Fire and Feng Shui – 9 Ways

Fire and Feng Shui – 9 Ways to use the element of Joy Happiness and Success

Two elements play a central role in Feng Shui: fire and water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked when it should not be. Fire is an essential element. It keeps us warm and cooks our food.

As we all know, fire can also cause serious damage, such as: B. a house burning down or a raging wildfire.

But fire brings many benefits, especially in Feng Shui and Asian thinking. The color of fire is red and the color red activates, effectively turning on the power wherever it is used or placed. Proper use can bring material rewards, recognition, fame, joy and happiness. What’s not to love about fire?

9 Feng Shui Ways to Use the Fire Element for Success and Luck

1. Come on, get happy.

Water is the element of wealth but its negative side is that water represents fear. Fire is the element of luck, pure and simple, and red is the color of fire. When you are feeling down, use red colours to lift your spirits. Just think of all the red lanterns and red envelopes that the Chinese use for New Year and the festive look they have.

Red is an activator, so if you’re feeling stuck, stagnant or worrying too much, bring some red color into your home. Use red decorations for all happy occasions – or just when you want to feel happy.

2. Let your love life run at full speed.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, fire can revitalise your relationship when it has cooled, or heat up a new one. Activate the southwest love sector with beautiful crystals and bright lights. Keep this area brightly lit if you are looking for love.

A chandelier is one of the best ways to activate your southwest corner. Add a red shaded candle or lamp in the bedroom to illuminate your love happiness. Activating this corner also helps to deepen love relationships. Singles should often wear red.

3. Activate your fame and recognition luck.

The southern corner is the corner of social happiness, which includes fame and recognition. Give that corner a boost with lighting in that location unless the 5 Yellow is visiting, so heed the flame and lighting warnings in the corner when the 5 Yellow is there.

One of the best ways to spice up your luck of fame is with garden lighting. Lighting that comes out of the ground and is aimed at the house is particularly powerful. Let a bright light shine in the living room here.

To greatly increase your fame and recognition, create a candle garden with nine red votive candles and place them in the south corner of your living room. Light them up once a day and be careful not to leave them unattended.

They don’t have to burn for long, but burn them once a day. This is a good ritual for the new moon. Don’t forget to increase Glory Luck by wearing red often.

4. Burn money and health problems with fire.

If you have a bathroom or toilet that affects your health (east) and wealth luck (north, south-east), just put some red items in the bathroom, e.g. B. a red candle. The fire energy will help ease the pressure of the bathroom on your health and prosperity happiness. Carry a red handbag and wallet to bolster your finances.

5. Revitalise your home and rekindle the lucky chi.

If you ever feel like your home is lifeless and stagnant, put the jumper wires on it by adding lots of lighting. Still, dead energy will only get worse over time. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to kickstart your home.

Provide light in every room for at least three hours a day to reactivate your home. This is a great way to push the chi of your home, especially when you’re looking to do something new or just need to break through that stuck feeling.

6. Red fire energy burns through anger.

When you are angry or dealing with angry people, wear red. Anger is symbolized by wood and the red color will help you elope with angry or difficult people.

If there is anger and harsh words in the house, check where the 3 jade star of anger is and add red there. In 2021 it is in the southwest, and in 2022 it is moving east and in 2023 it is southeast.

7. Fire slightly corrects problem areas.

Fire and Lighting are excellent tools to counter poison darts or missing corners. A light pole reflecting back into the corner of the neighbouring house or another sharp object like a tree or pole will help dissipate the poison darts’ energy.

If you have a missing corner, anchor a light post where the corner would be completed. This is a symbolic representation of the missing sector.

8. Stimulate your thinking with red.

Everyone feels a little boring from time to time. Get your head in the game with red colours, lighting or candles in the northeast corner, the corner of thinking and making clear decisions.

You can do this by lighting a candle here, adding some incense sticks or bright lights or red items. This is also a great corner to activate if you are a writer, a student or have children who are still at school and will help all those intellectual pursuits.

9. Use the power of 9 to envision your life differently.

The number related to fire and red colours is the number 9. If you need to change something, move nine images in your home.

The eye is the part of the body related to the fire element and the number 9. Sometimes we need to “see” things differently and by moving nine pictures or pictures on the wall it forces you to see things in new ways.

Fengshui: Couples beware of the #4

Couples beware of the dark side of the # 4

On February 4, 2023, the #4 Star will fly to the center of Lo Shu Square to become the “dominant” star for the next 12 months. This is an important point because the dominant star affects everyone’s happiness, affecting not only every area of every home, office and retail space, but every part of the world. The impact of the #4 in the coming year will also be widely felt, and capturing their hopeful energies will increase one’s chances of personal happiness immensely.

The number 4 is the star that rules relationships, love and romance. It brings networking bliss that fosters good friendships and productive collaboration at work and in business. It is also the star of academic achievement and literary excellence, fostering creative thinking and helping to manifest academic success for certain who successfully harness its mind-expanding vibrations


However, when we activate a star for luck, we must be careful not to overdo it, otherwise we could trigger any negative emanations that may be present.

In the case of #4, these come in the form of relationship issues such as infidelity, betrayal, and heartbreak. The Paht Chee chart of 2023 agrees, with the appearance of the Mountain Marriage Star adding to the challenges ahead. It is therefore extremely important for married and dating couples to be proactive when it comes to protecting your union from all forms of outside temptation.

Feng Shui lucky colours and objects

Lucky objects and colours bring prosperity, abundance and protection

Creating good Feng Shui  that promotes prosperity, happiness, and opportunity can go well beyond your front door or the way you decorate your bedroom. Feng Shui  can be incorporated into the accessories in your home in the car and clothing colours you choose.

As I began to make Feng Shui  my lifestyle, I noticed that these decisions tended to have a positive impact.

Today I live Feng Shui .

This means I choose colours that are complementary in Feng Shui  and work to incorporate all the elements of fire, water, metal, wood and earth in what I wear and what I surround myself with. Because as you build and build vital, harmonious energy or chi, you will be infused with this beneficial energy.

As you think more thoughtfully and consciously about your habits, decor, and personal Feng Shui , you begin to attract and focus energy – which builds up just like money – and it attracts money too!

Use these symbols to build your Feng Shui  energy at work, at home, and within yourself for more opportunity, financial gain, and happiness.

The royal phoenixThe mythical phoenix is ​​a bird of unlimited possibilities. The presentation of this majestic bird brings opportunities for business, socialising and love. It’s the perfect symbol when times are tough because it’s resurrected from Ash mythology.

You can simulate the bird by placing a stone in front of the house that represents a small footstool. The stone should look appropriate in the landscape and be about two feet wide. Display pictures of peacocks or other birds with bright plumage indoors to inspire your life for greater success and recognition.

Pair of Black and Green Colours Green is the color of growth and the Southeast wealth sector.

Black is the color of water and in Feng Shui  the color of wealth.

If you want to inspire business or personal growth, wear black and green colours, e.g. B. A black suit with a green shirt. It’s an elegant look that is harmonious to advance your business and financial opportunities.

Use symbols for personal protection.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in the world who are jealous and do not want others to succeed. Your negative thoughts can be very powerful and difficult to combat. Many countries use the protective eye to symbolise staring back at negative energies.

This symbol is used to protect yourself from anyone directing their negative thoughts at you. Carry an Evil Eye keychain or hang an Evil Eye banner to ward off this type of negative energy.

Older Asian women sometimes wear the double fish to protect themselves from their man’s affections migrating to a younger woman.

Choose a protective amulet or symbol that is meaningful to you.

Wear protective amulets like a Pi Yao when facing political activity or having to have your back turned to the Three Killings, or when your front door, bedroom, or office faces the Three Killings year-round.

Wear Feng Shui  jewellery. Auspicious jewellery with precious stones, gold and silver are all ways to increase your personal energy of prosperity. Real gold, silver and platinum are also protective. Precious and semi-precious stones are always cheap to wear.

Pearls are associated with the moon, intelligence and luck. Wearing them is considered good luck and promotes female beauty.

The Mighty Horse Brings RecognitionHorses are symbols of fire, recognition, glory – and the spoils of victory. Horses activate the energy of the southern sector and bring wonderful recognition energy. It draws your attention to the people who can help you advance your career.

If the horse is particularly beautiful and royally adorned, it is called a tribute horse. This is associated with horses presented to the victors by the conquered, laden with precious gems and other beautiful objects.

The horse is particularly valued because it promotes advancement and personal development. Place a statue of winning horses on your desk for career glory.

The Wealth Buddha

The large smiling Buddha seen in Chinese restaurants is commonly regarded as the Buddha of Wealth and is believed to bring good business and financial success to the establishment.

Business people should place a Buddha on their desk or in their office to help them bring abundance into the workplace. Look for fat lucky Buddhas carrying a big bag or sitting on gold bars, coins and other objects of wealth to represent a big bag of money!

Protect peacock feathers.  Worried about violence, burglary or robbery? If the annual 7 stars are on the doorstep, caution is advised. Setting out a vase of peacock feathers will help protect your home.

If you’re parking in a dodgy area of ​​the city, installing peacock feathers in your car will not only protect you from burglaries, but also from car accidents.

Feng Shui and the entrance door

Take care of the Feng Shui of your Entrance Door

Main doors should open inward into a wider space rather than opening into a cramped narrow space.  You should also have an open space (bright hall) outside the main door.


If the door opens outward, change the position of the hinges so that it opens inward.

If the foyer is small and tiny, hang a bright light over the door and leave it on for at least three hours each day.

You can use a mirror to visually enlarge the foyer, but don’t hang it right in front of the door. Instead, position it against a side wall.


What should my door be made of?
Solid doors are preferable to glass doors. The front door should always be solid and made of wood or some other strong, durable material. Clear or opaque glass doors suggest fragility and offer no protection to the home and family living there.

Is my front door the right size?
The front door should never be too big or too small in relation to the house as a whole, and it should be the most beautiful entrance to your home. A door that is too small does not let happiness in. The door should be at least high enough for the tallest member of the household to easily walk through. If the door is too big, this portends that all happiness will be lost.

Beware of poison arrows:

There are many different structures that can damage the front door, both inside and outside. Stand by your main door and look outside for the following: triangular roofline from opposite neighbour, edge of another building, steps leading up or down, lamppost, graveyard, hospital, high-rise tower, church spire.

Now change your position and stand by the main door and look inside the house. Look for a staircase opposite the main door, a pillar, a spiral staircase, a wall mirror or edge of a wall, a toilet door or kitchen door, or a long straight corridor or hallway.

How can you upgrade your front door?

Hang a painting with an auspicious theme (like 100 birds) to reinforce the auspicious energy here.

Place lucky plants on either side of the main door to increase yang energy and attract lucky chi.

Display a pair of Fu dogs flanking either side to protect you from negative harm to your home.

Display a lucky symbol next to your front door to activate good chi energy. You can place three coins tied together with a red string under a rug just inside the main door entryway.

Having an altar opposite the main door is considered auspicious.

Take the time today to inspect your front door and make any necessary changes to fix any existing problems.


Feng Shui and the advantage of clutter

What brings you to a clean, organised home?

It gives you a sense of calm!

Imagine walking into a room with the ceilings cleared and no papers and clutter strewn about. What feeling does that evoke in you? That’s the AHAAAAA feeling you get when you walk into a hotel room…it’s neat and you can actually see the room and not all the stuff.

It gives you your health back!

Dirty, cluttered houses can make you tired, congested, have back pain, and be constipated. Not just because there’s stuff everywhere, but because there’s dust on all that stuff, and dust is nothing but negative energy. Unclog your home and see improvements in your health and well-being.

It gives you wealth!

Think back to the times when you were doing well financially… With money worries piling up, have you ever made the correlation that all the stuff around you has? Get rid of it and you will see the flow of finance again.

It puts you in control of your life!

Suddenly, after tidying up, there is order in the universe, you find what you are looking for, the feeling of being overwhelmed is not omnipresent and you look forward to things; life is sweet again.

What do you want from life?

Check the list below for ideas where clutter stops the flow.

LOVE – Tidy up the SOUTHWEST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter here can manifest itself in relationship problems or cause health problems such as a large stomach, problems with the reproductive or excretory system, or a bulging midsection.

MONEY – Tidy up the SOUTHEAST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter here can lead to problems with lack of savings (accumulated wealth), low returns, and trouble in the hips, legs, and knees. Start a savings program – no matter how small – to boost your energy to build your wealth.

FRIENDS, FAME, RECOGNITION – Clean up the SOUTH corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter here can cause problems with recognition, difficulties with friends and socialising, and health issues like vision and heart problems. Lighten and brighten this area and create an open space (air feeds fire!) and watch the stress drop and the fun rise.

HEALTH, FAMILY GROWTH – Tidy up the EAST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Problems lead to difficulties with family members, tension in the home, and problems with the skin, liver, and feet. Embellish with water images to nourish the wood energy of this sector and improve health and family relationships.

CAREER, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES – Tidy up the NORTH corner of your home, bedroom, living room, desk and office. Problems and clutter in this area cause kidney and ear problems. Brighten and illuminate this area and create space to improve the flow of water energy here which offers career and business opportunities.

KIDS/BABIES, CREATIVITY, PROJECTS TO FLOWER – Tidy up the WEST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office to see projects coming to fruition. Clutter in this area causes problems with children, lungs, mouth and teeth. Add metal to this area to add movement to projects and help kids.

EDUCATION, PERSONAL GROWTH, SPIRITUALITY, WRITING – Clean up the NETHERLANDS corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter in this area keeps you from thinking clearly and making good decisions, and keeps you anxious and insecure about your life. It also affects your hands and can cause problems like arthritis.

TRAVEL, MENTORS, HELPFUL PEOPLE – Tidy up the NORTHWEST corner of your home, bedroom, living room and office. Clutter in this area creates problems with men, the man of the house, international business and travel, and finding people to help and support you in life. Excessive clutter in this corner can cause problems with the head, such as: E.g. worries, high blood pressure and headaches. Open this space and the world will open up for you!


Feng Shui and the crystals

Feng Shui and the most popular Crystals

Crystals have long been said to have mystical properties. Certain crystals and stones have long been associated with healing abilities, the ability to focus thought or intent, or even transmutation. And this is no longer a question of faith.

We know scientifically that crystals, especially silicon crystals, are the main reason for faster and faster processing speeds in computers.

But there are other stones and crystals in Feng Shui that have different applications and uses to create beneficial energy to clear your thoughts!

One thing all gems and stones have in common is the belief that they represent the highest, most beautiful forms of vital and precious earth energies, refined in their color, beauty and intrinsic quality.

Her greatest quality is her ability to amplify energies like intention. Here are some of the most common and popular Feng Shui stones and crystals and how to use them.


Jade is both a crystal formation and a valuable gemstone due to its high value. Coloration can range from white to yellow to deep green. The greater the light transmittance, the greater the value of the jade. Jade is worn in amulets, pendants and bracelets.

A common way to wear jade is as a bangle. Jade is believed to purify the blood and promote good health and longevity. Jade is a multipurpose stone and a symbol of growth, wealth and prosperity. When shopping, remember that real jade will always feel cool or cold against the skin.

Quartz crystal

Clear quartz crystal has so many uses in Feng Shui. From using it to stimulate thought to creating harmonious relationships, quartz is versatile. Crystal points are often used to create clear thoughts and improve thinking ability.

Students often wear quartz points to help them do well on tests.

Quartz crystal is often fashioned into faceted crystals, smooth crystal balls, jewellery and chandeliers. When light is directed onto the crystal, it amplifies the faceted crystal by casting prisms of coloured light. Considered to be particularly auspicious and beneficial, this rainbow light can help an unloved person feel loved by bathing in the emitted coolers.


Beautiful and lemon yellow, citrine is the color of the store. It represents the earth element with its yellow color. Due to its golden hue, citrine is said to attract wealth and prosperity. Someone involved in sales or business – or just looking to climb the ladder of success would benefit from a Citrine crystal on their desk.


With its deep purple color, amethyst is a royally coloured stone associated with great wealth. Amethyst can be worn as jewellery or displayed at home. Amethyst geodes are believed to possess great energy wealth and are often used in gemstone trees. It is also a great stone for protection when travelling.

Because of her connection with the Earth Mother, she is said to be able to keep a wandering husband at home. They are also believed to be able to provide healing energy and reduce anger and depression.

Rose Quartz

This is known as the love stone. The pink stone represents the sweet and tender feelings of love in a committed relationship. Singles who want to attract love can use rose quartz to attract love. When your relationship is struggling, keep a rose quartz heart nearby to encourage healing and loving feelings.

This beautiful stone helps us connect with our loving feelings. Worn as a pendant or placed in the home, rose quartz imbues all who come in contact with it with a greater heartfelt connection.


Although not often seen in the west, cinnabar is widespread in the east. The mineral cinnabar occurs around recent volcanic activity or alkaline hot springs and is associated with mercury, pyrite, marcasite, opal, quartz, chalcedony and dolomite. It is rarely or never used in Feng Shui. What is most commonly referred to as cinnabar is actually a resin product.