Do You Rent? 9 Feng Shui Tips That Make You Feel Like An Owner

From a Feng Shui perspective, it is important for your space to feel safe, beautiful, and comfortable, but as a long-time renter, I know the challenge of bringing those qualities to a space that you don’t own.

Renting can be tricky, but with a few Feng Shui tips, you can feel like an owner (take all your great ideas with you!) until the day you move out.

Follow these Feng Shui tips for the best results – I guarantee you’ll feel like you own the place!

Place the bagua over a floor plan of your home to understand how energy flows.

Use the map to place artwork, paint, and furniture to anchor your intentions and help you take ownership of the space

Replace things that can be switched back when moving out. Choosing your own switch plates, doorknobs and even toilet seats can go a long way in making you feel like you own the whole place.

Unlock the Chi energy by removing unnecessary doors. Many rentals have doors that go unused or just get in the way. When you’re overwhelmed with doorways to rooms, closets and hallways, simply detach and store away until you move. You and your chi will move through your space with greater ease.

Keep the clutter to a minimum by following the best decluttering and organising tips you can find. The more respect you show yourself by keeping your space nice and organised, the greater your sense of ownership.





Place furniture using command pose. Command position is especially important in a rented apartment because you have less control over that space than you do over a house you own. 

Positioning your bed, couch, and desk so you can see the door clearly gives you the sense of empowerment you need to feel safe and secure.

Paint with rich colours if you may. Nothing makes a place feel more at home than beautiful colours of your choice. Landlords often object, but they may relent if you guarantee you’ll repaint the walls when you move.

Enhance or create views of nature by either hanging curtains to frame a great view or hanging landscape art to distract from a not-so-great view.

Use mirrors strategically to add depth too tight, difficult spaces and to reflect light and nature. Be sure to use large, beautiful mirrors that will light up the room all by themselves.





Schedule a Feng Shui room cleansing ceremony to purify the space and transmute any negative energies that may have been left behind from previous tenants.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you need any advice or guidance on how to implement these