Buddha of Happiness – one of the 10 lucky symbols

The lucky symbols of Feng Shui help bring the harmony and positivity that our home needs to have the vibration of luck. They are auspicious objects that make up the decoration, ward off negative energies and attract the energy that we so desire. See what they are.
You do not need to buy all the elements mentioned below to be lucky in your home. You can choose those that most captivate you, match the decor of your home and that you have access to. And it is also necessary to put all your belief and positive vibration in these objects, as they are not magic and they solve everything alone, they only favour the attraction of positivity, but you need to do your part also sharing this positivity to open your paths to luck. Shall we meet them? Ok let us start with the first symbol:
The Buddha of Happiness is considered a lucky symbol of Feng Shui because it absorbs the concerns, problems and unhappiness of the human being. Whoever has the smiling Buddha at home says that you only have to look at him to feel the serenity that he exudes. It mostly soothes issues of prosperity, problems in business or career. He can preferably be in the lobby or in the living room.