Feng Shui : Decoration with the Colour of Wealth and Abundance 

A combination of fiery red and expansive blue creates purple and violet associated with the crown chakra. In Feng Shui  , these colours inspire and invite abundance and royalty. Purple-violet is associated with wealth, prosperity, and self-esteem.

What is fabulous about purple is that it is considered the “beige” of Feng Shui , meaning it is the most versatile color that can be used to enhance almost any area of ​​the home. It is best used in the area of ​​wealth and prosperity and least used in the area of ​​travel and helpful people. Anywhere else, it can be an advantageous color to use if you feel you need a touch of fullness and flow.

Purple is definitely a power color.

It is best used by an entrepreneur, CEO, or someone in a position of influence who is looking for more recognition. You could boost your fame sector with a dose of pretty purple and boost your reputation.

Purple encourages creativity.

You can use purple in the office, children’s room, library or any room where you want to let your creativity flow. Especially if this creativity is used to make money, it will be a double blessing in that area. Try putting a purple orchid on your desk where you work. I’ve always used this trick to boost my own creativity and it has worked every time.

Purple is the color of divine wisdom.

The crown chakra is represented and healed by the color purple, which is the chakra of your connection with the divine and spirituality. Because of this, purple is a great color for a more meditative space or a calming corner. If you have a place where you curl up and read self-help books, try throwing in a purple pillow or throw.

Amethyst is the purple crystal.

And amethyst is the most popular crystal that people decorate with, along with clear quartz and selenite. Amethyst is a power crystal because it covers so many healing aspects. You can always use crystals as an effortless way to enhance the energy in your home for good Feng Shui .


Purple is the color of money flow. Wearing purple clothes or ties is great for anyone in the sales industry. This includes bankers, real estate agents, film producers, creative agencies or anyone who moves with money. When it comes to creating new business opportunities, it’s wise to use purple in a personal and wealth-enhancing way.