Feng Shui treatments for bedroom

According to the principle of Feng Shui – treat bedrooms as sacred spaces

Keep your bedroom clutter-free for a peaceful, restful sleep.

Treat this area as if it were a sacred place, since this is where you spend all of your sleeping, unconscious time. Here you leave the conscious world and enter another dimension. Here you dream dreams and let yourself go. Here you rest, enveloped by the world. So keep this space sacred and special.

Keep the bedroom energy free of negative, harmful, stale, or hostile energy.

So throw out things that acidify the energy. Instead, only place things in your bedroom that you love, things that make you feel pampered and beautiful.

Practical tips

Don’t keep clothes high up on raised shelves in your bedroom. This is a bad idea as they create heaviness above the sleep level. Keep your winter wardrobe in one closet and keep all your suitcases in another room.

Keep all exercise machines, bikes, and wall mirrors out of the bedroom.

Your place of rest is not your gym.

Make sure all work-related things are kept away from the bedroom. Do without a desk here so that no work waste accumulates in the bedroom. Keep computers and phones away. Let kids have a dedicated study instead of a desk in their bedroom. If your house doesn’t have enough space for this, try placing the desk a little away from the bed so clutter that accumulates on the desk doesn’t disturb the sleeping child.

Store all dirty clothes in a laundry basket.

Nothing is more yin than dirty clothes; the energy it emits permeates any room fairly quickly.

Don’t place trash under, over, or next to a bed.

Always keep beds clean.

Keep all doors clear of debris.

So they open and close smoothly.

Never hang questionable art on your bedroom walls.

Make sure you never hang anything that looks menacing or that might attract misfortune.

Keep windows clutter free.

Curtains can be left open or closed at night, but it’s advisable to let the light in once the sun has risen. Nothing brings out better yang energy than morning sunlight.