Fengshui sayings about water

Wise sayings about Water

Water is often seen as synonymous with money for the Chinese. And indeed, there are many well-known instances where water, properly used in Feng Shui practice, has elevated the merely rich to the status of truly rich. Some of the most common examples you might hear about include a waterfall, yang water feature, or water motifs on the walls and decor of the space.

However, it must be borne in mind that water is also an element that can pose the greatest danger. The water trigram Kan actually means danger first. Translated as Abyssal in many texts, it generally symoolizes misfortune (middle yang line) trapped in matter (two yin lines). The trigram Kan is also a symbol for the soul. The soul must flow like the river from the source in the mountain to the sea, where it dies, turns into clouds and reincarnates as rain in the mountains. The motivation is danger and the abyss.

So how do you properly activate the immense power of water to create wealth while avoiding the taboos?

Never have water above you

As documented in the I Ching, the water above us poses a great danger. Therefore, never sleep with water above you. Don’t hang a water painting on thSe wall above your sleeping space. I know of a case where a so-called Feng Shui consultant recommended hanging a painting of a waterfall on the wall above the headboard of the bed. Its logic was that it would symbolise water, which brings copious wealth to the bed’s occupants during sleep. This only contributed to the fact that his clients couldn’t sleep well, and his clients were actually lucky not to have had an accident. The insomnia disappeared as soon as the water painting was removed.

Likewise, it is very dangerous to have a swimming pool on the roof. This used to be a common practice for tall buildings, especially city hotels and resorts, where it somehow made sense to place the pool on the roof so you could enjoy the sky and sun while swimming. Here’s another Feng Shui taboo that has caused many businesses to collapse.

Never have a water feature on the right hand side of your front door 

This is the most commonly reported reason for a partner to go astray. In nine out of ten cases where a partner has affairs with other human, a water feature is present on the right side of the front door (inside out). The worst kind of water features to tempt some partner wandering eye are in-ground ponds and pools. These are also the most difficult to change. If a stubborn pond lover or fish lover often refuses to “close” his beloved pond, despite the unfavourable implications of Feng Shui, he ends up with not only an unfaithful husband, but no husband at all! Divorce is not out of the question with such a water taboo.

If you absolutely cannot move or close your pond, another solution is to move the front door. But whatever steps you take, if you value a happy life, you need to make sure that you never live with that kind of water taboo for too long. Marriage.


Feng Shui tips to be successful

SEE SUCCESSFUL, BE SUCCESSFUL – Fengshui Tips to gain Success and Recognition

One of the most critical concepts when it comes to watching your star rise?

You have to see it to believe it. Fame and recognition belong to the eyes and the heart in Feng Shui. This is why movie stars and celebrities fascinate us; All eyes and cameras are on her.

Even if you’re not on the big screen and paparazzi aren’t following you, you can surround yourself with your own success and that affects the energy around you and that spreads out into the world.

This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur and work from home.

Often the person you need to impress the most in your life is yourself. It is all the more important that you surround yourself with symbols that show how much you have achieved in your personal and professional life.

Success can be elusive, but by practicing Feng Shui you can vastly improve your chances of generating the kind of energy that gets you noticed – and recognition is one of the most important building blocks of success and all the benefits that come with it.

Check out these tips below to learn how to improve your recognition and success chi and see your wealth soar!

Tip No. 1: See successful, be successful.

One of the most successful people I know has an office surrounded by all his plaques, trophies, certificates, awards and diplomas. Each new achievement that has a picture or memorabilia goes on their wall or bookshelf.

When clients come to his office, they know how successful he is and that gives them confidence in the services he provides, much like all the diplomas on a doctor’s wall make you feel like you are being treated by a doctor.

These elements are all ways of actively showing how others see you, and this is a foundation for building your recognition chi.

Over time, adding to your treasures will help you build a successful career and life that others can’t help but recognise.


Feng Shui and the Wood Energy



If you experience little or no growth in your life, it could be because the growth area of your home is blocked, hindering your progress. My writing is specifically about the Wood Energy of the East and Southeast.


When you have a health problem that goes unresolved, it can drain your energy and zeal, leaving you feeling drained and lifeless. This is also true if you have emotional baggage from your family, like old scars and secrets you’ve carried around for too long, PTSD, or emotional apathy.

You may also feel that life is only moving sideways for you and you are not growing, evolving and moving forward. You may also have missed the pursuit of a life purpose or ambition.

This is the east corner domain.

This corner relates to our overall health, relationships with our family, whether positive or negative, or our ability to see our lives grow and evolve. It is also the corner most related to anger and liver diseases such as alcoholism or past trauma.

If you feel stuck in life, with little growth or improvement to your endeavours, the East Corner should be considered carefully.

Another area in which Eastern blockades show up is problems with the feet, pain in the feet or problems with walking. When you’re feeling blocked, stuck, and stagnant, you may be physically restricted from walking and literally moving forward in life.

Oversized clocks are a reminder of the fleeting aspect of life and lack of time

This is the east corner domain.

This corner relates to our overall health, relationships with our family, whether positive or negative, or our ability to see our lives grow and evolve. It is also the corner most related to anger and liver diseases such as alcoholism or past trauma.

If you feel stuck in life, with little growth or improvement to your endeavours, the East Corner should be considered carefully.

Another area in which Eastern blockades show up is problems with the feet, pain in the feet or problems with walking. When you’re feeling blocked, stuck, and stagnant, you may be physically restricted from walking and literally moving forward in life.

Wood Blockages

The elements Fire and Metal are the two culprits, eroding health, leaving entrenched family problems, and fostering a life of little or no growth. This also applies if the east corner is missing or your bed is not in the command position.

There may also be a problem with physical and financial energy withdrawal, e.g. B. when a front door opens outwards instead of inwards, or when your bed is in line with a door or bathroom.

The element of death can also be present, from dried plants to dead bushes or trees in your yard, or a non-working or overly large wall clock, ashes of pets or loved ones, or memorabilia from funerals. All of these items should be removed from the home. Excessive pictures of deceased relatives should also be reduced.

Like the east, there may be a fireplace, a stove, or anything related to fire or metal that can stop your wealth and the wealth of living. You may also have dead plants or other broken or non-working items. All sources and items related to death, broken items (windows, cracked car windshield, chipped dishes, dented pans), and dead or dying plants should be removed.


Sometimes the best activation is removing items that are blocking your health and growth. Remove all painful items from your home, especially if you have health issues that you can’t seem to get past, or family items or other memorabilia that represent loss, trauma, lies, hurt, and disappointment.

Add health-related colours such as green, blue, and brown, and items to increase your growth potential and health effects, such as: Such as a healthy plant, new landscaping, beautiful flowers, pictures of trees and nature, pictures of healthy people, exercise equipment, and more rectangular shapes.

What are you working towards? Writing a novel, better health, freedom from old tapes and family wiring? Add meaningful images and words to these areas and place them in the east corner to support your growth here.


Many people who earn a good income often lack wealth, savings and real financial security. This is one of the biggest pain points in life, creating a background of worry that can hamper your growth.

When your financial distress is that you have little or no financial reserves, there is always a nagging sense of insecurity or a sense that you are not a proper adult even at an advanced age that you have no resources to fall back on.

Having a salary and an income is nice and makes life possible, but assets that are set aside for emergencies, retirement, or just things you want and not the kind of money that just “pays the bills.” ‘ is the sweetest fruit.

More importantly, owning assets, investments, and savings—and putting savings and investments into regular deposits—gives you peace of mind and lets you experience life more fully and plentifully, and makes you feel richer.

But your net worth sometimes reflects your self-esteem, and when you don’t feel worthy or build your self-esteem by saving or investing for an important trip, life can feel like it’s something you have to endure without some pleasure … like sitting at the table and just eating one crumb at a time. Life may feel small, insignificant, meaningful, and like your accomplishments are just a collection of small things.

This is the area of ​​the Southeast Sector and the corner related to your wealth beyond your salary.

This is the realm of wealth that you tend, nurture and add to like a money garden that you cultivate.

That is the goal of wealth. It’s not just about getting a salary, it’s about money that you devote yourself and actively nurture. are you increasing your money Do you feel like disaster is just a layoff or late check away? Have you made financial progress in your life?

Financial deprivation can create problems with anger and insecurity, leading to anxiety and a feeling that you are not in control of your life. You may also feel that the good things in life happen to other people and not to you.

When you’re not saving for the things you want in life, it can feel like life has let you down.

In terms of health, you may have problems with your legs and hips, or you do not want to face insecurities. The liver can also be affected as resentment and anger towards life can build up, mood swings and outbursts can occur unexpectedly.

To make more money, receive more financial blessings, and see your wealth grow, you must put into it something that creates the energy that makes you feel rich in life.

That starts with making investments and putting away money that just goes in and you don’t touch.

It is persistence and the act of investing for yourself that redirects your chi toward greater abundance, rewires your mind and self-image, and helps transform chi from lack and uncertainty into growth and reward.

And that can show up anywhere in your life, from a nicer place to live, to a healthy and loving relationship, to a sense of accomplishment.


Like the east, there may be a fireplace, a stove, or anything related to fire or metal that can stop your wealth and the wealth of living. You may also have dead plants or other broken or non-working items. All sources and items related to death, broken items (windows, cracked car windshield, chipped dishes, dented pans), and dead or dying plants should be removed.


Look to water-related items to help spur your energy and to grow your wealth. Adding water in the southeast corner of your home, garden, or living room in the form of a fountain, image, or figure helps promote the small wood growth that relates to abundance and prosperity. Ships, fish, and water scenes are also auspicious. Furnishings made of wicker, small rectangular shapes, green and light green colours will help stimulate growth.

Remember, that Feng Shui is also made up of your actions.

Look at ways you can accumulate money, such as starting a small investment or savings account where money goes in and never comes out, and whose only job is to grow.

Find a financial planner, a money guru, or subscribe to newsletters and online services and people who talk about investments, such Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey, or the online stock and investment service Motley Fool.

Buy some small plants to tend and grow, or plant a garden with flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Tending plants helps promote growth chi.

Have a financial goal.

Maybe it’s to save $50 a month….or $500 a month. Just have a set amount and stick to it and make it an automatic withdrawal.

In your home, add a small fleshy-leaved plant like the jade plant, or other succulents, to the southeast corner. These plants represent savings and accumulated money.

Look at ways to strengthen your hips, such as with lunges, rollerblading, or yoga.




Feng Shui – the ways to boost business luck

8 Ways to boost Business Luck according to the principle of Feng Shui 


The Year of the Water Rabbit promises to be a busy year for businesses. As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, Feng Shui fortune predictions predict new opportunities, new challenges and, for some, new competition. While there are many ways to help your business thrive, you can start by implementing these 8 office Feng Shui practices.


It pays to keep your office’s main entrance, doors and hallways clutter-free at all times. Not only does clutter block the flow of chi and allow stagnant energy to accumulate, research has shown that it serves as a constant visual reminder of work waiting to be done. This increases the mental load on the brain and indirectly affects everyone’s stress levels. By keeping clutter to a minimum, you and your employees can naturally focus and work better, resulting in overall increased productivity. The first impression counts a lot. So, if you also use your office for client meetings, a tidy and cheerful office could help you close the deal.


Another way to increase productivity is to make sure your employees are seated at their desks facing their promising direction. This improves their performance and makes them happier at work. Those in leadership, leadership, or sales positions should face their sheng chi direction so that they make the right decisions, lead their teams effectively, and help take the company to greater heights.

Ask for your Kua Number to determine the best direction.

In 2023, the East hosts the Tai Sui while the West has the Three Killings. Since one should never face the Tai Sui or turn one’s back on the Three Killings, remember that you MUST NOT FACE EAST in 2023, EVEN if East is a promising direction. Instead, choose one of your other lucky directions. This will make a big difference in avoiding unnecessary obstacles.


In Feng Shui, lights are a powerful source of fire energy, but they can also affect our mood and the way we work. For offices, stick to fixtures with a cool shade of blue or white. Warmer yellow light can be overly relaxing, producing lethargy and laziness. Don’t skimp on the light either. While you don’t want the lighting to be glaring, it needs to be bright enough to create a conducive environment for everyone to work. Flickering and burned out lights are not only incredibly annoying but also inconvenient, so replace them immediately.


Plants are wonderful in the workplace as they bring vibrant yang energy to an otherwise cold and sterile space. They are fabulous amplifiers of the Wood element, the element that has life and brings energies of growth. It is best to place your plants in the east and south-east, which are sectors with wooden elements.

Certain plants are considered cheaper than others. Succulent “money plants” with round, full leaves are excellent for attracting wealth and money luck. Lucky bamboo and plum blossoms are also wonderful choices as they are believed to symbolise tenacity, luck and prosperity.

But plants with thorns and prickles emit countless poison darts that dampen our chi, so avoid these at all costs. It is important to only exhibit healthy plants. Take good care of them and remove falling leaves or broken branches as soon as they appear so your office space can continuously enjoy good chi.


Water features support the water element and are commonly used to unleash the flow of income, wealth and prosperity. The best types are those with steps where the water trickles down in layers. Pay attention to the size. Water features should never overwhelm a room. because too much water can mean drowning. Installing a water feature in the north increases career luck. With the North also hosting the #1 Victory Star in 2023, a water feature here will open up new opportunities and also increase competitive luck. The addition of a water feature to the SE, meanwhile, activates for wealth and income.





Success in business becomes an uphill battle when your business is plagued by the Quarrelsome Star’s hostile chi. This year, this star flies southeast, directly impacting businesses with main doors facing southeast. To prevent lawsuits, maintain harmonious relationships between employees and prevent conflicts from escalating, display the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet here. You can also decorate the entryway with a red carpet or hang auspicious art with red accents to further quell the malicious wood chi.


Amplify growth potential by harnessing the cosmic energies of the #4 Relationship Star. This star encourages teamwork and brings good ideas to the fore while increasing networking bliss. It helps facilitate connections with stakeholders so things can run more smoothly. As the dominant star of the year, its energies are very strong. Take advantage of them by placing the Cardinal of Connectivity Activator in the center of the office.


For business owners, CEOs, top management: as the leader of your business, the Feng Shui of your office room is of paramount importance. Compare the Flying Stars to your office layout to determine what type of energies you are struggling with, then fight any harmful energies with powerful healing remedies and activate the favourable energies with boosters. Present a rooster to counter office politics and a crystal ball to absorb negative chi.

Position your desk diagonally opposite the door so that you are not constantly being disturbed by the flow of chi. Best to have a solid wall behind you for strong support and face your personal Sheng Chi direction.

Feng Shui -Li Chun 2023

Li Chun (lap Chun) 2023: When is the best time to deposit your money and how to avoid the queue? All you need to know!

Li Chun begins on February 4, 2023

Li Chun 立春 2023, known as “The Beginning of Spring”, falls on February 4th this year.

During Li Chun 立春, each Chinese zodiac sign is assigned a few auspicious times throughout the day.

The prevailing belief in Singapore is that by depositing funds into your bank account during these auspicious times (if you are aligned with your Chinese zodiac sign), you will enjoy happiness and stable income for the rest of the year.

Every year we have a culture of queuing at ATMs to deposit money on Li Chun, all for good luck.

This is the best time to deposit money this year!

The most favourable times to deposit funds are on February 4th, 2023 from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 11:00 to 13:00 for all zodiac signs except Tiger, Rabbit, Goat and Pig.

Likewise, unfavourable times are to be avoided on February 4th and 5th, 2023:

4 February: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (period “You”)

February 4: 9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (“Hai” period)

5 February: 23:00 – 01:00 (Zi period)

5 Feb: 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. (“Chen” period)

Best deposit time 2023 Li Chun

Aside from the above times, certain Zodiacs have peak times that you need to be aware of.

(February 5, 2023) Goat, dog, pig 3

We have determined that the rush hour or busiest time slot of Li Chun will be on February 4, 2023 from 9am to 1pm.

Time“Huat”timing for which zodiac? Total number of Zodiacs in this timing
1pm to 3pm
(4 February 2023)
Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Pig 4
3pm to 5pm
(4 February
Rat, Dragon, Snake3
7pm – 9pm
(4 February
Tiger, Rabbit, Horse3
1am – 3am
(5 February
Rat, Snake, Rooster3
3am – 5am
(5 February
Horse, Dog, Pig3
5am – 7am
(5 February

Auspicious Colors for Each Zodiac Sign in the Year of the Rabbit 2023

Each zodiac sign also has its auspicious colors that you can wear to deposit your money.

Zodiac auspicious color

Rat:         Yellow, Brown, White, Gold

Ox:           Blue, Black

Tiger:       Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown

Rabbit:    Green, Yellow, Brown

Dragon:   Blue, Black, White, Gold

Snake:     Red, Orange, White, Gold

Horse:      Yellow, Brown

Goat:        Green, Red, Orange

Monkey:   Blue, Black, Yellow, Brown

Rooster:   Yellow, Brown

Dog:          Green, Red, Orange

Pig:           Blue, Black, Green

Hacks to avoid the queue of this Li Chun

With advances in technology, there are definitely ways we can bypass the process and create fewer queues.

Improving the current Li Chun process with e-wallets

Our current process includes:

Queuing at the ATM

Withdraw money from our physical wallet

Deposit money into the bank accounts

However, this process leads to long queues at the cash deposit machines and loss of time when queuing:

Source: The New Paper

While we know Singaporeans queue for EVERYTHING, we know not everyone can stand in line for hours just to deposit money.

You can put some money into your digital wallets like Paynow, DBS PayLah! or OCBC Pay Anybody instead of heading to the ATM.

And to make the most of this opportunity, don’t forget to put your money in a savings account that pays you the highest interest rates.

6 ways to grow your Business with Feng Shui

Support from the Cosmic Tortoise – 6 Ways to Grow your Income

Few things in life are as enriching as feeling supported.

In Feng Shui, support can come in the form of friends to help you, the right support becomes available in times of need, and business, career, and employment opportunities arise when you need them.

If that describes your life, you have what is known in Feng Shui as good tortoise support.

The turtle is considered one of four heavenly creatures. The turtle represents the north direction, the element water and the number one. His corner of the bagua represents earned income, e.g. B. from a job or business, and for assistance in career and business endeavours.

Turtles are often confused with turtles and are land creatures. Turtles are at home in the water. In Feng Shui, the black turtle is represented by hills or mountains behind the house. However, the tortoise can also be a land elevation or a taller building behind your home.

When this element is present you have support when you need it and the relaxation that comes from living fully supported, protected and happy.

Like turtles, turtles are considered very auspicious in Feng Shui, and the names turtle and tortoise are often used interchangeably. When present, they attract the good fortune of wealth and generate income and business opportunities.

Perhaps more importantly, they offer protection from malevolent forces and misfortune, and unlike the phoenix and dragon, are a truly living celestial beast. The presence of the turtle in your home and life bodes well for making money and having many opportunities to advance.

The tortoise also represents longevity – and we all know the benefits of staying power.

The tortoise, with its slow, plodding ways, wins the race in Aesop’s fable. Turtles show that those who keep working and persevering will win the race – and the turtle empowers you to keep going.

The turtle is also important for Feng Shui because it carries the Feng Shui map, the Lo Shu square, on its back. If you look at the shell of a turtle, you can see the individual squares of the bagua or lo shu square.

Chinese legends tell how the turtle came out of the Lo River and carried the secrets and mysteries of the bagua, the source of Feng Shui.

Of course, some homes don’t have land at the back of their home, and if they don’t, supporting the tortoise can be mimicked with landscaping or even a picture of a tortoise or tortoise on the back of the home.

Use these 6 tips to increase income, support and happiness in your life with the beautiful Sky Turtle support.

Collect more wealth!

Placing a turtle figurine or picture in the southeast is another way to increase your cash. Even better? A real tortoise in the Southeast Wealth Sector will not only help your investments grow, but also protect them. The small forest of the southeastern prosperity sector loves the turtle’s water energy. A fountain with a turtle figure is also a great wealth activator!

Sleep Well!

Put a small turtle figurine under your bed to help you sleep better at night. The added support gives you more refreshing calm and protection while you sleep – and attracts more income and opportunity to you while you sleep.

Gain income opportunities!

Adding a turtle figurine or picture to your office will increase your support and recognition at work – not to mention opportunities to climb the corporate ladder – and make more money! Put a Chinese coin in the mouth to represent the impending arrival of money.

Increase your earning power!

Place a turtle picture or figurine in the north sector of your living room to increase your income and create opportunities for more income and job promotion.

Improve your health!

If you desire happier family relationships and better, more vibrant health, add a turtle to the east sector of your home or living room to improve both areas of your life. The turtle, a symbol of water, reinforces the wooden corner to the east to make it grow. This growth also represents a growing wallet.

The dragon and the turtle improve your career!

If you are looking for some serious income growth and opportunity, consider adding a dragon turtle to your office. These creatures are the embodiment of both the dragon (power) and the turtle (protection, influence), and together they symbolise the development of luck in work and business. Add him to your desk, on the side since he’s too powerful to confront, or on a table behind your desk. Put a Chinese coin in his mouth to represent increasing income.