Feng Shui and the Flying Stars 

4th Month of the Ren Yin Water Tiger Year
(6th May 2022 – 5th June 2022)

As we approach the month of May, we enter the second quarter of the lunar calendar and head into the summer months. From the lucky pillars, summery Paht Chee reading looks extremely heated, with lots of fire element energy. But while fire can be a dangerous element, that’s not a bad thing considering there’s a desperate lack of fire, which represents the resource element, this year. Meanwhile, the Flying Star chart for May has flown the lucky star number 8 in the middle and brings a lot of prosperity energy to everyone.

This suggests that there will be more opportunities to make money and accumulate wealth in the coming month. The east-west axis is particularly lucky with the trio of white stars 1-6-8 filling these sectors; This makes houses and buildings with east-west orientation especially lucky this month. Meanwhile, the northeast sector has the sum of ten, which brings good luck; Activating this sector with the Accomplishment Horse or the Teapot with the Accomplishment Horse brings the successful completion of projects and things you are working on.

But while the dominant #8 star brings prosperity to all, it also bolsters the five yellows in the mid-year chart; Therefore, the cure for the 5 yellows, the Heart Sutra Pagoda, is urgently needed in the central sector this month. It’s best to place a large one in the center of your house or living room (especially if you live in a large house). If you only have a small one there, it’s a good idea to install another one.

The dangerous sector this month is SW, where the month Five Yellow flew. This joins the annual #2, making this a sector that definitely needs healing . Matriarchs are affected as SW is the matriarch’s sector.