Feng Shui Art Ideas for 2023

Feng Shui Art Ideas for 2023 

Displaying art is a great way to add personal style to your home, and if it’s lucky, even better! Only hang art on your walls that evokes positive emotions. Avoid as much as possible showing art featuring wild animals or showing violence, misery, suffering or sadness as these are the last things we want to attract into our lives.

In fact, the best works of art for Feng Shui are those that contain auspicious symbols and take into account elemental relationships. Placed in the right sectors, these have the power to raise the good vibes present and draw a whole lot of happiness into your home and into your life.

#1 Star in the Southwest

Enhance the winning energies of the #1 Victory Star in the Southwest with the “Silver Sardines” print.

Set in a tranquil sea of blue, this print supports the Water element of the Victory Star. Abundance is activated with fish, symbolically drawing all kinds of good fortune towards you. Excellent for boosting career luck in 2023.

#2 Star in the East

The East is the health sector of the Pa Kua and in 2023, it also plays host to the #2 Illness Star. Boost health luck by placing the “Emerald Wu Lou” here.

This piece brings much needed Fire energy to calm and subdue the detrimental Wood energy of the #3 Star. The ginkgo leaf is a powerful symbol of resilience, strength, and longevity. Displaying this strengthens physical endurance and helps one power through difficult challenges.

#3Star in the Southeast

To remedy the #3 Quarrelsome Star, place the “Ginkgo Leaves” in the Southeast.

This piece brings much needed Fire energy to calm and subdue the detrimental Wood energy of the #3 Star. The ginkgo leaf is a powerful symbol of resilience, strength, and longevity. Displaying this strengthens physical endurance and helps one power through difficult challenges.

#4 Star in the Centre

This “Peach Blossompiece is a wonderful choice for enhancing popularity and romance luck brought by the #4 Romance Star.

The peach blossom is a symbol of softness, peace and purity. It signals the arrival of spring and represents the renewal of life. Having your image in your own space increases attractiveness and like-ability. Very good to attract new love occasions! Display in the middle of the house.

#5 Star in the Northwest

To suppress the Misfortune Star in small tai chi spaces like bedrooms and offices, place these “8 Metal Chinese Coins” in the Northwest.

The Metal element here helps overcome the dangerous Earth energy of the #5 Star. Because Northwest is also a Metal sector, having this here brings travel luck and helpful people as well.

#6 Star in the West

The #6 Heaven Star brings blessings from heaven, generous benefactors, helpful allies and windfall luck. Support the flow of energy connecting Earth and Heaven by placing the “Angel Wings with Sacred Geometry” in the West.

 The seed of life in this symbol of sacred geometry represents creation and reminds us of the oneness of all. It is a strong amplifier of the #6 star’s metal element and when placed in the West it also activates the Pa Kua’s Creativity Sector.

#7 Star in the Northeast

The #7 Metal Star flying into an earth sector further amplifies its unpleasant effects. To remedy this, place the “Circles” print in the Northeast.

Its cool blue and lavender shades represent the Water element to exhaust the vicious Metal chi of the #7 Star. The circles represent the infinite nature of energy, which helps to protect, heal and strengthen.

#8 Star in the South

One can never have enough wealth enhancers when activating the lucky number 8. Capture its good fortune energies this year by placing the “Eight” in the South.

In Chinese numerology, 8 represents money luck, wealth and prosperity, 100birds symbolise the abundance of wealth-generating opportunities and 6 apples attract harmony sent from the heavens.

#9 Star in the North

Activate the auspicious properties of the#9 star by displaying this “Auspicious Goldfish” print in the North.

8 red and 1 black goldfish is well-known to be the best combination of goldfish to keep if you want to attract long-lasting wealth and prosperity. Helps draw all the good fortune energies brought by the #9 Star into one’s life.

Meaning of the Lo Shu in Feng Shui

Meaning of the the Lo Shu in Feng Shui

Lo Shu is the Part of the legacy of ancient Chinese mathematics and divinity traditions, the Lo Shu is an important emblem in Feng Shui, the art of geomancy, concerned with the placement of objects in relation to the flow of qi or “natural energy”.

The Lo Shu Square (or Nine Hall Diagram), named after the Luo (River) Scroll, is the unique order three normal magic square (each order three normal magic square is formed by rotation or reflection from the Lo Shu receive). It has a strong affinity with the Yellow River map.

The basics of Feng Shui can be traced back to “He Shu”, the writing of the Yellow River. Fu Xi, the first ruler of China, is said to have been meditating by this river when he noticed a turtle.


Turtles are considered spiritual beings and symbols of the universe. Fu Xi recognised a pattern in the special pattern of the tortoise shell, in which each number represents certain properties.

In simplified terms, Fu Xi’s scheme can be represented as a magic square, the sum of the digits of which always results in the number 15.

This Chinese numerology is based on the 3×3 magic square, where the digits do not change position and always add up to 15. From this you can see which number is present and which is missing and how often a digit has been repeated. From this, the Lo Shui grid prediction can provide information about a person’s life, which energy is missing or too much

Do you rent? Feng Shui tips

Do You Rent? 9 Feng Shui Tips That Make You Feel Like An Owner

From a Feng Shui perspective, it is important for your space to feel safe, beautiful, and comfortable, but as a long-time renter, I know the challenge of bringing those qualities to a space that you don’t own.

Renting can be tricky, but with a few Feng Shui tips, you can feel like an owner (take all your great ideas with you!) until the day you move out.

Follow these Feng Shui tips for the best results – I guarantee you’ll feel like you own the place!

Place the bagua over a floor plan of your home to understand how energy flows.

Use the map to place artwork, paint, and furniture to anchor your intentions and help you take ownership of the space

Replace things that can be switched back when moving out. Choosing your own switch plates, doorknobs and even toilet seats can go a long way in making you feel like you own the whole place.

Unlock the Chi energy by removing unnecessary doors. Many rentals have doors that go unused or just get in the way. When you’re overwhelmed with doorways to rooms, closets and hallways, simply detach and store away until you move. You and your chi will move through your space with greater ease.

Keep the clutter to a minimum by following the best decluttering and organising tips you can find. The more respect you show yourself by keeping your space nice and organised, the greater your sense of ownership.





Place furniture using command pose. Command position is especially important in a rented apartment because you have less control over that space than you do over a house you own. 

Positioning your bed, couch, and desk so you can see the door clearly gives you the sense of empowerment you need to feel safe and secure.

Paint with rich colours if you may. Nothing makes a place feel more at home than beautiful colours of your choice. Landlords often object, but they may relent if you guarantee you’ll repaint the walls when you move.

Enhance or create views of nature by either hanging curtains to frame a great view or hanging landscape art to distract from a not-so-great view.

Use mirrors strategically to add depth too tight, difficult spaces and to reflect light and nature. Be sure to use large, beautiful mirrors that will light up the room all by themselves.





Schedule a Feng Shui room cleansing ceremony to purify the space and transmute any negative energies that may have been left behind from previous tenants.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you need any advice or guidance on how to implement these

Meaning of a laughing BUDAI (Buddha)

Meaning of a laughing BUDAI (Buddha)

The meanings of a Laughing BUDAI (Buddha)

The laughing Buddha is in stark contrast to the stereotypical monk. This eccentric monk with a pure heart is said to be a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha himself and is said to welcome good energy into your space. His statues and figures come in different materials and poses, mostly in gold.

Since each pose has a different meaning of the Laughing Buddha, it is important to understand which pose to place at home and which direction to take. Here’s a look at each meanings of Laughing Buddha and Feng Shui tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

This pose of the Buddha has two meanings. The first interpretation is that he will put all your problems and worries in the bag and take them away from your home or office. The second is that it will bring you and your family an abundance of success and fortune.
Feng Shui tip: May 8th is Buddha’s birthday and it is said that lighting a candle in front of the statue on that day will increase your blessings and happiness.

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): Both hands raised above his head

With both hands raised above his head, this laughing Buddha carries either a bowl or coins in his palms and represents a complete indictment of material possessions. It also means victory in financial matters or personal obstacles. According to legend, this pose brings blessings from heaven and added happiness in your endeavors.
Feng Shui tip: placing this statue in the southeast corner of your room will increase the financial gain.

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): With a sack

This pose of the Buddha has two meanings. The first interpretation is that he will put all your problems and worries in the bag and take them away from your home or office. The second is that it will bring you and your family an abundance of success and fortune.
Feng Shui tip: May 8th is Buddha’s birthday, and they say that lighting a candle in front of the statue on this day will compound your blessings and good fortune

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): Playing with Children

In its most innocent form, this laughing Buddha statue is usually surrounded by five children. It improves fertility and also strengthens your child’s immunity and overall health. It also fills your space with childlike positivity and enthusiasm.
Feng Shui tip: Ensure you don’t place the Laughing Buddha near any electrical outlets, or over the TV

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): With a Fan

Gives you strength & positivity

They believe that this statue will give you strength and positivity to face and overcome any lingering problems that you have faced for a while. Sometimes the Laughing Buddha also welcomes carefree and joy in your home in the form of guests.
Feng Shui tip: Place the statue at eye level, preferably on your desk, for best results

Laughing BUDAI (Buddha): Deep in Meditation

 A laughing Buddha in a deep, meditative pose usually symbolizes a balanced mind. This statue brings peace and tranquillity to a room that is full of misunderstanding, turbulence, or negativity. It also reinforces the belief that one needs a calm mind to overcome obstacles.
Feng Shui tip: In order for it to work, you should put it in a place that can be viewed by every family member or office colleague


6 Ways Pets Increase our Home

6 Ways Pets Increase our Home

The Feng Shui Energy with Pets 

When it comes to our furry friends, we love them like family, but did you know that they enrich our feng shui life? Yes, they make our lives better and anyone who has ever owned a pet knows this. As with most living things, a pet’s energy affects us and vice versa. Stagnant energy is one of the most damaging components in Feng Shui and animals greatly reduce it. Here are 6 ways animals can improve our homes and lives:


There is no love like that of an animal. It is the purest form of love and worship that one can experience. They love you in good times and bad, are always happy to see and feel you when you are down, and make your day a little brighter. Even on the worst of days, your pet is there for you to lift your spirits and give you much-needed love.


Harley the cat doesn’t really apply here … he would much rather love you, because no one is an enemy in his eyes, but dogs and cats offer security in every form. Have you recently seen a dog harm a child in its own driveway? The family cat jumped into action to save the day. Animals are extremely loyal creatures and when their owners are in danger, they often step on the plate in unexpected ways.

Yang energy

Animals are active. They bark, meow, swim, run and poke around the house when they are happy. Nothing arouses energy better than an animal. And nothing lifts your spirits than seeing your pet hopping around happily. When Harley tosses his mouse in the air or brings it upstairs to share with us, nothing makes us laugh anymore.


Animals take care of us in several ways. They make us happy, laugh and share our tears. They tend to us as we tend to them. Caring for an animal is one of the best feng shui tools in a home. If you take care of them, they will take care of you, a great lesson as you learn goals and intentions. For clarity, you need to focus on your goals.

Friendly and welcoming

Nothing welcomes a guest to your home or office more than an animal. When I had my retail studio a few years ago, Harley was a quick addition. I adopted him from the local animal shelter and was amazed at how he boosted morale and eased everyone in the office. The postman, UPS girls, and other tenants quickly became our friends. I’ve even had customers drop by to give him toys and say hello. Everyone, including me, loves Harley.

Feng Shui lucky charms

Pets are known in Feng Shui for not only symbolizing good energy, but cats are considered good for financial happiness and dogs help increase and penetrate the energy in a home.
Whatever the argument, pets are undoubtedly a great way to add strength to a home. They are great for both kids and adults. I live on a two acre farm and have grown up with animals all my life. We had horses, cats, guinea pigs, fish and more. Over the years I’ve learned that animals in my life not only make me happier, they also make me softer. They help put our lives into perspective and teach us what is most important, love and family.

The Five Shapes  in Feng Shui

The Five Shapes in Feng Shui

Rectangle  Wood –

The first element of the important 5 elements in Feng Shui

Wood is related to flexibility, kindness, and healing. It represents growth and progress. You might need to bring in more wood energy if you want to create more growth or a new beginning in some area of your life.

Wood is connected to green, blue, and teal. These can all be beautiful and healing color choices for walls as well as curtains. Another great way to introduce the wood element is through healthy green plants.

This shape represents the full energy of wood and of upward growth and the number three and four, with the number three being more auspicious. The rectangle represents movement. Add this shape when you have too much metal or earth energy or when you desire more growth and protection. This is the shape of success for the 9 and 1 kua.

Qualities :        Expansive

Vitality :           upward

Shape :            Colunar, rectangular

Colours:           Green and Blue

Season :           Spring

Areas:              Family, wealth


Square – Earth

Earth is related to overall well-being, self-nourishment, and boundaries. It is stable, grounding, and reliable. You may need more earth if you are feeling ungrounded or anxious, or if you want to focus on self care or creating stronger boundaries. Adding more earth is also helpful if you want to work on being more caring and generous towards others.

To enhance the earth element with color, add earth tones, like yellow, orange, or brown. There are many ways to do this, depending on your decor and style preferences. It can be as subtle as adding a brown rug in your bedroom to ground your space, or as bold as an earthy yellow statement couch in your living room. You can also start with something smaller, like a brown terracotta flower pot.

This is the element of earth and the number two. Squares are solid and grounding. They are beneficial for adding the energy that benefits relationships and the family. Add this energy when you are feeling like there is too much movement in your life. This is the wealth and success shape for the 8, 2 and 5 kua.

Qualities :        Grounded, Self-care, stable

Shape :            Flat, square

Colours:           Brown, yellow and orange

Season :           Transitions between the seasons

Areas:              Health, knowledge, partnerships


Triangle – Fire

Fire represents fame, inspiration, and our visibility. It’s also related to our passion and emotional expression. Keeping your emotions inside and swallowing your feelings may be signs that you need more fire energy.

To add fire through color, go for reds and fiery oranges. If you’re comfortable with these colors (or if you’re not, and you want to challenge yourself!), you can look for a red chair or table for a bold pop of color. For something a little more subdued, try a throw blanket on your couch, or artwork with fiery colors. You may want to keep these colors out of any rooms where you intend to relax and be refreshed, though, as they can be very intense and stimulating!

This is the shape of the element of fire and the number nine. This shape should be used sparingly, but it signifies success and upward movement – especially when the points are up. Look for this shape to add more success and increased energy, but use this sparingly as it is the element of fire and too much fire can burn down the house! This is the shape of success for the 3 kua.

Qualities :        Passion, illuminating, brilliant

Shape :            triangular, pointy

Colours:           Red

Season :           Summer

Areas:              Fame


Wave – Water

Water is associated with wisdom, social life, and career. It is both deep and still, like the ocean, and dynamic and flowing, like a river. Water helps us make connections with others, and can also deepen our wisdom, insight, and intuition. You may want to add more water to your home if you want to increase your social connections, or enhance your intuition.

Water element colors are black and midnight blue. While such dark colors might be overwhelming in some spaces, they can be beautiful and impactful as an accent wall. You can also introduce them in smaller ways in throw pillows, artwork, or picture frames.

The wave shape signifies water and is very auspicious! It’s represented by the number one. The curvilinear shape symbolizes the fluidity of the water element and its ability to transport and transform. This is one of the shapes least seen in home and office settings. Too much wavy shapes can create depression and too little can create a lack of opportunity and growth. This is the shape of success for the 4 kua.

 Qualities :        Downward, flowing, shifting

Shape :            wavy, curvy

Colours:           Black

Season :           Winter

Areas:              Carrier


Round – Metal

Metal is related to beauty, joy, and efficiency. It is cold, rational, rigid, and unwavering. Metal is also connected to speech, and how we are able to speak up for ourselves and what is right. If you don’t have enough metal, you may have a hard time articulating your thoughts or finding your voice.

To activate metal qualities through color, bring in white, grays, and metallic colors. White or light gray walls are an effective way to introduce the metal element, and they are also a great neutral backdrop for artwork and other decor. There are also a lot of fun metallic decor options, like chairs for your kitchen or office, that can be a stylish way to add more metal to your home. If you want to add metal on a smaller scale, look for metallic planters or bookends, or small metal sculptures.

This shape is considered the most auspicious as it is the shape of heaven and the element of gold, or metal, and the numbers six and seven, with six being the most auspicious. Metal shapes help to keep too much wood (often found in homes) from overtaking the energy of a home. Many homes have wood floors and wood furniture. Employing round shapes helps to control excess wood – which can increase tensions in the family. A small round table or round objects can help keep wood from becoming oppressive. This is the shape of success for the 6 and 7 kua.


Qualities :        Efficient, precise, beauty

Shape :            Circular, spherical

Colours:           White, metallics

Season :           Autumn

Areas:              Helpful people, children