Meaning of the heavenly 6 favour and lucky star in Feng Shui 

The 6 Star is one of the most popular and respected off all the stars in Feng Shui.

This star has a rich energy star that bestows favour and brings achievement, power, influence, authority – and perhaps the best of all its qualities – fortunes, favours and opportunities at your feet.

The 6 Star is like a great cosmic meteor shower, raining like diamonds from the sky into your lap.

Better still, the 6-star star represents the energy of helpful people who will help you when you need them.

These heavenly people can range from someone who will fix a flat tire for you to doctors, lawyers, agents, brokers, mentors and anyone influential.

Imagine the 6-star jungle genie from the magic lamp to grant your wishes.

Its natural home is in the Northwest Sector, the corner of men and helpful people.

Like a large white sparkling diamond, the 6 star is ruled by the planet Venus.

This planet rules attraction and relationships, so the 6-pointed star in the north-west corner means that meaningful and beneficial relationships can be formed this year, especially with powerful men, people from afar, and to bring you international opportunities.

Have you ever wished for a guardian angel to help you?

Think of the 6 stars as that kind of support… the kind that comes from heaven. It is the star that brings good fortune and luck in speculation and helps the man of the house.

It is the star that represents the zodiac signs Dog and Pig and signifies deep winter when the stars twinkle brightest against the deep blue velvet sky at night.

The Northwest Sector also represents the breadwinner, so males, who are the main breadwinners, will benefit from its heavenly influence. But men and women benefit equally from this star.

The celestial influence has some interesting qualities not seen in other stars.

Above all, this includes the heavenly aspect of psychic visions, spirituality and inspiration, such as new business ideas or insights that you can benefit from.

It is also an indicator of a masculine presence, or someone who has the ability to lift you up, mend you, or open doors that were previously closed.

Think of someone with prestige, power, and authority, who brings happiness by noticing, helping, and introducing themselves, who brings opportunity.

The downside of this twinkling star is a tendency to overwork and headaches.

Be sure to spend plenty of time in the sector where the 6 Star Star is located for the year or month and keep it activated and alive with metal and earth energies. In 2022, the 6 stars will be in the northwest, it’s home corner. In 2023 the 6 star moves west, and in 2024 the 6 star flies to the northeast corner.

To enhance the beneficial effects of the celestial white six-pointed star, add plenty of crystal elements, gems, a wealth bowl, or crystal balls wherever it flies to keep its celestial luck, favour, and charms in the north-west corner or wherever the 6 is, to activate star flies to.

The Best 6 Star Activator? Movable metal. One of the best is a chiming clock with real metal bells to herald the blessings of heaven!

Six smooth crystal balls are wonderful amplifiers for the 6 stars. An arrangement of these crystal balls signifies the union of heaven and earth and will fill the northwest corner of your home or living room with auspicious energy that will help you leap forward in the world of business and material achievements such as possessions and wealth.

You can also upgrade the 6-star with a statue of Kwan Kung, large geodes, crystal bowls, images of powerful people, maps, images of planets, stars, and gold and metal objects.