Couples beware of the dark side of the # 4

On February 4, 2023, the #4 Star will fly to the center of Lo Shu Square to become the “dominant” star for the next 12 months. This is an important point because the dominant star affects everyone’s happiness, affecting not only every area of every home, office and retail space, but every part of the world. The impact of the #4 in the coming year will also be widely felt, and capturing their hopeful energies will increase one’s chances of personal happiness immensely.

The number 4 is the star that rules relationships, love and romance. It brings networking bliss that fosters good friendships and productive collaboration at work and in business. It is also the star of academic achievement and literary excellence, fostering creative thinking and helping to manifest academic success for certain who successfully harness its mind-expanding vibrations


However, when we activate a star for luck, we must be careful not to overdo it, otherwise we could trigger any negative emanations that may be present.

In the case of #4, these come in the form of relationship issues such as infidelity, betrayal, and heartbreak. The Paht Chee chart of 2023 agrees, with the appearance of the Mountain Marriage Star adding to the challenges ahead. It is therefore extremely important for married and dating couples to be proactive when it comes to protecting your union from all forms of outside temptation.

This works best with the marriage comb with the heavenly dragon and phoenix, which together symbolise a harmonious and successful marriage; 

One that is in perfect balance and full of filial progeny that will bring a good name to the family. With this comb in the household, it becomes impossible for annoying third parties to come between a man and a woman.

The other love booster we recommend is the Romance Comb, which features a pair of mandarin ducks. These ducks symbolise an unbreakable bond as it is believed that once they mate they stay together for life. This symbolism represents the kind of love that can stand the test of time. When things have started to get mundane or rocky, this comb will help rekindle the spark! Place it in the center of your home to strengthen your marriage and keep the flames of love burning bright.

2023 can be a fabulous year for lovers as the number 4 increases feelings of pleasure, happiness and joy and brings romantic notions to the fore. Invest time and effort in your relationship and you will both reach new levels of appreciation and fulfilment.