a part of feng shui which can service your home or business to make the fortune of your life much better.

Whether it be to bring in good fortunes or just for cluster clearing, feng shui is a unique yet effective way to bring in changes. Your career, family, wealth, happiness and so many more aspects can be positively affected by the inclusion of feng shui in the environments which you spend a lot of time in.

There’s so much more about this ancient Chinese art which can be a part of your daily life. A feng shui consultant can not only enlighten you about the beliefs involved but they can definitely help you implement it at no hassle.

So, if you’d like to learn and know more about how you can be provided a one stop traditional service of feng shui in your office or home, visit