LOSS & TREASON STAR #7 dominates

East-West axis affected

SE, SW, NE, NW secondary sectors are happiest

North brings misunderstandings, fights.


June’s Flying Star card has some hazard warnings. The Loss and Betrayal Star #7 has landed in the central sector and all four cardinal points are affected. With the global economy in turmoil, the war between Russia and Ukraine showing no signs of abating, supply-side tightening continuing to cause problems, inflation running amok and markets being battered, surely the light at the end of the tunnel is due… but… we may have to wait a little longer.

Pesky stars are concentrating along the east-west axis this month, so houses facing east-west need to be extra careful. North-South homes are also affected this month.

The main attribute of number 7 is loss: but it is usually a loss of the kind caused by betrayal. This is then a month to cover your back. Remember that betrayal can be unintentional, so be careful, but don’t hold grudges endlessly. The tormenting energies will subside at the end of the month and will end as abruptly as they began. Don’t let temporary annoying energies ruin your friendships, so even if something happens, always try to decide when in doubt (until you can’t anymore).

Main recommendations for the month:

Don’t take big financial risks;

Don’t trust others too easily;

Check things out for yourself, do not take anyone else’s word or testimony;

Don’t listen to rumours or gossip.

Spend more time in the secondary sectors – SE, SW, NE and NW are all lucky this month. When these parts of the home are energised by activity, life, noise, and light, their favourable energies are activated so you can enjoy the happiness they bring.

Sectors to avoid are Center, West, North, East, and South.

Most annoying will be the North, which has the monthly Conflict Star #3. The North must remain calm; place red apples of peace or other symbols of harmony here. The center requires the anti-robbery plaque and anti-betrayal symbols. The East has Calamity 5, so those who live here should take no chances this month; always play it safe.

The South has the Sickness Star, so elderly or sick people should move to another bedroom for the month if they live in the South. Also install health cures like the Wu Lou. Betrayal personifies the West this month; Invite a wild-looking Kuan Kung into the house and place it to the west. The image or presence of Kuan Kung instantly changes the energy of the room, suppressing the risk of betrayal and outplay.